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David Frum: southern whites stupid birthers

August 8, 2009

Drew Zahn
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In a recent telephone poll conducted by Research 2000 for the website Daily Kos, 58 percent of Republican respondents when asked if Barack Obama was born in the USA answered “no” or “not sure.”

David Frum:

The crazy assertion is that Obama himself was born somewhere other than the United States.

The idea is so over-the-line nuts that it has been repudiated even by commentators who are themselves borderline nuts.

The white Southern base of the GOP strongly doubts the legality of the 2008 election and the legitimacy of the man elected. They see him as alien, foreign and suspect.

Is this mistrust racial? It sure looks that way. But there’s something else going on too: the trauma of a society adjusting to mass migration, 40-million newcomers since 1970. The people responding to the polls may be thinking: OK, maybe it’s legal for the President’s father to be a non-citizen from Kenya. But it shouldn’t be — the president should have deeper roots in the country than can be sunk in a single generation.

This is immigration Frum supported the whole time and called whites racist to oppose the whole time.

Auster on Frum

Frum realizes mass nonwhite immigration is disaster for GOP

Reading a report by Democratic consultant Stanley Greenberg saying that voters under the age of 30 favor the Democrats by a margin of 19 points, David Frum does a shocking thing: he looks at the data in racial terms and draws rational conclusions about them. He finds that young white people actually favor the Republicans by a margin of two points, and that the big GOP disadvantage is to due to a 78 point anti-GOP margin among blacks and a 43 point margin among Hispanics.

Of course, Frum thinks Southrons are morons.  They are easily led and easily fooled in his view.

Here is the transcript of the recent Center for Immigration Studies panel on Jews and immigration, featuring Stephen Steinlight, David Frum and Joseph Puder.

==Comment at Vanishing American recently:….? ReleaseID=1361

1. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president?

NoColl Coll BrnAgn
Degree Degree Evngl Prot Cath Jew

Approve 49% 53% 26% 33% 46% 66%
Disapprove 42 42 65 57 45 30
DK/NA 10 6 9 9 9 4

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Democrats in Congress are handling their job?

NoColl Coll BrnAgn
Degree Degree Evngl Prot Cath Jew

Approve 36% 34% 21% 25% 35% 51%

Disapprove 54 57 70 65 56 41

Born Again Evangelicals disapprove the Dems in Congress and disapprove Obama the most. This disproves the Christians are the problem.

Born Agains and Protestants are also very close.

The two groups poles apart are Born Agains and Jews. BA’s are 26 for to 65 against on Obama or -39. Jews are 66 for to 30 against or +30. Thus BA’s and Jews are 69 points net apart.
The are also opposite in sign and extreme in size in their difference. So they are really two opposite poles among the Q classifications of whites.

On Obama, Jews cluster with Blacks and Hispanics for him. This is more meaningful than Congress on which some groups may think that Congress doesn’t give them enough, and others think Congress gives them too much so they both disapprove.

The idea that its Christians that are the problem is false. The voting analysis in 2008 I think was similar.
Old Atlantic | 08.06.09 – 3:09 pm | #

Gravatar This shows we represent the thinking of our own people. We are not the fringe of our people, we are what our people think. In thinking about coalitions with other groups, we should realize that people from those groups who agree with us are the fringe of those groups.

This is why we should not give up our positions or curb our speech. We have to nail down exactly the situation from our group’s perspective so they can read it and see it in crystal explicit propositions. We should not hang back in fear or sugar coat it or defeat or our own message by hesitation or weasel words.
Old Atlantic | 08.06.09 – 3:20 pm | #

Interesting numbers, OA.
It’s rather reassuring to look at it that way; we aren’t the fringe. The people who have control of the media and government are the fringe.
Vanishing American | 08.07.09 – 12:00 am | #

Frum is the Fringe.  A truth whose time has come.


Frum was so busy hating Southern whites and calling them stupid he forgot to ask if Obama ever proved he was eligible to be president by showing his 1961 birth year hospital issued doctor signed birth certificate.

Obama has implied or claimed the following 4 items

  1. Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center.
  2. Obama’s father was Barack H. Obama Sr.
  3. Obama’s mother was Stanley Ann Dunham.
  4. Obama was born August 4, 1961.

The requirement to be president as a natural born citizen can involve some combo of:

  1. Place of birth.
  2. Status of father.
  3. Status of mother.
  4. Date.

The first 3 enter into NBC status and the last one into the age requirement.  If he commits fraud on any one of these 4 items of information he has obstructed the verification of his eligibility.  He doesn’t get to change his story after he is found out as having engaged in fraud.  If he lied or deceived on any element, then he is a fraud and loses by default.  It doesn’t matter if he could have been eligible, if he committed fraud he loses.

Which particular scenario on NBC applies can depend on any of the first 3 items and possibly the 4th. So if he lies on them even though another NBC scenario works with his new story when found out, he defaults.  If he obstructs our verification by lying and by fraud and deceit then he loses.  Receiving equity requires doing equity.  By that standard, failing to release the b.c. and other files by itself disqualifies him in several ways.  A president must show he does equity.  Obama fails on that.

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