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Rudi H-1B Giuliani

November 10, 2007

==Giuliani Position


Strengthen America’s 21st Century Workforce: Education is power in an information economy. American workers must be the best trained and prepared workforce in the world in order to successfully compete in the global economy.

* Promote science and mathematics through technical certification or an associate degree.

* Advance successful training programs leading to competitive skills the market demands.

* Allow early withdrawal from retirement accounts for qualified retraining programs.

* Expand the number of H1B Visas for skilled foreign workers to meet market demand.

H-1B is what undermines incentives for students to study math and science. This goes all the way back from employer to K-12. If you can’t get a good secure job in science and math, why get a Ph.D.? If Americans don’t get Ph.D.’s, why should TA’s from China and India teach American undergrads science and math? If undergrads are not taught science and math, who will teach science and math in K-12? Who in K-12 will want to learn science and math if the Chinese and Indian TA’s don’t want to teach it to them in college?

Anonymous wrote: I find Ravi Aron’s remarks irrational and filled with hate and contempt for U.S. IT professionals.

Is Giuliani getting his attitudes on Americans from Ravi Aron or those at New York investment banks who think the same way?

=Back to Rudi

Create “Global Prosperity Initiative”: Bringing more countries and people into the global marketplace will make America safer and create new markets for our products worldwide.

We have the market. Our textile and toy industries have been destroyed. China sends “terrorist toys” here to kill us, see David Yeagley.

America must promote higher living standards around the world, help reform the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to encourage pro-growth policies, and distribute foreign aid in ways that reinforce good governance and economic freedom, similar to the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

These institutions are staffed by Ph.D.’s in econ and business from US schools. Has this worked?

Aggressively Advance Free Trade: Rudy will tear down the walls to free trade and create new markets for American-made products. He will protect America’s innovations and intellectual property by enforcing our trade agreements aggressively.

The way to keep our know-how is to stop foreign students and workers coming here. Teach our own our know-how in school and at work.

* Reduce corporate tax rates and regulatory burden so that Americans can better compete in the global economy.

What about Chinese toy terrorism (Yeagley)? What about know-how transfer to India and China?

* Reform the excesses of Sarbanes-Oxley that are driving our corporations overseas to list on foreign exchanges.

The man who prosecuted the junk bond king, Michael Milliken, has now turned around on this. What else will he change on?

* Reenact the Presidential Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority and complete the Doha Development Round.


Refocus State Department and Reform Foreign Service: Rudy will set new priorities for America’s representatives to better promote U.S. policies abroad, while measuring the success of ambassadors and embassies. He will reform and increase the size of Foreign Service and expand language training to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

Combat Anti-Americanism: America must win the war of ideas.

H-1B is anti-Americanism in practice.

Rudy will reform and refocus our international broadcasters, such as Voice of America, and will better coordinate our government’s global communications to help export the idea of freedom and our values, and stimulate debate within oppressed societies.

How about import the idea of loyalty to the people of this country? Other countries think that way? The only way our politicians will be loyal is when they are replaced by immigrant politicians who are open in their true loyalties. Don’t vote for politicians disloyal to their own, they are loyal to no one, only to money. Don’t support disloyal TV stations or newspapers, or move studios. Don’t be the fan of disloyal celebrities.

Expand U.S.-Muslim Exchange Programs: Rudy will promote economic, cultural, and educational engagement with the Arab and Muslim through public-private partnerships to turn the tide against radical Islamic terrorists and connect more countries to the global marketplace of ideas.

Do Rudi’s supporters read his web page? Isn’t this what they are against?

Protect Freedom: Promoting religious and political freedom, human rights and democracy for dissidents across the world, along with supporting women’s rights and promoting women’s education in the Arab and Muslim world, must be a top priority.

Released: 7.11.07

View the press release


Giuliani’s Fascism–and Immigration

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Huckabee’s Vice Presidential Campaign–and Immigration

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Rudy Giuliani—Symbol Of The Conservative Crack-Up
By Patrick J. Buchanan

And Rudy? A McGovernite in 1972, he boasted in the campaign of 1993 that he would “rekindle the Rockefeller, Javits, Lefkowitz tradition” of New York’s GOP and “produce the kind of change New York City saw with … John Lindsay.”

A Giuliani presidency would represent the return and final triumph of the Republicanism that conservatives went into politics to purge from power.


16 September 2007

Giuliani Still Soft on Illegal Immigration

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Washington: With India’s international profile soaring, most candidates for the 2008 US presidential election on either side of the political divide are making a concerted bid to woo Indian American voters and their top donors.

Almost all the candidates serving in US Congress voted for a landmark law to begin civilian nuclear cooperation with India as well as a range of other economic deals and unlike 2004, outsourcing to India is yet to emerge as a major election issue.

Leading Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, who enjoys great support in the nearly two million strong Indian American community, has said: “In Asia, India has a special significance both as an emerging power and as the world’s most populous democracy.”

Obama on Monday disavowed the memo, which was headlined, “Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab),” a play on the standard reference to a candidate’s party and constituency. The memo referred to investments in India by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton; her fund-raising among Indian-Americans; and the former president’s $300,000 in speech fees from Cisco, a company that has moved U.S. jobs to India.

See comments above on Hillary Clinton D-Punjab memo.

I have “retrained” – done as the globalist free traders insisted in the 90s after NAFTA and today as they push new trade deals. I remade myself into an “information technology professional” — a technical writer, software tester, software engineer and database administrator. I did this with a lot of support from my wife at considerable personal and financial cost. The time and money devoted to this endeavor was significant.

Now, after more than a decade of IT work, I face the continuous, even mounting threat of replacement with imported “guest workers” and job loss to offshore outsourcing.

==Don’t vote for crooks

search Hillary Giuliani Wall Street fundraising

search Hillary Clinton Hsu

Giuliani Kerik

Giuliani Kerik police commissioner knew,0,3107857.column

Long before Kerik’s current troubles, in fact even before he was named police commissioner in 2000, then-mayor Giuliani ignored warnings about his shady ethics. First, Giuliani flatly denied to the press that he was been warned about Kerik lobbying city officials for Interstate Industrial Corp., a construction company reportedly linked to organized crime. Years later, before a grand jury, Giuliani changed his denial to a muddle about having been told that he had been warned, but maintaining that he, himself, did not remember, according to The New York Times.

This is a whole new meaning to the phrase: Rudi “Tell it to the Grand Jury” Giuliani.

“Sure, there were issues,” Mr. Giuliani told The Associated Press this week, “but if I have the same degree of success and failure as president of the United States, this country will be in great shape.”

Giuliani was told about Kerik’s issues before appointing him police commissioner. Then he hired Kerik at Giuliani’s firm. Then he recommended Kerik to Bush to be head of Homeland Security. This was after Giuliani had been US Attorney for USAO SDNY.

There are three interpretations from this. Giuliani had a lapse of judgement. For example, he put loyalty above duty. Giuliani is corrupt. The system is corrupt, Giuliani knew these issues or worse are in the records of appointed and elected officials, so Giuliani appointed Kerik, then hired him at his firm, and then recommended him to Bush.

This is the system for the powerful and wealthy under the last interpretation. If you want to get ahead, you form a pact with the wealthy and powerful to ignore these issues. But isn’t that why Giuliani prosecuted Milliken? For having pacts among the powerful and wealthy to ignore market conduct rules?

Is the reason Giuliani wanted Kerik as police commissioner, then as employee, and then to be head of Homeland Security, precisely because he has issues? Kerik won’t make waves or investigate the powerful and wealthy who are part of the pact among the elite to ignore each other’s issues and not ask questions or tell what they know?

This is what Bush wanted for Homeland Security chief? It wasn’t a betray by Giuliani of Bush to recommend Kerik, but Giuliani knew that is what Bush wanted, and Giuliani supplied it? This is mafia like corruption? Isn’t that what Giuliani prosecuted as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York?

==Corruption and sticking it to us on H-1B is their way

Just as they protect each other on “issues” in their files or life, so they stick it to us on H-1B and the rest of immigration. They know all of it. They do it to us because they can. Just like they protect each other, because they can. Its not “personal”? They don’t really have animosity towards us? It isn’t meant to hurt us? They just know it does in advance, say it doesn’t, and do it. They keep doing it over and over again, with the same result, they get richer, and we get poorer and less secure in our jobs and lives.

Rudi and Hillary don’t really mean to take away our job security, so we should vote for them anyhow? You get more of what you vote for. If you vote for losing job security and workplace dignity, you get more. If you vote for educating Asians on student visas instead of Americans, you get more of that. Rudi and Hillary say if you protest, then you are a bigot. Actually, if you don’t protest, you are a chump.

You aren’t going to get job security by keeping silent. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, he who keeps silent about H-1B gains neither job security for his opinions nor job security in the market. The plain fact is, H-1B takes your job security. If you don’t stop it, you lose your job security. Not speaking up doesn’t work.

Don’t vote for Rudi or Hillary or any of the others who advocate for H-1B. If they want our vote, they can say they have had a conversion on H-1B not just amnesty. Until they say zero H-1B, zero votes for them. The zero zero policy.

Rudi supporters say we have to vote for Rudi so he will stop Islamofascism.  They don’t even say he is for stopping Islam, in fact he and they are for Muslims in our military after loose nukes were discovered flying across America.  If Rudi wants to stop Islamofascism, he can say he is against H-1B.

Hillary supporters say we have to vote for Hillary for health care.  The same applies above.  If she wants to give us health care, she can give us job security and end immigration.  She is the one who wants job security, by legalizing Mexican votes for Democrats.

Rove wants the same thing, to give Rove job security and take ours away.  We don’t get job security by voting for Hillary or Rove picks.  We won’t have health security if we don’t have job security.

We can’t give health care to the third world or even Mexico.  43 percent of Mexicans in the US are on public support of one type or another.  Voting for Hillary just increases that number.

That bankrupts us faster.  Our currency is falling.  Our factories are in China.  China poisons our children because its cheap.  H-1B’s are brought here to take our wages away.  Rudi and Hillary are for all this.  Time to stop voting for them.


The political class has sold us out completely for India. They are prostrating themselves before them. We are nothing. We should vote for the Constitution Party. When you vote for crooks, you don’t just waste your vote, you get more of what you vote for. Don’t vote for those who sell you out on your job. That is wasting your vote. Vote third party.

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