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Ayers Obama Axelrod plan Alinsky takeover of America

November 5, 2008

Saturday, January 31 11:00 AM
(Tentatively) The Washington Monument (Washington, DC)
Obama say’s “change comes not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up. The Million Supporters March on Washington is an event to dramitize the urgency… ”

Obama and Axelrod may be planning to try to keep Obama’s organization together and continue fund raising right on through his presidency. They will have call ins to Congress like Fairus, Stein Report, NumbersUSA and others did to stop the amnesty bill. They will try to shut down Congress if it doesn’t move fast enough.

They likely consulted Minister Farrakhan in advance since they are using his idea of the Million Man March. The Nation of Islam will be involved in help organizing the Million Supporters March. As will Bill Ayers, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, etc.

Bill Ayers, Minister Farrakhan and non-citizen sealed birth-certificate President-elect Barack Hussein Obama II prearranged their voting times so that Ayers and Farrakhan would not be there at the same time as Barack Hussein Obama II and Michelle Obama?

Obama will be known as the Sealed Birth Certificate President.

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    Obama say’s “change comes not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up. The Million Supporters March on Washington is an event to dramitize the urgency. – 74k – CachedSimilar pages
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They plan to take over Democratic organizations, as well as charities, and recipients of federal and private funds. They will place their cadre of Obama Axelrod Ayers Alinsky community organizers into government, schools, universities, think tanks, media with television licenses, law firms, credit card companies, communications, telephones, ISP’s, free email companies, etc.

You know about reading your email on an ISP? Davix Axelrod, Obama, and Bill Ayers do. Law firms might want to think about this. This is a takeover of America. They planned it together from the 1980’s at Columbia in the case of Obama and Ayers. They are going to gut every organization that opposes them and seed in any legal entity that doesn’t want the hammer of the federal government and whatever else they gain control of on it.


The Million Man March and the Million Supporters March are modeled on the Nazis. They too staged events like Obama’s Denver Nuremberg Speech. Alinsky used every idea Hitler ever had on organizing. So do Ayers, Axelrod, Plouffe, and Obama.

They are using the Hitler play book and they mean to gain total control. They have studied revolutions in the past. They realize the need to achieve victory when you have power. They intend to have a 1000 year rule just like Bush Rove Yoo did with their Patriot Act.

Obama Axelrod Ayers plan irreversible change. Ayers has been planning this takeover since the 1970’s. He studied the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and Hitler’s rise to power. So did Alinsky. One thing they saw is that Hitler was the most successful revolutionary of them all. He took power without bloodshed. That is what Alinksy and Ayers admire in Hitler. That is what they are imitating.

The Million Supporters March is the Million Muzzlers March. They will stifle free expression in Congress and in the MSM. People will fear for their jobs if they speak out. PC authoritarian control will be enforced by Keith Olbermann Rachel Maddow Chris Matthews Al Franken types willing to serve in that row.

This is a slow motion putsch. They are getting us used to things. If we object, we are racist or fear mongers like over the birth certificate. A lot of things were planned by them for after the election. This is a plan Bill Ayers put together over the decades. He has used the resources of multiple universities over decades to study and plan. He has used the input of people from many lands. Now its actually happening. Prairie Fire dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan by Bill Ayers. Believe it. Its real. They’ve killed people. They’ve lied. They’ve been caught on camera. Its real.


After his attempted putsch of Nov 8-9 1923, Hitler plotted his later moves more carefully.  He had a genius to know how far he could go and others would back down.  That got him absolute power in Germany and expansion in Europe until finally he pushed too many times.

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