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Science and the religion of equality

April 28, 2009

The PBS show on the history of disbelief is on.  It shows the conflict between the organized Church and the development of new sciences of astronomy and biology.

Today, it is the religion of equality that is the dominant religion of our time.   Organized Christianity has submitted to the RofE.    (Note RoE and return on equity or return on equality or religion of equality all have same initials. The return on equality is negative.)

Atheism means not believing in one sense.  Someone who doesn’t believe in the religion of equality is a modern atheist.  They dissent from the establishment religion of our time, which is the religion of equality.

Science, as we saw with James Watson, is now in total conflict with the religion of equality. Atheists from the RoE are those who believe its proven that races are not equal.  Races exist and are not equal.  Moreover, they differ in moral value.  Whites have superior moral value to blacks.  This is the core of modern atheism to the RoE.

Atheism has to be defined in terms of what it is it doesn’t believe in.  Atheism today means disbelief in the moral equality of races.  Some races are morally superior to others.  This is the essential element of forbidden thought.  This is the core of Atheism to the RoE.

“Why I am not a believer in the RoE.”  We need a modern Bertrand Russell to write this.  Or rather, we need to take on the job ourselves and do it.

The same methods used against the authority of the Catholic Church can be used against the RoE.  The scientific evidence.  The intolerance of RoE.  The misuse of power by RoE.  The abuse of the body and the mind by the RoE authorities.

RoE also inflicts abuse of children or the powerless by the powerful.  That is abuse in all forms, physical and mental.  The RoE teaches lies.  It teaches young white girls to go live alone in Africa and be raped and sometimes killed.

The RoE is increasingly evil.  It demands absolute authority over every part of life, including science.  It exercises its power without restraint in many cases.

Everything that challenged the Catholic Church also challenges the RoE.  Astronomy and physics make it absurd to believe in the equality of every person.  Medicine and biology do as well.  So does Darwin.  Economics and social science, as positive science also teach that its absurd to believe in equality of races or individuals.  History teaches it.  All fact teaches that races are not equal.

Races are not only not equal in IQ tests, they are not equal in morality or moral value.  The white race is superior in moral value to the other races.  This is the central tenet that the RoE does not tolerate.  It is the core belief of RoE that the white race is less than or equal to other races and in fact strictly less than in a moral sense.

But it is precisely the truth that the white race is strictly superior in morality to other races.  One way we can see that is that the white race lays down morality for all other races.  Its the white race that insists on saying what morality is.  It acts as the morally superior race and does so unquestioningly of its right to.

In a practical sense, this is required.  The white race is a moral race.  The others are much less so.  Because the white race is the most moral race, it can’t leave morality to the other races, because they don’t care enough about morality for the taste of the white race.

This is the weakness of the RoE.  The others races are not in fact capable of maintaining a religion that suits the morality of the white race.  This is becoming more and more clear.  Thus the only way to keep the morality that the white race wants is to keep the white race sufficiently pure and in charge.

The RoE is white supremacist through and through.  RoE has never departed one iota in practice from total white supremacism.  No non-white person is allowed to articulate any moral position not authorized by white establement authority.  To the RoE, white supremacism in morality is absolute.

This is the only way to reason with it.  Everything RoE wants will disappear if the dominance of the white race disappears.  RoE recognizes this in its own practice, while denying it in speech.

Scientists are secretly adherents to atheism from the RoE.  They know that science disproves it. So do scholars in any field.  They even know that whites are not inferior to East Asians.  Whites have creativity, verbal expression, etc. that are not matched by those of other races. They also have a moral sense that is stronger than those of other races.

This is a white world in science and math.  It is a white world in economics and technology.  This is a white world in engineering.

But above all other things, this is a white world in terms of morality.  Whites lay down the line absolutely on morality. They know that other races can’t be trusted in this task, just like they can’t be trusted in any other.  This is because morality is the core of every task.

Character, integrity, truth, and honor are what matter most, no matter what the job.  This includes in the matter of the RoE.  Other races can’t be trusted to administer the RoE because they aren’t moral enough and they don’t believe in the RoE.

Non-white races simply take advantage of it.  But once they have power, they knock down the RoE for their own advantage.  Moreover, not of their race but of individuals who gain power.

Liberals believe in an omnipotent force of equality.  But this is easily falsified.  Thus they have to command adherence to their false doctrine.  They have to use force to compel adherence.  They have to control humor above all.  When humor can be turned on the RoE it fails to deceive.

This is why the RoE calls all humor showing the falsify of RoE to be racism.  Humor that shows the inferior of blacks or other races to whites is declared the ultimate racism.  That leads to the total absolute attack.

When humor is used to show inferiority of non-whites, the RoE stops everything and all work and activity to condemn it.  This takes over from all other tasks.  This is understood by the RoE to be absolute.

Once whites can ridicule openly the inferiority, moral and intellectual of blacks, then the RoE is falsified and people can say it.  Once its shown that blacks are inferior to whites in morality by humor, then the RoE is falsified.  It falls apart completely.

This is why humor showing the inferiority of blacks is so strictly forbidden.  It is the unforgivable sin.   This is true even above humor about Jewish people.  The latter is not as unforgivable as humor depicting blacks as inferior morally and intellectually.  This is because the latter is so true that people can’t disregard it without risking their lives.

Everyone is aware all the time of the physical danger of blacks and their inability to restrain themselves from retaliating by any means they can against white superiority, whether expressed or not.  Blacks can’t exhibit true impartiality as can whites.  All whites know this is true.  They know it all the time.  It is encoded in their behavior and in what they are forbidden to say.

The fundamental act of disobedience to the Religion of Equality is to say that:

  1. blacks are mentally inferior
  2. blacks are morally inferior
  3. blacks are incapable of impartiality
  4. blacks abuse their power
  5. blacks do not have a morality of truth
  6. blacks are an inferior race
  7. blacks destroy what they control
  8. blacks are a remnant of an earlier stage of evolution
  9. blacks are unfit for civilization
  10. blacks are a threat to the survival of civilization
  11. blacks can’t partake of the same morality as whites to the same extent
  12. blacks are a threat to morality itself.
  13. blacks are a threat to the RoE.

One could go on.  One could articulate 95 counter-theses to the RoE.

The Reformation of the Religion of Equality is to return to the fundamental principles, which are not equality itself but deeper.  Equality for blacks in large numbers is a threat to civilization and morality itself.

The Star Trek episode where the android realizes that survival is the missing equation that justifies it turning on the humans is the same as this.  Survival of morality requires that whites maintain purity and maintain their dominance.

The RoE can’t be overthrown.  But it can be reformed.  It must be reformed for it to continue to exist.

Atheism to the RoE is to deny equality of the races.  Reform of the RoE is to shift the RoE from equality of the races to the survival of morality and civilization.  This, in the end, is to overthrow the RoE.

The RoE knows that.  But the RoE knows its fate is to end with the white race.  The death of the white race is also the death of the RoE.  Thus the RoE must be reformed at a fundamental level.  This means a return to more important principles.

Atheism to the RoE is to deny black equality.  It is to deny that blacks are morally equal to whites.  Its to assert that the black race is morally inferior.  Its to assert that the white race is superior to all other races in morality.  Its to assert that the white race must remain pure and dominant to other races.  This is atheism to establishment RoE.

Needless to say, these bring out a total excommunication from civil society to assert them.  Denial of job.  Denial of a position in any educational institution, student or faculty or worker.  This is total atheism.  Total atheism brings total excommunication.

This excommunnication is administered with total fanaticism and power.  All other tasks stop to administer the punishment and put the mark of Cain on the person.   We see this from time to time.

This was done to James Watson, Jimmy the Greek, Senator Geore Allen, Nick Griffin of the BNP, and others.  It is a total stop society, and everyone participates.

Some peope are in a permanent state of this at a lower level.  David Duke.   Jared Taylor.   Lawrence Auster.  Vdare and Peter Brimelow and the various authors.  Steve Sailer.  The list goes on.  These people are agnostic up to atheists to the RoE.

They are heresiarchs to the RoE.  David Duke is a heresiarch on multiple levels.  Most try to be an atheist to only of the tenets of RoE.   The hatred leveled at those who come out as openly atheist to the RoE is as total as those burned at the stake in prior centuries.  Prison is used against them.  The physical threat from the state is real.  The RoE pretends it is the state that administers the punishment, just as the Catholic Church did, or just as in another well known case the religious establishment did.

To be a real atheist today is to be an atheist to the RoE.  The consequences are just as real as in the high power of the Catholic Church.  The courage required is as great.  But the necessity is greater.  This is because RoE is engaged in genocide of the white race.  This calls forth action.  No matter the cost. The very survival of the white race and its morality requires this.  Even RoE requires it.

It is an absolute need for the white race to survive and on top for the morality the white race worships to stay in control.  It appears the survival of the human race long term in a form we could tolerate requires it as well.  This is becoming more clear to everyone.  That is why some of the best scientists have come out.  This is why James Watson spoke out.  This is why Shockley spoke out.

We are going to lose the white race and its civilization and its morality if we don’t have this conversation.  (I just heard something similar to that from the RoE box.)  But the truth is that its the white race and its survival and its morality and civilization that require this conversation.

This is not optional.  This is an absolute requirement.  This can’t be put off.  This has to be dealt with now.

Everything else has to stop while we talk about the survival of the white race.  Its survival in a pure form.  Its survival as dominant to the other races on this planet.  This is the conversation we have to have.  We have to have this conversation right now.  Everything else has to stop while we talk about this.

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