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David Cameron has disdain for the chumps

June 8, 2009

David Cameron is the typical conservative in the UK and the US.  He is for himself.  Anyone who gets in the way he hates.  He betrays those who support him, except for wealthy business people.  He has disdain and contempt for those who voted for him.

This is the same as John McCain and the despicable Lindsey Graham.  The despicable David Cameron is the worst of the toffs.   He doesn’t have loyalty for whites or British stock in any bone of his body.  He considers that racism and bigotry.

David Cameron thinks the people who lose their jobs to immigration are losers, whiners and complainers.  He thinks they are the dregs of the earth.   He doesn’t want to hear it.  Those who say it, he hates.

He hates them because they say the real truth about David Cameron, he is disloyal to his own people.  He is disloyal to all his ancestors.  He is disloyal to those who fought at Normandy or all the other battles before.  Most of them he considers out and out bigots.  If they speak up, he speaks down to them with disdain that has turned into hatred.

British stock are not his people.  His people are the world transient wealthy.  They are the winners. The immigrants who come and take jobs and towns away from those born there are the ones he pretends to admire.  But if they are not rich, he disdains them as well, just less than his own.  He hates his own.

The erruption of the British establishment is the erruption of hatred and contempt.  They hate those who say they owe them loyalty.  They hate them because its true.  They hate them because the establishment is engaged in intentional ethnic cleansing of its own. This is to destroy their own. They don’t want anyone to say the establishment owes them loyalty as kith and kin.

The establishment is for proposition loyalty.  Which is really just money.  You advance my money, I advance theirs.  Loyalty of blood and shared sacrifice of ancestors they deny exists.

The flag.  The changing of the guard.  The honor of veterans.  These are to mislead chumps of their true intentions.  If its supposed to be real they disdain it.

There is no reason for a soldier to give his life for his country.  Or a fireman to save lives.  Or a policeman.  No reason at all.  Because to sacrifice one’s life for another makes no sense in the calculus of David Cameron.  You can’t get that out of money.  It comes from shared genes.  That’s where you get altruism from.  Altruism is based on common genes.

Because David Cameron calls that racism, he denies the real basis of sacrifice.  All the sacrifice that makes society work, Cameron calls racism.  Thus he can only destroy a society, he can’t build one.

Societies are based on people and people are real biological beings based on genes.  By denying all genetic basis to human behavior, Cameron closes the door on the basis of altruism, which is genetic.  That is also the basis of morality.

Why should the cells of the body cooperate?  Its genetic altruism.   Humans and all multi-cellular beings exist out of genetic loyalty and self-sacrifice.  Why should some cells sacrifice themselves to destroy a virus invader?  Its genetic self sacrifice.

David Cameron calls those chump cells.  In the same way, every fireman, policeman, soldier, teacher who cares, judge who risks his seat to say the truth against what the powers that be decree, etc. is a chump.  Cameron has disdain for them. They should just obey him.

Cameronism equals Stalinism.  There is only short sighted greed or fear.  And in the end, the Camerons end up at fear for you and greed for me. That is what the expenses scandal showed.  While Britain is invaded, and while the elites call the people who want loyalty bigots and racists, they steal money.  That is their entire morality, lying to the chumps or making them afraid to speak up, while they steal money.  They are bullies.

The morality of David Cameron is the morality of the biggest bully.  The conservatives came in first but for what principle?  What did they stand for.  As the Joe Priestly BNP column on liblabcon made clear, they stand for themselves.  What does liblabcon stand for?  It stands for I’ll get mine from a position of power and you get fear and displacement.

Liblabcon stands for a loyalty of the elites for the elites.  They have the loyalty of thieves.  When caught they call us bigots.  They call BNP bigots.

The disdain campaign against BNP before and after the election is all about distracting attention from their being caught stealing.  Their being caught as disloyal during a time of unemployment and financial crisis.  Their disloyalty while physical invasion goes on.  Their enacting laws to protect the invader and impose servitude on the British stock who want loyalty.  They call that bigotry.

Loyalty is bigotry.  That is what liblabcon means.  Loyalty based on genes is bigotry.  Loyalty based on stealing is being smart.

Their way is the way every great civilization died.  They can’t destroy it fast enough to suit their taste, because they hate us so.  They should keep it going as long as their children will live, but that is too long for them.

They are not loyal to even one generation of their own.  How can they be loyal to us?  Children are for chumps is their mentality.  They just want to get drunk on expensive wine paid for by the public.  They think there is no hangover in that case.  They think we get the hangover.  But the bell tolls for them as well as for us.

No man is a genetic island as Donne could have said.  The man who thinks he is a genetic island is a fool.  He sows the wind and reaps the whirlwind.  Our leaders don’t think far enough ahead to think they will reap anything.

No society that turns its backs on the logic of genes can long endure. That is what history has proven.  Elites turn on the people.  They steal from them. Stealing teaches them to disdain them.  That disdain turns to hate.

You could see it on John McCain’s face.  You can hear it from Lindsey Graham.  Their hate of their own is total.  We are like hands on their land who ask for loyalty when we are in need.  They turn furious when we do.

There is a wall that comes down on the face of conservatives when you ask them for loyalty in a time of need.  They are stone to their own.  They are one hundred percent against us.

The evasion of being against illegal immigration stands out as their chance to escape the bonds of loyalty to their own.  They have no loyalty to kith and kin.  The sacrifice of loyalty makes no sense if its not for kith and kin.

Dying for a proposition nation is for chumps.  Dying for a kith and kin nation is real.  That is what we were born for.  That is loyalty.  That is the feeling of loyalty.  That is what the sophisticated conservative elites reject.  They have no loyalty for us. When we ask it, they have only a cold stony face for us.

They are April when they woo and December when the rule.  That is their only code.  When caught stealing on a massive scale they mount a huge media campaign to call the BNP and those who think of loyalty bigots and losers.  We are losers when we vote for them, because they are already against us in the election on legal immigration.  Only a chump would vote for them, and they think us chumps when we do vote for them.

Sarah Maid of Albion reports on the open hate the BBC showed towards BNP in the wee hours of the morning when they were tired from a long night.

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

It was well after 2:00 am, and their masks had begun to slip. After hours of watching so much of that they had spent all their adult lives working for collapse around them, whilst much of what they had fought against was coming to pass, they could no longer even muster a pretence of the much claimed, but long extinct impartiality. Their faces told it all, one had to see the expressions of fury and raw hatred on the faces of the band of hand picked commentators and professional fabricators, chosen to present the BBC’s coverage of the 2009 European election results to believe it. They had been crossed and they wanted revenge.


This is the look we see on John McCain’s face.  Its the look of the Republican establishment in choosing Michael Steele as their party chairman.  His contempt and disdain for whites is total.  He thinks us a species of chump.  He expects it and has only contempt and disdain for us when we forget our place, being a chump to non-whites like him.  The white Republicans and white Conservatives in the UK have the same identical attitude.  David Cameron personifies it in the UK as John McCain does here.

When we ask for loyalty in a time of need as kith and kin, we see that same look of hate. We are to get none.  They take from us because they are smarter and better than us.  We are to be replaced by those more grateful to them for all blessings including the right to live in our own lands.

We are not grateful to them for being born here of many generations, so they want to get rid of us.  We think the long line of sacrifice by our ancestors to defend this land from invasion means the elites owe us for their birthright in our land.  They can’t stand that idea.

They think all below them owe them for the right to be in this land.  Anyone of long ancestry who thinks they have a right here are to be replaced by the grateful immigrant.  That is an illusion.  But it works for the elites because their hatred of us for thinking the land belongs to us and they owe us gratitude for being elites in our land is what they can’t stand.  They are elites because they are above such as us.

They are gods and we are to worship them. When we say they are disloyal they turn on us with the hatred on their face and say we will be replaced by the grateful immigrant.

George Bush had this attitude.  His Mexican maid when he grew up was grateful to him.  His classmates at school had disdain for his being a Bush and thinking they owed him respect and servility.  He carried a vendetta and hatred for us his entire life.

When before and after 9/11 loyalty called to him, he disdained it.  When he said Islam was a religion of Peace he said it with disdain for us.  We were bigots to think immigration should stop and Muslims be thrown out.

Bush hated us.  It was a lifetime of hate.  He did nothing before 9/11 and did nothing after to hold those who killed us responsible.  He gave Pakistan money and lifted the Clinton nuclear sanctions.  He let them build many nukes and let them sell their know-how.  He let Saudi Arabia take back its paymasters from America and let UAE get away with it and even wanted to give them our ports.  His hatred of us was total.

The same hate was on the face of the BBC when the people voted in two BNP members.  The total hate for them was a total hate for us.  Its a lifetime of hate. They own this land, not us.  That is their total revealed hate.  Anyone who votes for them or pays them for news is a chump and they have disdain for them.

They want worship and obedience.  When they don’t get it, they hurl thunderbolts of hate at us.  Immigration is the way to hurt us.

They use it constantly and never relax it even in times of great unemployment.  This shows their hand.  It shows their hate.  The hate they always talk about is not in us, its in them. Their lives are built on hate.

Their sense of self worth is built on hate, hate of us. That is what is on their faces.  That is what is on the face of David Cameron and John McCain.  That is on the face of the leaders of the Republican and Conservative parties for decades going back.  They hate us.  They hate us and can’t tell it to us enough times.

They call us bigot constantly.  All “entertainment”.  All textbooks.  All defaced monuments of hate that they erect to the invaders.  All their slogans praising invaders.  All their stealing of our monuments to our sacrifice they turn against us.  The Statue of Liberty they turn into a Statue of Hate of those who founded the country.

Their entire sense of being is built on hatred of us as bigots.  From their hate of us all their blessings flow.  That is their Doxology of Hate.  That is their true religion. They are the religion of hate.  They hate us and they do destroy us.  They work for it every day as they steal from us openly and call us names of bigot and racist every day from every television station and newspaper. Those that let up even for an hour they call hate.  Their contempt and disdain for us to do so is total.

They make us join in to call it hate when its their hate that is the true hate that is on display at every minute.  Their every speech is full of hate of us.

The true Doxology

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Their Doxology of Hate

Praise Elites, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Elites, all ye bigots here below;
Praise Elites above, ye racist low;
Praise Elites, invaders, and replacement. All-diversity.

They scream their hate of us.  They are contorted with hate.  Not by 9/11.  Not by 7/7.  But by us the bigots.  Even as the events happened the TV people and politicians are saying we are the real enemy, the bigots and racists.  There is never a time they are for us. They are always against us.

You can also read Sarah’s piece at her blog:

When Nick Griffin wouldn’t repeat their Doxology of Hate towards us they prosecuted him. When the jury wouldn’t convict, they prosecuted him again.  Again they lost.  Those were hits ordered from inside the government.  As we know now, they were stealing all of them together every minute.  All the parties in Parliament were all in it all together all the last 10 or more years.

The Parliament of Parasites. They have been in it for so long that they all know it.  That is why they can’t have outsiders elected.  Because they are a criminal organization.  That is why they trashed the House of Lords.

That is why they tore down the real laws of England, the ones that Thomas More said protected us from the Devil.  The only law is them.  They are the Devil.  That is why they have a Doxology of Hate.

That is why their only answer to voters who vote for BNP is to scream their hatred at us.  They hate us.  They mean to replace us.  That is their entire sense of self worth and their entire morality.  One of vulture raptors from Hell.  They hate us as the best on the planet.

They mean to eliminate us.  That is why they tell us constantly we are the worst. Were we the worst at Normandy?  They hate us.

We are now at a Normandy before the cliffs of true hate.  The hate the elites have of us.  We are scaling the cliffs and they are throwing at us everything they can.  If we get to the top, their Reign of Hate over us is over.  That is why they feel fury and show their hate openly.

They are rallying their ilk together to fight us and keep us down to destroy us and end us.  We are rising up to fight their hate.  That is why they hurl their thunderbolts of hate at us openly.  The truth shall overcome them.  They must be thrown out.

They are an evil spirit that possesses us.  Their possession is evil.  They must go.  They must go now.  We must rally and not quail to say they are the true haters of our time.

Their hate is the heir to Nazi hate.  Hitler had the same hate of his people they have of us.  So did Stalin.  That is the real hate that destroys civilizations and people, the hate our elites have and show for us when we ask for loyalty from them in a time of need, and to stop replacement immigration.  They turn on us then with the hate we have seen.

The hate shown in Obama’s finger.  The hate shown in Obama calling Sarah Palin a pig. The hate in his refusal to show us his real birth certificate.  The hate in his continuing legal immigration as millions lose their jobs and even pushing amnesty of illegals who take our jobs and job security.

Their hate of us is total.  They are master and we are to worship them even while we are replaced.  That is their fate for us, to cast us into the Pit. They want us to feel despair.

They live on our despair like ghouls.  They are the worst of history and they know it.  They destroy the best of history and they know it.

They hate the light of truth.  We must not let up giving it to them. Only then can we survive.  Only then can our civilization survive.  Only then is it worth surviving.

In that they come close to the truth.  We are only worthy if we cast them down from above us.  Otherwise we are all that they have disdain and contempt for. We taught them that contempt by voting them back in office while they hurt us.

We taught them that contempt by not openly telling them off at every chance.  We must never lose a moment to do so. All politics is immigration replacement.  Don’t let them divert the subject for a moment.  We are being cleansed from our schools.  Every aspect of their act is to genocide us.

They have taught us to have every reason to hate them.  If we keep voting for them, they can’t help but hate us.  Its bred into them.  We must vote them out and stop supporting them.  We must for our souls no matter how little the chance.  It is our only course.  We can never stand before God or man with any dignity while we continue to pay subservience to these ghouls and to vote for them.  They must go.  They must go now.  That is all we can say to them. Go. Go now.


Hate is theirs and theirs alone to do while they say we have no right to hate.  The truth is we have every right to hate them and those they bring to disposses and take our land.  They preach against hate while hating us because they know we should hate them for what they are doing to us.  We should hate them for their disloyalty to us.

We are not men if we don’t hate them for what they are doing to us.  They hate us for not hating them. They hate us for not voting them out.  They hate us and they destroy us out of their hate.   That is the true fact.

They bring them to destroy us.  They teach them to hate us.  They teach us to hate our own kind.  The entire elite world is based on hate.  Their whole morality is based on hate, hate of us.  They teach all to hate us.  As Obama shows, the ones they bring here are willing haters.  They hate us and do all they can to destroy us.

Obama has a religion of hating whites.  He shows the finger to whites only on video. Then does it again.  2008 was one long year of catching Obama out hating whites.  From his past.  From the present.

Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.  That showed he was taking ownership of the Daily Kos wave of hate that greeted Sarah Palin.  A wave of hate that would have greeted any white candidate chosen to be against him.  Because Obama hates all whites against him as  he hates all whites even his own mother and grandmother.

The religion of the elites is the religion of hate.  That is why they all embrace Islam, Obama, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Brown, Lindsey Graham.  What could be more blatant then for them to embrace Islam after 9/11?

They glory in making us pay lip service to it in schools and everywhere.  Even the ones supposedly for us make us do it.  They really have one common elite fusion religion of hatred of us.

The ones they bring from the 3rd world to rule over us from elite schools join in this religion of hate of us.  They embrace it.

The idea that immigration is the religion of hate is embraced by many Ellis Islanders who got that old time immigration religion of hate from their grandparents as they tell us over and over. Their got it so well they hate their own grandchildren and ethnically cleanse them to get us.

The fever of hating whites who have lived generations in their own land is physically powerful in the elites and in their agents of replacement.  They physically need to destroy us.  The politicians who rise up out of this, Kennedys and Sorensons and Giulianis and the rest show their hate openly.  They glory in it.

They revel in hatred of us everytime there is a Muslim attack.  They take ownership of that attack as an attack of immigration against us and call us the bigots and racists each time it comes.  Their faces contort with hatred of us after the attacks and never at those who did the attacks.  That they call bigotry and racism.

Was that the reaction after Pearl Harbor?  Were we told by the President that backlash was the danger?  No, he asked Congress to declare war.

Was the danger in the blitz the danger of backlash?  No the leaders of Britain gave back what came to them.  They never hesitated to do so.

Now the leaders are with those who attack us.  They brought them here. Hating their replacements of us would be to hate the elites.  But hate is only for the elites and their repaclements to feel.

They teach all to hate us.  They teach that every hour of every movies and TV broadcast. Every newspaper teaches hate of us.  Every show shows whites being forced to pay lip service to replacement by immigration.

It is a constant festival of hating us.  That is the elites festival.  Suddenly it came to a halt when BNP were elected.  But they simply turned up the hate and showed it openly. They poured it out themselves instead of simply asking the lowly white guest allowed on briefly to spend their time hating themselves.

When Joe the Plumber violated that code, they turned the great engines of hate on him.  They stole his records to foment hate on them. The same hate was turned on Carrie Prejean.  The same hate on James Watson.

The Wall of Hate. The Scream of Hate the MSM turn up total volume on.  These are being turned on now.  The Wall of Hate was turned up by BBC on BNP and the voters as soon as Griffin got his seat.

That Wall of Hate will keep on going until either we submit or they are removed.  We have to choose which.  We must choose to vote them out and tune them out. We must stop participating in the rituals of hating ourselves and our own.

We must turn on them and tell them they are the haters. We must tell them that when they have surveys come.  Just tell them the politicians hate us.

Tell the polsters that whatever the question is.  What do you think of politicians x,y and z. Say they all hate us.

They hate us for voting for them after they bring immigrants to replace them.  They have a religion of hating us.  That is the establishment religion. Tell the polsters that.  Most are push polls anyhow.


Obama feels a fever of hatred of whites.  After his Cairo speech, he couldn’t have dinner with Sarkozy.  Sarkozy is white and even more so Jewish.  Obama worked himself up into a fever of hatred of whites and Jews.  Obama’s Cairo speech was like a Sunday lay sermon at Reverend Wright’s Church.

David Cameron, Gordon Brown, the BBC, and the usual suspects are now turning the same Rev Wright Sunday Hour of Hate on us.  Except its what they do every hour on TV anyhow.  The hour of hate is every hour on TV.

But now its turned up to the solid crescendo of hate that is the Wall of Hate.  The same Wall of Hate that was turned on Carrie Prejean.  The same Wall of Hate turned on James Watson.  The same Wall of Hate turned on Virgil Goode when he said stop Muslim immigration, don’t take an oath of loyalty to the United States on the Koran.

Then the total Wall of Hate comes out.  There is a special Wall of Hate when someone in a position of honor or authority says these truths.  That is the Wall of Hate now turned on Nick Griffin for being elected a member of the European Parliament, a veritable Parliament of Hate of whites and a Parliament of ethnic cleansing of whites.  Griffin has not recanted, so the Wall of Hate is turned on him.  He is shown the instruments of torture.

He was shown that at his two trials for hate speech.  He did not recant then.  He is now the ritual object of the elites hate.  We are supposed to join in and when we don’t we are dismissed as lowly cretins whose brains can only operate at the level of hate.

In fact, that is the level only the elites can operate on. Both in fact, and by their law that its reserved for them to hate us and not for us to hate them or their agents of replacement of us.

That is why they are bringing financial ruin on us while they pillage us.  They can only operate on the level of hate.  So they have ignored all the reality that we experience in our lives, except when ghoulishly enjoying our despair.


Sarah Maid of Albion has perfectly described the BBC Wall of Hate turned on Nick Griffin, BNP, those who voted for them and all whites being replaced and mongrelized.  The hate is what she describes.

We have seen it over and over.  Against Sarah Palin.  From Barack Cairo.  When he raised his finger against Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  When he called Sarah Palin a pig.  On 9/11.  Against Virgil Goode.  Against Geert Wilders.  Against them and against us.

Call it the Liberal Wall of Hate, the PC Wall of Hate, the BBC Wall of Hate, The Bush Wall of Hate, the McCain Wall of Hate, the Cameron Wall of Hate.  It is a Well of Hate as well as a Wall of Hate.  They have what seems a bottomless well of hate for us.  We must push them into it before they push us into it.

Vote them out.  Tune them out.  Speak back.  When the pollsters call, whatever the question, tell them the most important issue is that the elites hate the people.

What is the most important issue?  That liblabcon hates the people and is using immigration to replace them out of hate.  That is the main issue.  Its the same issue every time.  They are replacing us with immigrants out of hate for us.

The main parties all are united in hatred of the people.  Tell them that is the most important issue.  Don’t play along with issue 1 to 4.  Its a push poll anyhow.  Push back.


The Conservatives and Republicans are actually worse on this.  The Democrat push pollsters will talk to you about wages and immigration and acknowledge it.  But the Republican push pollsters don’t have time for that.

When you say that is the issue, the freeze forms on their face and comes across the phone.  You are a loser.  You are speaking incorrectly.

You will obey us and say which of our trivial non-issues is the most important issue.  Answer back to the push pollster that the issue is immigration replacement.  The issue is the Wall of Hate that the main parties have for the people.

The issue is that the top parties are united as one party in hatred of the people and are replacing them with immigrants out of that hate.  Tell that to the Republican or Conservative push pollsters.  When they give you the freeze tell them they are worse than the left.  Because they can’t be reasoned with.  They are in it for pure greed.  The left at least pretends to have the principle of the people first.

Conservative parties are proposition parties.  They are not people parties in the first place.  For them the proposition nation comes naturally.  For them the proposition of replacement fits in with their meaningless proposition platform which is a platform of pure disloyalty.  Conservative parties don’t have any basis for loyalty.  Loyalty isn’t a proposition in their set of propositions, so you can’t argue it with them.  Loyalty is from you to them.  They don’t have a proposition for loyalty from them to you.

Conservative Parties are all proposition parties that expect loyaty back based on race but don’t give it based on race.  Their proposition is to replace you for the economy.  There is no propositional basis to argue with them.

Its like arguing with an animal whose purpose is to feed on you.  That is what arguing with a conservative for legal immigration is like. That is what it is.


All conservative parties are proposition parties.  Their propositions never start from the people, they always start from economics and greed.  That is the greed of the elites and the economics of the elites.

You can never argue from the propositions of a conservative party to loyalty from the conservatives to the people.  They are not people parties.  They are not loyal to the people.  They don’t conserve the people.  They conserve the elites.

This is why the people to survive must turn from the conservative parties.  Those parties are death.  They have no proposition for the survival of the people and as pure proposition parties they can never argue to that proposition of the survival of the people.

This is why Jack Kemp types are a wall.  This is why they have no ability to listen to the survival of the people.  Its not their proposition and they are a pure proposition party.

The Bush family are that.  Reagan was that in the amnesty.  He and his team had no logic to why not have an amnesty.  Because they were a pure proposition party and survival of the people was not in their proposition set and could never be derived from it.

The same for the Conservative Party in the UK.  Survival of the people is not in their proposition set and can’t be derived from their proposition.  So they just have a frozen face when you say they should be loyal to the people.  They can only call you a bigot, because they have nothing else to say in their proposition toolkit.

This is why survival of the people parties are not really conservative parties.  The BNP are not conservative but are the Old Labour Party as they point out.  They are the true party of the people.  The same in other European countries.

Conservative parties sell us out everytime.  They leave us in the lurch everytime.  Because conservative parties are pure propositon parties with no proposition for the people, only for the economy.  The only loyalty is from us to them, there is no proposition for loyalty from them to us.

That is why the British people have to turn to the BNP.  That is why whites in America must create a BNP or die.  Our best chance was the Confederacy, but we have to do what we can now.

The Republican party of the North was born as a pure proposition party.  It had no proposition for loyalty to the people, survival of the people, or continuity of the original founding stock.  Its delivered betrayal after betrayal.  It started by ethnic cleansing of the people for the advancement of its elites.  That is the Republican proposition.

The Conservative Party in the UK has shown the same history.  Its loyal to its current reigning elite.  Nothing else.

We must turn away from proposition parties whose propositions don’t start with the biological survival of the people.  That is the proposition the party elites must swear to.  Otherwise they pursue the opposite, and make us swear to our replacement.

That is the ritual that is done in every party and every TV show and every school.  Its in every textbook.  Its required at every place.

Those who refuse are met with either the freeze or the shriek.  The wall comes up and they are frozen out.  They are prosecuted for hate speech.  They are made the enemy of the proposition state.  Because the proposition state and the proposition party don’t have loyalty to the people as a proposition or as a possibility.


This is also why politicians from proposition conservative parties so quickly fold when they speak out of turn.  Trent Lott.  They are abandoned.  Because loyalty to the people is not a proposition in those parties.  So when a politician gaffes it out in an unPC way, the party turns on him.  Because they have no proposition for such a loyalty.

Its only parties like BNP that put the people’s name in the party who are loyal to that people.  The White People’s Party is what we need in America or something equivalent. Otherwise its just a proposition party with no loyalty.

White loyalty and the like are almost illegal names in America.  You can’t trademark them.  You can trademark any other race with loyalty or whatever, but not whites.

White Pride World Wide was turned down as a trademark against public interest.  So it is with us.  There is no proposition for loyalty to us in the proposition nation or the proposition party.  So walk away from them.

When they call to talk to you tell them this is the issue that matters.  Don’t play their game of answer A to C which are all about their games with the other proposition elite parties.  Tell them its their unitary hate of the people and their unitary replacement of the people with the other elite parties that is the main issue.

When they give you the freeze over the phone, you know you have said the right thing.  Repeat it and don’t give up.  Do that in every situation with them.  Its like any virus.  Turn up the heat on it.  Give them the fever not us.


Michelle Obama visits London and shows the frozen hate that is their proposition on her face:

This is her trademark look.  She and Obama had it even at their coronation in Denver.

Another version of the Michelle Obama look.

“Do not expect anything from these ‘conservative parties.'”  Elsinore.

With Sarkozy’s wife above, Carla Bruni.  This is after Obama’s Cairo Sermon of Hate of Jews and the White West.


Condi Rice.  Sullen Stupidity and Hate.


Debate thread of Conservatives with some from BNP who they call names.

“Muslim extremists are mirror image of BNP, says Cameron”

As pointed out by Cabbageroll at Vanishing American, the PC right holds up whites as the canonical racists according to which all others are measured.   The canonical racists are the Nazis and the KKK and the Confederacy in general.  But there is bracket creep.  Every white generation that is in the ground is racist.  VA has pointed this out as well.

The PC right attack the BNP with name calling and saying they are stupid.   They call for managed immigration to reward those who play by the rules.  But in fact, that guarantees genetic extinction according to the Wright Island Model.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The Tory page is calling the BNPers stupid and bigots for saying what the standard theorem in population genetics says.

For those of a mind, taking on conservatives and pointing out that their vacuous set of propositions fails to make sense because it leaves out the genetic biologial survival of the people.  Thus its empty.


The conservatives teach immigrants to hate whites and blame whites just like the left does. They teach an all consuming hatred of whites on a me too basis with the left.

Cameron hates BNP rank and file as well as Conservatives.  In fact, he hates the Conservatives more.  Disdain for them as lambs to the proposition slaughter.  They have a proposition fire for whites.

The conservatives teach immigrants to hate whites because conservatives don’t have white survival as a proposition in their proposition party.  Its not a people’s party.  You can’t derive survival of the people from conservative propositions.  They only have survival of the economy in their propositions.

So the people are replaced under conservatism.  This then ends the country and the civilization.  Conservate party proposition sets are thus logically inconsistent and vacuous, as are the conservative candidates, newspapers, magazines, and think tanks.  So are the PC conservative web pages and commentators with a following.  They add up to big fat zeros.


Suggest a redraft of your letter.

Dear BBC,

The Conservative party has as its basic proposition the survival of the economy.  The BNP has its basic proposition the biological survival of the people.  Starting from the conservative proposition you can not derive the biological survival of the people as a theorem.  Thus the two parties are not versions of the same thing.  Their basic propositions are inconsistent.  Please note this.  Conservatives want the survival of the economy.  BNP wants the survival of the biological people.

As conservatives we define the biological survival of the people as racism and our goal is to prevent the biological survival of the people by immigration.  Its a mathematical theorem of population genetics known as the Wright Island Model that immigration causes complete genetic replacement.  That is our mission as the conservative party, we want the economy to survive and not the people.

Only stupid people want people to survive.

Sincerely yours

The Smart Toffs of the Conservative Party headed to extinction as taught in population genetics textbooks worldwide.

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BNP type parties have slogans for survival of people like

British Pride Countrywide.


White Pride Worldwide.

Conservative parties have slogans for the survival of the economy.

Widget Pride a micron wide.


Happy People New Year not Happy Proposition New Year

December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to those who have read this blog or commented on it elsewhere. This is a wish to the people that read this blog not to the propositions that read this blog.

I hope your and my effort have helped advance the cause of preserving the West and America not simply as ideas but the people there as well. This isn’t about saving the proposition whoever the people might happen to be. This blog is dedicated to the proposition of saving the people living and breathing and creating progeny in the West right now.

Countries that have happy proposition new years but not happy people new years are not ones to actually live in. Those are countries people are trying to leave. People are trying to get into happy people lands not lands that are hospitable to propositions.

The Soviet Union was hospitable to propositions. So are the totalitarian lands today and they know who they are. Those who believe in proposition nations not people nations might want to think about what they are actually wishing for. Its the same as buying real estate, you want it to go up in value.  Its people who make the land go up in value not propositions.

So to all the people who called into the Senate to stop amnesty and have supported this cause, Happy People New Year.

300 Spartans Died for Kinship Nation not Proposition Nation

December 29, 2007

King Leonidas, his name means lion not neocon.

300 Spartans laid down their lives for their king and their kin. Therefore they didn’t die for democracy.  We owe our freedom today not to a proposition nation but to a kinship nation. The West as we know it would never have existed except for men willing to die for their kin.

Take away kinship and you are left with mercenaries fighting for money. That is what the Roman Empire ended up as, a proposition nation with multicultural diversity gladiators and multicultural mercenary armies and multicultural tax collectors.

Sounds neocon. Neocons celebrate every foreign soldier who is granted citizenship. Bush has accelerated the granting of citizenship to foreigners fighting in our armies. Before this, most of us didn’t know there were any. I would have thought a non-citizen fighting in our military if discovered would have been tossed out.

Ron Paul who says no to mercenaries is a crackpot. The multicultis are happy to feed Ron Paul to the lions of diversity. The same applies to their feelings for us. We our slaves, thralls, and IED fodder in their minds. If we are different than these things we have to tell them. We have to get behind our candidates, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson and tell the neocons they don’t own our votes or our minds.

We see them giving our nation away as a proposition nation. We were born in a people nation and we have to fight if we want to keep it. The way we fight is to stand up and say to them that it is a people nation first. We have to keep standing when they call us bigot, racist, white nationalist, Nazi and white supremacist.

Neocons use these words to take away our nation and unbuild the people nation we were born into. Our loyalty to our kin demands that we say no to the neocons and stop their unbuilding our people nation by legal immigration. The fight is to those who have the courage, just as it was with King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 B.C..

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