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Kate McCann Car Wheel Well Garbage Can

September 15, 2007

The wheel well of the McCann’s rental car is said to have traces of sedatives in it. The rental car was a silver Renault Scenic Mégane.

The following forum at the Mirror has links to photos of the boot of the Renault Scenic.

fleur PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:31 pm Post subject:

[quote=”HAL”]Supposedly the traces were found in the area where the spare tire is stored, which would be under the matting in the boot area.

The child was quite tiny, and could likely be fitted into an area large enough to hold a full-size spare, if the Scenic comes with one of those and not one of the emergency-driving donut spares.[/quote]

I have just been outside to look under the carpetting in the boot of my scenic. The space is HUGE. It’s very deep and my seven year old could fit in it if needs be.

I’m so glad I have a different car and am about to sell the Scenic. This has put me off them for life!

One photo linked to, showing the boot of one model, this may not be the actual model the McCanns rented.

We don’t appear to get actual photos of the wheel well, which from the discussion is apparently under the rear compartment. This would make it an ideal sink for any garbage, debris, pills, etc. transported in the rear compartment. That might include sleeping pills, etc.

The Portuguese police theory is that Kate McCann and Gerry McCann carried the decomposing body of Madeleine McCann in the boot of the Renaut Scenic rental car that they rented on May 28, 2007, 25 days after the May 3 disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Was the wheel well a garbage can? Did it simply act as a sink, so that debris ended up there? That could include bits of a sedative pill? Maybe at some time, someone broke a sedative pill in two and the other half ended up in the wheel well? The person was going to use half and save half, but dropped the half to save? That then ended up in the wheel well?

It could be that the boot was full of stuff and it was too much trouble to find? Or dropped into something and the person didn’t want it? Even a whole pill can be dropped in the rear of the car and a person doesn’t want to use it.

Teenagers from a prior renting could have put things in the wheel well to keep them from their parents. Maybe they were addicted to valium or some other sedative? That was a place to keep their parents from finding it? They were careless and broke one or dropped one in the wheel well?

It doesn’t have to be teenagers. A wife or husband might want to keep sedatives secret in the wheel well. They don’t have to be married either. A wheel well is a good place to keep stuff secret while on vacation. What about people who wanted to drive across the border into Spain? If they had a few extra sedatives, they might stuff them in the wheel well.

Fluids from the car end up in the wheel well? This includes all sorts of things, vomit, blood, etc?

The twins were changed on top of the wheel well, i.e. in what they call the boot which is over the wheel well it appears from discussion at the forum at the Mirror.

Previous owners may have done all sorts of things in the boot of the car? Someone may even have slept there and taken a sedative to try to go to sleep and possibly even dropped one or two that ended up in the boot of the car? This mingled with other things?

Can the tests distinguish a pill as a source instead of being partially digested by a human as a source? If the person died with pills in their stomach and those ended up in the wheel well, is that distinguishable from pills simply left in the wheel well?

One can search for forum topics at the Mirror. Its best to click the radio button on the search form that indicates search for all the terms.

The following thread was in August and is partly about a jeep, which some on the thread thought was a car the McCanns had on May 3, 2007. They may have just had confused reports about the Scenic at that time? Did the McCanns have another rental on May 3, 2007, a Jeep?

The spare wheel well usually has drain holes in the bottom, as condensation etc could otherwise cause rusting. If there was a leak from the wrapping of the body then most of the fluids would have leaked onto the road, with a little left in the well. In a hot country like Portugal the fluids that remained could well have dried by the next morning, so no residual smell.

Drain holes can get plugged? Also the police found something, so something didn’t fall through the holes. That something includes traces of sedatives according to the leaked press reports. So if there are drain holes in the Renault Scenic, then whatever the police found didn’t go through them.

If someone wanted to keep sedatives in the wheel well, they could put a few paper towels or newspapers in there to block the drain holes. The police should check all these things to the extent possible. Is there newsprint in that wheel well? Or other indicators of stuff down there? There might be things that didn’t come from anyone’s stomach and would support the garbage can idea over the body idea.

The police should offer immunity to past car drivers or occupants to give information on the above. Some countries make it difficult for the police to do that. Other people may want to keep on doing what they were doing, so they won’t come forward. What about using some of the Madeleine fund to reward people for coming forward to talk about these things? Or other people who might want to come forward? The only reason the police have to say no is they just want to smear the McCanns to cover up for their own poor work.

Search McCann wheel well.

Overdose of sleeping tablets story:

== Added 7:30 PM EDT Sep 15, 2007

IAN GALLAGHER and PATRICK SAWER – More by this author » Last updated at 00:00am on 16th September 2007

Hair found in the car hired by Madeleine McCann’s parents cannot be matched to the missing four-year-old, it was revealed last night.

British forensic experts have concluded the fragments said to be Madeleine’s could belong to any number of people who had come into contact with the silver Renault Scenic.

This demolishes earlier claims that the hairs would prove the McCanns had hidden Madeleine’s body in the car after killing her in their holiday apartment.

The fragments found did not even allow the scientists to establish the sex or age of the individual.

Sources have told The Mail on Sunday that the hairs discovered in the vehicle hired by Kate and Gerry McCann after she disappeared were found in only very small quantities on the seats – and not in the boot as was previously reported.

Additionally no roots were found in the samples, which meant that experts at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham were unable to test for a DNA match to any individuals.

“They were only asked to try to determine sex and age. It was simply not possible to determine whether the hairs belonged to Madeleine,” said a source.

“The 36 vital hours”
“What really happened when she vanished”
Lucy Thornton In Praia Da Luz 15/09/2007

Detailed timeline shows almost no time for parents to hide body or for their friends either.

Police check incinerators with good photo of Madeleine:
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Christina Lamb, great on the spot reporting:

  Guilhermino Encarnacao and his deputy Goncalo Amaral are the two Portuguese detectives heading the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann more than four months ago.

These two, reading between the lines, are two of the main leakers to the Portuguese press trying to “stitch” i.e. frame i.e. smear the McCanns.

  Not only have five detectives including Amaral been charged by the public prosecutor over the case but Grade has filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights for the case to be reopened.


One of the leaked reports last week was of extracts from Kate McCann’s diary in which she had allegedly admitted she struggled to manage Madeleine’s “hyperactivity”, and complained that her husband was little help. But Jose Manuel Oliveira, to whom it was leaked, was told by police the next day that it was untrue.

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