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Bush Rove: Christians and Whites out of Republican Party

October 5, 2007

Bush and Rove have done a great deal to push Christians and whites out of the Republican party. Their goal is to make the Republican party safe for La Raza extremists. They want a Republican party that celebrates Ramadan and the Reconquista of the South West but not the Christian Reconquista of Spain. For Bush Rove the Battle of Tours was a defeat, and the sacks of Jerusalem and Byzantium were victories.

Bush has blessed Ramadan at the White House. Loose nukes were carried on a bomber across America. Bush has had CAIR bless a mosque at Quantico Marine Base. The architect of Gitmo’s call to prayer system and Quran instruction is now at the Pentagon. A military with loose nukes that celebrates Ramadan and instructs in the Quran is one that will nuke America. If Katrina in New Orleans is blamed on white racism, what is the nuking of America by Muslims going to be blamed on? That America had not embraced sharia? 

Diana West offers some precise observations on the Ramadan iftar at the Pentagon:

It was a Washington Times story about the military’s Ramadan service that actually caught my eye. Or, rather, it was the name of the presiding imam, Navy Chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam. “Saifulislam” means “Sword of Islam.” It seems that Lieutenant Commander “Sword of Islam” led 100 Islamic faithful, kneeling toward Mecca, in prayer to Allah to celebrate Ramadan at the Pentagon. And that was about it as far as the story went.

Uneasy nonetheless, I went on read a few other stories about Lt. Cmdr. Saifulislam and discovered he has a notable record as Islamic chaplain. The first such chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, he set up what is essentially the Islamic system under which detainees live, pray and eat according to Islamic law. He is also credited with the notion of opening a mosque at the Marine Corps Base at Quantico. Me, I would like to know whether he believes in bringing sharia, or Islamic law, to the United States.

The RINO 4, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Rudi Giuliani, and Mitt Romney are all for legal immigration and the same policies as Bush with some exceptions. They are also against the base of the Republican party. Before and after 9-11, Bush Rove showed that they would change policies of the Republican party and the party would go with them and AEI. They showed on and off 9-11, that all they cared about were money, power, and goats.

In 2008, let us prove Bush Rove and the RINO 4 are right that neither Christians nor whites are wanted in and no longer are in the Republican Party. Let us vote for the Constitution Party. Let them tell us they don’t want our votes. Haven’t they already? What more could they do then support legal immigration, Islamification, and loose nukes in a Ramadan celebrating military? What are we waiting for to wake up?

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