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Hypothesis Testing v. Personal Attacks

November 20, 2007

The aftermath of James Watson’s statements on race is that more and more websites and even the New York Times are coming out that Watson was right. We can contrast the approach of hypothesis testing and personal attacks.

Hypothesis Testing Method. Formulate hypotheses that disagree on one or more key points. To the extent the data allows, try to have two hypotheses that differ on one point. Test the hypotheses. Develop better hypotheses. Realize that either the hypotheses are false, or there are approximations made in implementation so that what is tested in practice is always false.

Quantum mechanics is believed true. However, the cases you can get an exact solution always ignore something, and so are approximations. So even with our best theory, we know that the formula tested in practice is always false, because it always leaves something out. Even for the hydrogen atom, there are approximations even in radiative corrections. Higher orders are too difficult to calculate. The structure of the proton is typically ignored. Exotic virtual particles are ignored.

In social science, we are too lazy to even write down what we know are the exceptions. This is true at every level from a comment at WaPo or Raw Story up to major textbooks. Writing down all the detail we already know is too exhausting. So in practice, we just stop at some point. Since its understood this is leaving stuff out, liberals immediately pounce by calling this stopping point racist.

This brings us to the personal attack method. In Personal Attack, truth is another name for victory. In fact, in Personal Attack, the bigger win is to force someone to say what is true is false. Its a game of humiliation, and the bigger humiliation is to get someone to apologize for saying the truth, but not because the truth hurts, but by falsely saying the truth is false.

Personal Attack is destructive. It prevents society or institutions or groups or individuals from acting on the truth that they already know. When a society is ruled by Personal Attack it falls. This is what is happening to Western Civilization. It is bringing in 3rd world immigrants who are bringing down the level of the West just like Japan’s Prime Minister said in the 1980’s. He was forced to apologize under Personal Attack for saying the truth.


Japan prime minister America minorities

The best thing Japan has ever tried to do for non-Japanese is tell America the truth while its destroying itself. If Japan could help save America from self-destruction it would be, other than building themselves up, the greatest contribution they could make to the world. America keeps rejecting this help, which it desperately needs.

We need an America that can say race matters and its the white race that built America and is needed to stay in the majority to keep America America. The same applies to Europe, Canada and Australia. Until we can say it, we can’t do it. If we don’t stop third world immigration, we will lose White Civilization. We have to speak up now. If we can’t say it, we can’t save it.

LEAD: Japan’s Justice Minister said today that he wanted to send ”my deepest apologies to the American people” for comparing foreign prostitutes in Tokyo to American blacks who move into white neighborhoods and ”ruin the atmosphere.”

The Justice Minister, Seiroku Kajiyama,

What does the US DOJ say?

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders
In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites.

Graphs are at DOJ Webpage. DOJ Webpage copied below after discussion, but one graph at least cutoff.

The point of hypothesis testing is to learn the truth, or at least eliminate the grosser errors about something.  The point of personal destruction is to avoid admitting gross errors about something.  Personal Attack means maintaining policies based on gross errors after the bad results of the gross error policies are manifest.

Affirmative action, immigration, welfare, etc. have brought down the level of the Western world.  The whites built up a level of civilization, and immigration has partly taken it down.  Streets are unsafe.  There are no-go zones in countries that never had no-go zones before.  The schools don’t teach math and science but that whites are racist.  The destruction of a great civilization is going on before us.  We saw immigrant crime on 9-11 and the president praised it as the religion of peace, after he got through with his reading.

This society celebrates its destruction and gives it names like diversity.  In real life, diversity is a crime indicator.  In real life, diversity is schools to be avoided.  In real life, diversity is an emergency room to be avoided.  Diversity is destruction.

==DOJ Page on “Racial differences exist”

Homicide trends in the U.S.
Trends by race

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders

In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites.

To view data, click on the chart.

Homicide Victimization by Race[D]

For more information about racial patterns in violent victimization
see Key Facts at a Glance.

In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites

To view data, click on the chart.

Homicide Offending by Race [D]

The race distribution of homicide victims and offenders differs by type of homicide

For the years 1976-2005 combined –

  • Black victims are over represented in homicides involving drugs. Compared with the overall involvement of blacks as victims, blacks are less often the victims of sex-related homicides, workplace killings, and homicide by poison.
  • Race patterns among offenders are similar to those among victims.

Victims Offenders
White Black Other White Black Other
  All homicides 50.9% 46.9% 2.1%   45.8% 52.2% 2.0%
Victim/offender relationship              
  Intimate 56.6% 41.2% 2.2%   54.4% 43.4% 2.2%
  Family 60.7% 36.9% 2.4%   59.2% 38.5% 2.3%
  Infanticide 55.9% 41.6% 2.5%   55.4% 42.1% 2.5%
  Eldercide 69.2% 29.1% 1.6%   54.5% 43.8% 1.6%
  Felony murder 54.7% 42.7% 2.6%   39.1% 59.3% 1.6%
  Sex related 66.9% 30.5% 2.5%   54.7% 43.4% 1.9%
  Drug related 37.4% 61.6% .9%   33.9% 65.0% 1.1%
  Gang related 57.5% 39.0% 3.5%   54.3% 41.2% 4.4%
  Argument 48.6% 49.3% 2.1%   46.8% 51.1% 2.2%
  Workplace 84.6% 12.2% 3.2%   70.5% 26.7% 2.8%
  Gun homicide 47.2% 50.9% 1.9%   41.9% 56.4% 1.7%
  Arson 58.9% 38.1% 2.9%   55.7% 42.0% 2.3%
  Poison 80.6% 16.9% 2.5%   79.8% 18.4% 1.8%
Multiple victims or offenders              
  Multiple victims 63.4% 33.2% 3.3%   55.7% 40.8% 3.5%
  Multiple offenders 54.8% 42.5% 2.7%   44.6% 53.0% 2.4%

Although slightly less true now than before, most murders are intraracial

From 1976 to 2005 —

  • 86% of white victims were killed by whites
  • 94% of black victims were killed by blacks

To view data, click on the chart.

Race of Offender and Victim[D]

Stranger homicides are more likely to cross racial lines than those that involve friends or acquaintances

For homicides committed by —

  • a friend or acquaintance of the victim, less than one-tenth (8%) were interracial
  • a stranger to the victim, one-quarter were interracial

To view data, click on the chart.

Race of Offender and Victim by relationship[D]

Source: FBI, Supplementary Homicide Reports, 1976-2005.
See also Additional information about the data.

Note: The victims of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks are not included in this analysis.

Related charts on this site


Meredith Kercher ‘Killed After Refusing Orgy’

November 7, 2007

This story is at a preliminary stage so we should not reach conclusions. The following are hypotheses. We are going to test PC as a science theory of behavior. PC makes scientific assertions. Science is about testing hypotheses. Are PC hypotheses supported by data?

PC Hypo 1: Blacks and whites are identical to each other in their frequency distribution of behavior within group and across groups.

PC Hypo 1-S: Sexual behavior of blacks and whites is identical in frequency distribution.

PC Hypo 1-V: Violence behavior of blacks and whites is identical in frequency distribution between blacks and whites.

PC Hypo 1-SV Sex violence interaction behavior is identical in frequency distribution between blacks and whites.

We can contrast the PC hypotheses with hypotheses that there are differences in behavior for sex, violence, and their interaction and that these are partly genetic.

We can test the competing hypotheses with the Bureau of Justice Statistics information.

“Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders”

One should scroll down to see the graph at the bottom of white on black v. black on white homicides. The black on white is much higher.

Thus we reject the PC hypotheses that the frequency distribution of black and white behavior for violence is the same. Using the extensive data set at BJS we can reject all the PC hypotheses.{F3E3CD97-197F-4D31-BF36-A4CBA45FCB13}

“The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States
By Lawrence Auster | Thursday, May 03, 2007”

quote from Auster

To see the real truth of the matter, let us take a look at the Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005. (Go to the linked document, and under “Victims and Offenders” download the pdf file for 2005.)

In Table 42, entitled “Personal crimes of violence, 2005, percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender,” we learn that there were 111,590 white victims and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault in 2005. (The number of rapes is not distinguished from those of sexual assaults; it is maddening that sexual assault, an ill-defined category that covers various types of criminal acts ranging from penetration to inappropriate touching, is conflated with the more specific crime of rape.) In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.

end quote

Auster discusses some technical points related to this being a survey and the white on black rape number not being estimated well because of too few data points in the survey.
==Police claim confession in Meredith Kercher killing

“Detectives said that Amanda Knox, 20, an American student who had the bedroom next to Miss Kercher,confessed to a criminal act. Ms Knox’s boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 23, from Bari, southern Italy, and Patrick Diya Lumumba, 37, of Perugia, are also being held.

Detectives said that they believed that Ms Kercher may have been killed after refusing to take part in a violent orgy. Police have said that they now consider the case to be cut and dried. ”

“The body of Ms Kercher, 21, from Coulsdon, South London, was discovered last Friday under a duvet in her bedroom at the house she shared with Ms Knox. She was partially clothed and her throat had been cut, it is believed, with a penknife.”

“There were reports last night that Mr Lumumba, whose wife is Polish, had claimed to be the grandson of Patrice Lumumba, the revolutionary who became the first prime minister of the Republic of Congo in 1960. He was assassinated in 1961.”
==Follow up article on case

The American housemate of Meredith Kercher, who was murdered in Perugia, claimed that she heard the British student scream from another room but put her fingers in her ears, according to a witness statement that the Italian police has released to the media.

== Who is to blame?

The whole story is a tragedy. For both of the girls. Who is to blame? What was society saying in the weeks before this?

It was saying that James Watson, who discovered the structure of DNA, was a racist bigot crackpot to say that black intelligence was lower than white and that it was genetic.


* The following is a poor translation: “When my daughter comes home with a lesbian girlfriend, a Muslim or a negro, I’ll know I raised her wrong. But it’s her own choice.” (May 10, 2007 Belgian paper Het Nieuwsblad)

The source of the preceding quote is the youth pages of the Belgian paper Het Nieuwsblad, May 10, 2007.
The interviewer asks: “What if your daughter comes home with…”
Filip interrupts her and says: “That is a classic. There are three versions of that question: what if she comes home with a lesbian, a practising Muslim or a Negro.”
He uses the Dutch word “neger” which does not have the same negative connotation as “negro” in English (although under the influence of political correctness imported from the US it is rapidly becoming politically incorrect in Holland and Flanders as well)
Filip completes this by stating that he would explain that it is hard enough to make a marriage successful when both parties are from similar backgrounds and much harder from disparate cultures, but in the end it would be the daughter’s choice.

end quote

Dewinter was being called racist for saying this. What message did that sent to Ms. Knox? Wasn’t society lying to her? Wasn’t she not being told the truth? We are testing the PC hypotheses. Were the PC hypotheses being fed to Ms. Knox and as a result she put herself into a situation where partly genetic coded behavior for sex and violence was different between the parties leading to the murder?

Shouldn’t the people in the MSM and elsewhere who were reinforcing PC hypotheses already refuted by DOJ statistics be responsible for misleading Ms. Knox? Isn’t her problem that she believed the PC hypotheses instead of being taught the DOJ statistics and graphs? If her father had taught her the BJS graphs and had taught her that “racial differences exist” in violence and sex, then she would have been better prepared?

Do the people who attacked Watson as a bigot and Dewinter as a bigot owe an apology to Ms. Knox and to Ms. Kercher, or her parents? Aren’t they responsible for pushing aside discussion of the data and statistics on the BJS webpage that shows the frequency distribution of behavior in sex, violence, and their interaction is different between blacks and whites?

Steve Sailer

Black Illegitimacy Rate Declines

by Steve Sailer

UPI, June 27, 2003

“Last year, 68.0 percent of the black women who had babies were unmarried, down from 68.4 percent in 2001. The peak was 70.4 percent in 1994.”

We are looking at very different rates of illegitimacy. These are not consistent with the PC hypotheses that the frequency distribution of black and white sexual behavior is the same. But what was Ms. Knox hearing from the MSM or PC blogs? Was she hearing Steve Sailer statistics? Was she hearing BJS statistics? Or was she being told the very PC hypotheses that these statistics are not consistent with? Who is responsible for Ms. Knox being misled? Who is responsible for Meredith Kercher’s death? James Watson? Filip Dewinter? Vlaams Belang? Or their critics who crowded out Steve Sailer statistics and BJS statistics with the PC hypotheses that are inconsistent with the data?

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