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Huckabee Stuckabee Amnesty Vote Fred in Iowa

January 2, 2008

In the Iowa Caucus Fred Thompson is the best of the Viable 5. Duncan Hunter is best and Ron Paul is good. Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Rudi Giuliani are the RINO4. We don’t need them.

If your caucus decides to pool anti-amnesty candidates, pool Ron Paul, Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter together. The Republican rules don’t have a viability threshold the way the Democrats do, however. Stop the RINO4. Don’t vote for Mike Wayne D. Amnestee Huckabee.

Roy Beck at NumbersUSA ratings:

Washtimes points out the insincerity in some amnesty conversions among the candidates.

Repetition from previous posts:

==Wright Island Model Sustained Immigration is genetic replacement immigration.

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

As pointed out in a previous post:

The theorem doesn’t say you get a mixture of old and new. The theorem says you get complete replacement of the old by the new. The old goes extinct. This is pure genetic replacement. It doesn’t matter if there is an intermediate mixture or not. Over time, the initial stock is replaced completely. Promises of a mixture are false.


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