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Holy Economy Mammon RINO 4

October 25, 2007

The speed with which our government was able to get hundreds of thousands of people in heavily populated areas to “migrate” elsewhere, even though it inconvenienced and terrified many more who were not directly involved, certainly puts the lie to all the ninnies who claim we are incapable of deporting the millions of invaders, have no right to even make them fearful, and darn sure better not inconvenience the Holy Economy with any such attempt.

This was linked to by Vanishing American:

Webster (1977) defines ‘mammon‘ as: 1) the false god of riches and avarice. 2) riches regarded as an object of worship and greedy pursuit; wealth as an evil, more or less personified.

This sounds like the reasons advocated for immigration exactly. We can word-smith this just to see if it works:

Webster (1977) defines ‘immigration‘ as: 1) the false god of riches and avarice. 2) H-1b riches regarded as an object of worship and greedy pursuit; Chinese cheap imports – wealth as an evil, more or less personified.

The whole wiki article is good with links to following

The RINO 4 are John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudi Giuliani, and Fred Thompson. All have indicated they support legal immigration including H-1B. Many indicate they want to expand legal immigration.


Vanishing American analyzes Fred Thompson’s recent policy statement on immigration.

VA calls some of it twaddle and Fred a globalist. We can combine these as Fred’s plan is globalist twaddle. Fred Thompson’s voting record to double H-1b with his friend Spencer Abraham in 1998 is here:

twad·dle play_w(“T0432100”)


intr.v. twad·dled, twad·dling, twad·dles

To talk foolishly; prate.


Foolish, trivial, or idle talk or chatter.

We can try to wordsmith this to see if it works.

Fred twad·dle play_w(“T0432100”)


intr.v. twad·dled, twad·dling, twad·dles

To talk foolishly about only opposing only illegal immigration; to prate that America is a nation of immigrants..


Foolish, trivial, or idle talk that illegal immigration is unfair to legal immigrants or chatter about jobs Americans don’t want to do.


Republican Anointees Hiding Liberalism

September 29, 2007

Why did the Republican presidential primary frontrunners diss the black Hispanic Latino minority Tavis Smiley PBS Liberal debate? To hide the fact that they are in fact liberals. Fred Thompson, Rudi Giuliani, John McCain, and Bain’s Mitt Romney are all Big Government Big Fat Cat Big Legal Immigration Big Liberals. They are the RINO Four. If they went to a minority debate asking them questions on those topics and not abortion that would come out.

Any debate that isn’t 30 percent abortion questions exposes the Fat Cat Candidates for what they are.

A normal Republican debate is

  1. 30 Percent Support Troops
  2. 20 Percent No to big government platitudes
  3. 20 Percent anti-amnesty but for legal immigration
  4. 30 Percent anti-abortion.

Tavis Smiley’s debate didn’t have questions on those. It was about details of government programs to help minorities or not. The big liberal fat cats don’t want to answer questions about that because it would expose that they are not conservatives, not small government, not America first, and don’t really know or care about anyone but their own small in-groups. They really don’t know what Smiley wanted to ask them about.

The candidates who went all have at least some conservative positions. They want people to know that in the Republican primaries. The front runners want to hide that they are Bush RINO’s. McCain married Bush Rove and so have the other 3 front-runners.

You can see the following on the issues at the debate:

No pandering on abortion or gun control was part of it. Tavis Smiley has now exposed the Republican frontrunners as the same as Bush and Rove. They are big government liberals, who pander on abortion and amnesty but are otherwise for big legal immigration, giving H-1B’s from China, India, Russia and Pakistan the run of the country and so on. Some of the 9-11 terrorists had technical or professional education. Tavis Smiley has done what Fox is trying not to do, expose the Republican party as a shell game of the anti-American (Middle) Eastern establishment.

== Summary by Voice of America

The top four U.S. Republican Party presidential candidates have skipped a debate on minority concerns, raising questions of racial division within the party.

Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Senator John McCain all said scheduling conflicts prevented them from attending Thursday’s debate at a historically African-American university, Morgan State in the mid-Atlantic state of Maryland.

Some of the six Republican presidential hopefuls who attended the debate Thursday criticized the 2008 front-runners for skipping the event, saying their absence amplified racial divisions and hurt the party’s overall image.

The candidates discussed their views on issues of interest to African-Americans, who usually vote in large numbers for Democratic Party candidates.

Earlier this month, a scheduled Spanish-language Republican debate aimed at Hispanic voters was canceled after only Senator McCain agreed to participate.

Candidates at the debate Thursday answered questions from African-American and Hispanic journalists on illegal immigration, Iraq, capital punishment and minority unemployment.

Senator Sam Brownback, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressmen Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and African-American conservative commentator Alan Keyes attended the event.

Photo Caption: Republican presidential hopefuls from left to right-Sen. Sam Brownback, Rep. Tom Tancredo and Rep. Duncan Hunter at the All-American Presidential Forums program, 27 Sep 2007

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