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Pentagon wants slave scientists and insect warriors?

March 31, 2008

Is the reason the US is flooded with foreign science students who become scientists and engineers because the Pentagon wants slave scientists, not like the ones who rebelled during the Manhattan Project and signed a protest of dropping the bomb?

John McCain: “I Support Increases In H-1b Visas”

Search Los Alamos petition 1945

“The Scientists’ Petition:” A Forgotten Wartime Protest PDF Print E-mail

An Op-Ed Piece by William Lanouette

Sixty years ago this summer, 155 scientists working on the Manhattan Project to design and build the world’s first A-bombs signed a petition to President Truman raising grave moral doubts about what they had created.

Szilard in Congress, October 1945

Led by physicist Leo Szilard, the signers at the Project’s secret uranium plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and at the Metallurgical Lab in Chicago, urged their Commander-in-Chief to weigh his “moral responsibilities” when deciding whether to drop A-bombs on inhabited Japanese cities. They also urged Truman to warn the Japanese about the apocalyptic ruin they faced, and to state clearly the surrender terms that Washington now expected from Tokyo.

The Pentagon’s Battle Bugs
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt

This past August, at DARPA’s annual symposium – DARPATech – HI-MEMS program manager Amit Lal, an associate professor on leave from Cornell University, explained that his project aims to transform “insects into unmanned air-vehicles.” He described the research this way: “[T]he HI-MEMS program seeks to grow MEMS and electronics inside the insect pupae. The new tissue forms around the insertions, making the bio-electronic interface long-lasting and reliable.” In other words, micro-electronics are inserted at the pupal stage of metamorphosis so that they can be integrated into the insects’ bodies as they develop, creating living robots that can be remotely controlled after the insect emerges from its cocoon.

This is how John McCain, George Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton think about the scientists and engineers and computer programmers as well.

In other words, micro-electronics are inserted at the pupal stage of metamorphosis so that they can be integrated into the scientist bodies as they develop, creating living robots that can be remotely controlled after the student emerges from its Ph.D..

Hillary Clinton
“I also want to reaffirm my commitment to the H-1B visa program and to increase the current cap. Foreign skilled workers contribute greatly to our technological development. That is well understood in Silicon Valley.”

John McCain
“I will continue to support H-1B visas, but, I’m telling you, the American peoples priority is, either rightly or wrongly, and we live in a democracy, is that we secure the borders first.”

Barack Obama
“We can do better than that and go a long way toward meeting industry’s need for skilled workers with Americans. Until we have achieved that, I will support a temporary increase in the H-1B visa program as a stopgap measure until we can reform our immigration system comprehensively.”
Posted by Ephraim Schwartz on February 26, 2008 08:00 AM

Vote for a pro human party not one of the two degrade us to insect parties. The Constitution Party is one choice. If you vote for McClob (McCain, Clinton and Obama) you vote for yourself to be degraded to an insect.

Once the government no longer perceives itself as on the side of the people, it perceives the people as the enemy of the government.  This applies to every institution including schools, Wall Street, hedge funds, universities, the tech industry, and the two political parties.  When they act to harm people is when you know they have switched from thinking of themselves as on the people’s side to thinking of the people as their enemy.

That has already happened for the candidates of the two main parties this year.  McCain, Clinton, and Obama have at one time or another all registered their domain and hostility to the people.  They call us bigots, racists, and other names.

Vote the Constitution Party to show you have woken up to their game.  The only thing they respect is voting for a third party because when you vote for them, especially presidential it shows you are conned or willing to be conned.  To quote Nixon, when you vote Democrat or Republican for president you destroy yourself.  House Republicans and a majority of Senate Republicans and some Democrats like Byrd are still on the people’s side.


Why no CNN-Youtube Immigration Questions?

July 24, 2007

Rob Sanchez at Vdare points out that there was little about immigration, except for a question about health care coverage for the “undocumented.” Sanchez provides two links on the transcript: [One,Two]

Why isn’t everyone covered?  Why do they have to be in the U.S.?  Border Bigotry.

Questions were likely filtered out on the following bases:

1) Question had too much fact information that reporters don’t bother to learn.

2) Question has too much theory, and any amount is too much, for reporters to learn.

3) Question would interfere with Anderson Cooper’s speaking fee prospects, e.g. a question about immigration.

4) Question would interfere with fund raising by the candidates, e.g. about immigration.

5) Question would interfere with prospects of Democratic candidates in the general election phase, e.g. about immigration.

6) Question would remind viewers of all those phone calls by the tiny minority of bigots that stopped the Senate Amnesty Bill.

7) Question would otherwise be disrespectful of the establishment. 

The Democrat Debate can be summarized as follows:

  1. There is no moral hazard in government benefits or hand out programs.
  2. Morality is not affected by government handouts.
  3. People don’t cheat to take advantage of the government, except when they work at a company.
  4. Schools, markets, outcomes, etc. are not affected by the people, but are either mysteriously not working or made to fail by big baddies.
  5. Only Democrats can save you from the big bad baddies.
  6. The sum of the costs need not be bounded by available income.
  7. Who the people are never matters, not in the past, not in the present, not in the future.  All that matters is that the right Democrat is in power.
  8. There have never been bad side affects to Democrat Programs in the past.
  9. The only problem is not enough of Democrat Programs.
  10. With enough mandates, “good intentions”, affirmative action, immigration, set-asides, quotas, welfare, ER mandates, criminal statutes, taxes, etc. we can finally overcome.
  11. This is not a world of cause and effect that channels through incentives and individual human behavior. The only incentive people need is a government mandated benefit.
  12. Government is the low cost method to achieve all outcomes.  This is because government has no cost.

Rob Sanchez Vdare H1B DoD

November 1, 2006

Witching Hour For DOD Comments On Foreign Workers

“Department of Physics at Tsinghua was proud of its graduates. As one of the most magnificent achievements in the history of Chinese modern education, among 23 “A-bomb”,“H-bomb” and “Satellite” Heros in China, 9 were undergraduates of this Department, including Gan-chang Wang, San-qiang Qian, Huan-wu Peng, Da-heng Wang, Jiu-Zhang Zhao, Fang-yun Chen, Jia-xian Deng, Guang-ya Zhu, and Guang-zhao Zhou, and another Hero, Yong-huai Guo, was also studied in its graduate school. In addition, this Departments have cultivated thousands of scholars, including more than 70 Members of the Chinese Academy of Science, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering , of the NAS of USA, etc..”
Peng lab

Huanwu Peng Chinese bomb developer, Bulletin Atomic Scientists

Dr. Zheng-yu Peng was his son and got his Ph.D. in 1989 at Carnegie Mellon and became a prof at UCHC and died recently.

search Zheng-yu Peng

“Dr. Peng was born in Beijing, China in 1959. His father Dr. Peng Huan-wu, 91, is a noted physicist and his mother was a physician. Peng continued his family´s scientific tradition. He was quite proud of the rigorous science education he received in China, which culminated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Beijing University. In 1982, Dr. Peng came to the United States to continue his studies in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University, and in 1989 he completed his doctoral work and received his Ph.D. degree. He then pursued his childhood dream of working in the biological sciences, first through postdoctoral studies at the University of California, Berkley, and then in the Department of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1995, he assumed his faculty position at the University of Connecticut Health Center, and quickly rose to the position of Professor in the Department of Molecular, Microbial, and Structural Biology.”

search Peng Huanwu bomb

search Peng hero Chinese atomic bomb

Huanwu Peng was an assistant to Max Born in the 1940’s.

Max Born’s assistants included J. Robert Oppenheimer, Klaus Fuchs (arrested 1950 for atomic espionage), Werner Heisenberg, Kun Huang, and Pascual Jordan. Kun Huang and Huanwu Peng left the West after Klaus Fuchs was arrested. So did Bruno Pontecorvo.

Hypothesis: Max Born was plagiarized by Dirac with Fowler’s assistance. Peter Kapitza of Russia knew that. Russia used this to apply pressure to Niels Bohr, as well as to get Klaus Fuchs into Los Alamos.

search Corson Fock

search Kun Huang

search H1B plagiarism

Russia plagiarism

China plagiarism

DoD regulation references


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