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Mexicans in US are soft-working half on welfare

January 2, 2008…7/ back1007.html

Steven A. Camarota of CIS Table 13

50.9 percent of Mexicans in the US use welfare. That is a definition of soft-working not hard working.  Mexicans come here for welfare, roads, police, schools, ER’s, etc. that we pay for, and most of which is never counted in the cost they impose.

The cost estimates for legal and illegal immigrants are absurdly too low.   At 10,000 per person, 1 million people cost 10 billion dollars per year.  That would include some portion of welfare, schools, ER’s, roads, national defense, interest on the debt, etc.  For 10 million illegals that is 100 billion per year. For 20 million, it is 200 billion per year.  If its 20,000 per person per year, the figure is 400 billion per year.  That is for the illegals alone.

If we take 100 million out of 300 million as 3rd world population in the US  and use 15,000 per year we get 1.5 trillion per year as the cost of third worlders.  This is likely an underestimate of the cost of crime and the inhibition on business from affirmative action and the imposition of non-working workers on organizations which saps morale and output.

The usual way of counting the cost of immigrants is to take all the taxes they pay of any kind and compare that to checks they get with their name on it.  Everything else that government spends money on is not counted as a benefit for them.  This applies to cost counting on legal and illegal immigrants.

From a comment posted at Vanishing American

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