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Obama to Spitzer: Say you are Spiritual Adviser No 9

March 15, 2008

(Spoof) Barack Rezko Obama has advised Eliot Cash Machine Spitzer to refer to himself as Spiritual Adviser Number 9, not as Client Number 9.    Ashley  Alexandra Dupre is the girl that Spitzer advised.

Look for the new aftershave for men, Spiritual Adviser Number 9 (TM).  The ad slogan: When your mind turns to Sin use SAN 9 for your face.   For the man with the lantern jaw.

Obama: Trust me on this Eliot.  I know spiritual adviser damage control. Reverend Jeremiah Wright was my spiritual adviser, although not in the way you were to Ashley.  He told me how white people think, they are gullible fools.  Make sure you go to service regularly and start wearing some piece of cloth.

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