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Mike Huckabee Wayne Dumond Civil Rights Case

December 9, 2007

There is a possible civil rights case against Mike Huckabee for his actions in the parole of Wayne Dumond that resulted in the rape and death of one and likely two women.

Possible charge:

Huckabee violated procedures and brought undue influence and used reappointments to gain his way with the parole board to parole Dumond. This was part of a common pattern of violations of procedures in pardons, commutations, and clemency actions by the governor.

One can use common plan or method evidence to support the charges in the Dumond case. Huckabee had a letter written to a prosecutor in a case saying Huckabee was laughing out loud at the prosecutor for wanting Huckabee to act according to procedure and meet with the prosecutor to discuss the pardon of a murderer. The prosecutor, according to one account, was able to stop the pardon because of this it appears.

A federal or state civil rights case can be brought in Arkansas or Missouri where the women were raped and killed. Given the nature of Arkansas politics, it may be easier for a prosecutor, local, state or federal to bring a case against Huckabee in Missouri for violating the civil rights of the two women who were raped and killed because Huckabee had a common plan or method of violating procedures in pardons and paroles and the Dumond case was part of that pattern.


This is how he operated in the past: He had his staff write insulting letters to his critics. “The governor read you (sic) letter and laughed out loud,” wrote a scoundrel named Cory Cox, a Huckabee legal adviser, by way of a reply to Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld, who opposed clemency for yet another vicious killer Huckabee took a liking to.


==Ashley Stevens

When the board paroled Dumond in January 1997, he had been in prison since 1985 for the rape of Ashley Stevens, a Forrest City high school student.

There were other victims prior to his going to prison that he was not prosecuted for and one wrote Huckabee before the parole.

Shortly after taking office in 1996, Huckabee announced his intention to commute Dumond’s sentence to time served. A public outcry ensued.

Stevens, her father, and Fletcher Long, the Arkansas state prosecuting attorney who sent Dumond to prison, met with Huckabee to protest.

“‘This is how close I was to Wayne Dumond,'” Stevens says she told Huckabee at the time. “‘I will never forget his face. And now I don’t want you ever to forget my face.'”

(read above for information about other women who came forward at the time of the parole/pardon controversy in 1996 before parole was made final. They told the governor of other rape cases by Dumond against them.)

Huckabee wrote Dumond a letter.

That same afternoon the Governor denied the clemency request. He sent a letter to DuMond that has been widely reported saying, (excerpted):
“Dear Wayne, I have reviewed your applications for executive clemency, specifically a commutation and/or pardon. … My desire is that you be released from prison. I feel now that parole is the best way for your reintegration into society. … Therefore, after careful consideration … I have denied your applications.”


==Women Dumond raped and killed (from Wiki)

  • Sept. 20, 2000: Carol Sue Shields is raped and murdered in her apartment.[14]
  • June 21, 2001: Sara Andrasek is raped and murdered in the apartment she shares with her husband.[15]
  • June. 22, 2001: DuMond is arrested after DNA evidence ties him to the murder of Carol Sue Shields.[16]
  • Summer, 2003: DuMond is convicted in the murder of Carol Sue Shields.[17]


==Aides say Huckabee knew Dumond danger but wouldn’t admit he had been duped.

It’s the kind of color commentary that breathes new life into a story by adding some perspective as to why Huckabee did what he did … these staffers speculate that, at a certain point, Huckabee may have realized that Dumond did, in fact, rape Ashley Stevens, but was unwilling, after having publicly championed the criminal’s cause, to suffer the humiliation of admitting he’d been duped.

David J. Sanders

==Fox News Huckabee Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace didn’t ask Huckabee about the Dumond case or the other pardon cases but instead about Huckabee’s aids comment. Is this not an important topic to the MSM because the victims are hillbilly women? Aids hit gays, but Arkansas hillbilly women being raped by Arkansas hillbilly men is just the natural order of things to the MSM?

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