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A country wrecked by unlimited immigration

October 26, 2007

“When Enoch Powell was vilified in the late 1960s for drawing attention to the problem, the then social services secretary, Dick Crossman, ordered officials to conceal what he and they knew to be the true figures. Is this deceit still going on?”

“A country wrecked by unlimited immigration” By Simon Heffer
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 27/10/2007 UK Daily Telegraph 

This is a brilliant column in every section. Because the left is tired out from Watson week, its safe to be right.

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Yesterday, an independent body called the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit said that the Government’s plans to build three million new homes by 2020 were not nearly adequate.

Of course they are not, because of the state’s determination to allow unlimited immigration and, with it, the end of the indigenous cultural identity. The tensions of what used to be called “multi-culturalism” are dangerous enough: but so are the practical issues.

Large parts of England will be concreted over to accommodate all these new people. There will have to be new roads, railways and airports. And since we are already full up, and our public services buckling, where are we going to put everyone?

Labour has covered up its failure to control our borders by saying that our economy needs immigrants.

We have no idea how many are in this country, not least because the last census was a joke: for all we know, there are 70 million here already. We also have to make sure we have immigration controls at our ports, and that they are rigorously enforced.

Ms Smith might like to end our reputation as an international soft touch. If she doesn’t, and as our whole way of life in fact depends on her doing so, no one will ever forgive her.

Is it any surprise that the astonishing number of 204,000 pupils are classified as persistent truants, missing at least one day’s school each week?


Before yesterday’s Russia-EU summit, the Russians warned there would be “consequences” of any intervention by the EU in Russia’s dispute with Britain over the murder last year of Alexander Litvinenko.

Typical of the threatening words that Russia now adopts as the normal language of its relations with the West, it preceded yet more appeasement of the vile, bullying Vladimir Putin by EU leaders.

Sooner or later, the EU is going to have face down Putin’s aggression. History teaches us that it is usually a case of the sooner, the better.

But this week’s figures showing how some MPs milk the system prove that, far from being an opportunity for public service, Parliament is now just a place to make money.

Look at the way the unlovely Ed Balls and his wife soak the taxpayer, with more than £300,000 expenses last year: a rip-off helped by the fact that their weekend home is their “main” residence, while the house they live in in London attracts allowances as a second home.

This ramp has to end. It helps the unemployable to stand for Parliament, and brings into the Commons people with little experience or skills from the real world.

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Ealing tragedy that threatens Project Dave By Simon Heffer

July 21, 2007

Simon Heffer comments on David Cameron as leader of Conservative Party after Conservatives lose 2 by elections.

“What exactly are conservatives trying to conserve? For example, even if all immigration ceased tomorrow and every asylum seeker deported overnight, Britain would still have a population of around seven million people of non-European origin. Due to their higher birth rate and the increasing levels of miscegenation, the indigenous British population would still become a minority in their own country sometime this century. How many conservatives who proclaim themselves ‘patriots’ have had the courage to even mention this, much less propose a solution?

Posted by David Baxter on July 21, 2007 7:41 PM”

Above comment on immigration by David Baxter is correct. The Wright Island model on one-way migration proves that one-way migration causes complete genetic replacement of the island genes by the migrant genes.

If UK population was stable at 75mm, and people lived 75 years, 1mm deaths per year. If 1mm migrants per year, then births equals zero. If migrants 500k/year, then births are 500k/year, so the genetic survival ratio per generation is 1/2. 25 years birth to death, so 75 years have 1/8 starting genes.

The 500k/year migrants can also be re-interpreted as births to recent migrants. The result is what David Baxter was discussing. Links to journal articles in genetics at link at my name.

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