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“Ex-Aide To Foley Cites ’03 Warnings”

October 5, 2006

Time for term limits. These should apply cumulatively to Congress, DOJ at DAAG level or higher, federal judges, etc. We have a tight inner world of law profs, clerks, judges, DAAG profs, big law firms, House and Senate Judiciary committees, and profs who serve on their staff briefly who are loyal only to themselves.

When Spitzer went after Wall Street, SEC and DOJ HQ leadership tried to stop him. This group has detailed knowledge of each others history and links. Do we know what happened between this group during Bush v. Gore? During Clinton years?

Was the Jamie Gorelick Wall Memo written to keep the FBI from telling Assistant US Attorneys about this privileged inner circle and then it also let terrorists in? That is, does NSA pick up info from overseas about this inner circle, and Wall Memo is supposed to keep it from Asst US Attorneys? Is the President told if NSA picks up chatter overseas that he is withholding info from investigations?

By OldAtlantic  Oct 4, 2006 5:57:57 PMEx-Aide To Foley Cites ’03 Warnings
Former Staffer Says He Alerted Hastert’s Office

By Jonathan Weisman and Charles Babington
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, October 5, 2006; Page A01

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