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Mark Steyn admits he stands with the Muslim against whites

August 15, 2009

Lawrence Auster goes through Mark Steyn’s latest column that admits Steyn is for Muslim immigration with the intention of said Muslim immigration genociding whites and the White West.

Steyn explicitly comes out that we can’t say stop immigration and we can’t stop it.  This really means Steyn is saying to whites that whites can’t say stop immigration and whites can’t stop immigration of non-whites.  Steyn is saying he is on the side of non-white immigration to eliminate the white race.

“We can’t talk about immigration
By Mark Steyn – Thursday, August 13, 2009 – 112 Comments

In fact, we’ll blame anything rather than confront the truth about what’s happening”

==Auster quoting then commenting on Steyn

It’s hard to see why the enervated West should prove any more successful at squaring the circle. However, we can at least cherish the absurdities [of the double standard that Westerners accord Moslems] on the way down.

(Auster’s comment:)

So, you write a column about a group that in your estimation represents the death of our society if it is not stopped, and all you can suggest is that we “cherish the absurdities on the way down.” How can you see a threat like this and then just wipe your hands of it?

==End Auster quoting and commenting on Steyn

Auster reviews some of his old criticisms of Steyn

I’ve written many blog entries about the Global Con Artistry Provider known as Mark Steyn, trying to zero in on what this sinister trickster is really about. And now it’s getting really clear, thanks to Steyn’s ever more audacious revelations of his real positions, which he indulges (as I have suggested previously) because he can’t believe how much blatant contradiction his mind-numbed “conservative” fans are letting him get away with, so he keeps testing the limits. It’s as if he were saying to himself, “Gosh, I just told these conservative morons that I’m indifferent to the death of a European country, and they are still worshipping me as a conservative hero. What outrage can I tell them next and have them still dancing to my tune? Maybe I’ll let on that the real purpose of the ‘war’ I keep calling for is to smooth the path for the Islamic conquest of the world…”


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Most if not all of the top neocons stand with the Muslim against whites. That is what Bush said in his Religion of Peace speech.   The well paid counter-jihadis in the end stand with Steyn.  They too stand with the Muslim against whites.  They too stand with Obama against whites.

Steyn stands with Obama with the Muslims against whites.  So does David Frum.  Frum invented the phrase Axis of Evil.  Frum stands with the Axis of Evil against whites.  Frum stands with the Muslim to bring down the White West.  So do the usual suspects of the counter-jihad.  So does Takimag.

The real lesson of 9/11 is who stands with the Muslim against the white and against the White West.


Enoch Powell said stop Muslim immigration.  He said that April 20, 1968 over 40 years ago.

Its a little late for Steyn to hold himself out as against the Muslim takeover if he can’t say what Enoch Powell said in 1968.  Why should we stand around waiting for Steyn to say what Powell said in 1968?  How can Steyn be a leader if he can’t say what Powell said in 1968?  Steyn isn’t a leader.  Steyn is a defeatist fifth columnist in the anti-jihad ranks.  Just like the other Axis of Evil Pro-immigration Neocons.

If they aren’t against all non-white immigration then they aren’t for us.  That is what their reaction to 9/11 showed.  They aren’t for us.  They don’t want the White Race or White West to survive.  They are not part of any White Awakening.  They are not part of our saving ourselves.  They are simply enjoying our destruction.  That is what Steyn says.  The Freudian slip.  To paraphrase Freud a bit, sometimes a pro-immigration neocon is just an anti-white racist.

==There is no more time to dither.

“We are going to die.”  Indiana Jones:

Steyn to Indiana and the boy: Sorry, my hand is busy in my check book.

Its past time for dithering.  We don’t have time for Mark Steyn to weigh his bank accounts and decide if he can risk being for us.  If he isn’t for us at this late date, he isn’t for us.  If he chooses money over truth at this time, then he has chosen.  There is no later to stand up as Steyn himself says.  Steyn says the time for dithering has long since past and then dithers at best and undermines others at worst.

Does Steyn stand up for Auster?  Or anyone else for stopping Muslim immigration completely as well as all non-white immigration?  We need real leaders now, not those whose goal is their bank account.  We saw their type in the House of Commons scandal.  The Conservative Party is that kind.  We need to stand with BNP and those for us now.

After 9/11, Franklin Graham said Islam is a wicked faith.  He didn’t ask for money to say it.  He told the truth.  If you can’t tell the truth after 9/11, don’t expect us to pay you to shirk from telling the truth.  Don’t expect us to respect you if you can’t say what Franklin Graham and Enoch Powell said.  They told the truth and paid the price.  Those are the people we should support.

The ones who choose to hedge the truth because they are well paid to divert us from the truth are not the ones we should call leader or teacher.  Steyn is not our teacher.  Steyn is not our leader.  Steyn is not for us, Steyn is for Steyn’s bank account.  Choose someone else to be your leader and to support.  Someone who speaks up for you like Auster or Vdare.


Steyn says the enemy is inside the gate.  But Steyn is still not for closing the gate.  Its too late to say he can’t say anything because he has business interests that come before us.  Steyn is too late.  Steyn has chosen.  Steyn says the enemy is in the gates, but Steyn’s money still comes first.  That’s choosing.

Steyn says:

  1. Steyn stands with Steyn’s check book.
  2. Steyn’s checkbook stands with the Muslim.
  3. Therefore Steyn stands with the Muslim.
  4. Steyn will reconsider if its profitable later.

Steyn stands with the Muslim now.  Now is now.  Steyn stands with the Muslim is true now.

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