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Huckabee at Univision Debate Outsource Visas

December 10, 2007

HUCKABEE: If you can get an American Express card in two weeks, it shouldn’t take seven years to get a work permit to come to this country in order to work on a farm.
(APPLAUSE)So if our government is incapable of making that process in that length of time, then we should do it in a way to outsource it.And here’s why: When people come to this country, they shouldn’t fear. They shouldn’t live in hiding. They ought to have their heads up, because the one thing about being an American is, we believe every person ought to have his or her head up and proud, and nobody should have to be in hiding because they’re illegal when our government ought to make it so that people can reasonably come here in a legal fashion.

Republican Univision Debate or the GOP Spanish Debate.

Fred Thompson came out against chain migration at the debate.

PDF English Transcript from WSJ

Vanishing American’s take on the debate and Huckabee on Fox.

Earlier takes that Huckabee is for amnesty:

At this point, Tom Tancredo is still the best on immigration. Duncan Hunter is second. Among the top tier, Fred Thompson is the best.

NumbersUSA Ratings of Republican Candidates for President:

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