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Reverting to Liberalism: IPDE Car Nativism and Hate

September 18, 2007

Wiki on hate:

Hatred is an emotion of intense revulsion, distaste, enmity, or antipathy for a person or thing, generally attributed to a desire to avoid, restrict, remove, or destroy the hated object. Hate can be based on fear of an object or past or present negative consequences of dealing with the hated thing. People may feel conflicting and complicated emotions or thoughts involving hate, as in a love-hate relationship. Hate of someone or something is usually brought on by an extensive period of aggravation from the hating subject. This said, hate can just as easily be a case of “hate at first sight”[citation needed], just as in the term “love at first sight[citation needed] although the analogous English term is an “instant dislike” (hatred (of persons) is not considered polite in the English speaking countries).

According to evolutionary psychologists, hate is a reaction to people whose interests consistently conflict with one’s own. People whose behavior threatens one’s own survival interests are to be hated, while people whose behavior enhances one’s survival prospects are to be liked or even loved (as in the case of offspring and other genetic kin).[citation needed]

The passions of hate arise from several features of our thinking process. These include a desire to strengthen our community and to alleviate our fear. The ability to quickly separate friend from foe is essential to self-defense and safety and provides the origins of hate.[1]

We will take Wiki as the authoritative guide to liberalism, except when overridden by specific statements of the Southern Poverty Law Center (aka Southern Poverty Love Center).

We can summarize this as hate is what links perceived threats to survival to action to avoid, mitigate or remove the threat. Emotion is what links perception to action. When the action is done to survive the emotion is, by definition, hate. Hate is the emotion that links any perceived threat to the action to avoid the threat.


Identify Predict Decide Execute

== No article on IPDE on Wiki

As of this date, there is no article on Wikipedia on the IPDE method.

Results 11 of 1 from for IPDE. (0.07 seconds)
Diplôme national de l’enseignement supérieur français – Wikipédia
– [ Translate this page ]Diplôme d’Etat d’infirmier; Diplôme d’Etat d’infirmier de bloc opératoire (IBODE); Diplôme d’Etat de puéricultrice (IPDE); Diplôme d’Etat d’infirmierôme_national_de_l’enseignement_supérieur_français – 33k –

Without a Wiki article we shall have to struggle on as best we can with IPDE.



You are driving in your car towards an intersection and you have green. A large truck is coming from the perpendicular road and isn’t stopping. You use what we learned in high school IPDE





You Identify the truck as a theat.

You Predict the truck is going to go through the red light and occupy the intersection at the same time as you.

You Decide to hit the breaks.

You Execute by hitting the breaks.

Outcome: you and the truck driver, and the truck itself survive.

How does a liberal analyze this situation:

You saw the truck was going to be in the intersection and cause you harm and threaten your survival. You then formed the emotion of hate towards the truck, because it threatened your survival. The only thing that could make you survive was hitting the breaks. Emotion in liberalism is what links your brain identifying and predicting a threat to your survival to the action that avoids the threat to survival.

The IP part of IPDE is xenophobia in liberalism. The D part is hate. The E part is a hate crime.

However, liberalism doesn’t stop there. You didn’t just hate that particular truck. You acted out of a general pervasive fear of trucks. This is anti-truck car nativism. Slowing down to avoid the truck was car nativism. This is a persistent attitude of hate. How do we know this? Because you used IPDE to avoid the truck it showed it was something you would do in the same situation again. That shows its a pervasive and persistent pattern of behavior.

What is the solution under liberalism? If a police officer sees you slow down to avoid a collision with a truck when you have the right away, the police officer should arrest you, not the truck driver. You are the one who has shown hate and also engaged in a hate crime by hitting the break and avoiding the accident. At a minimum you have to be given sensitivity training so that you will avoid doing this in the future.

Thus in high school the government paid money to teach you IPDE, now it has to pay money to teach you not to hate trucks and not be a car nativist.


The D, deciding, is what happens between identifying and predicting and execution. Once D is done, we slam on the brakes. We act. We stop deciding, we start doing. Emotion is what makes us move. What happens when we are deciding is emotion. We are linking identification and prediction to action. That stage is where are emotions are engaged. This is the stage liberalism wants to stop by calling it hate.

== Second Example

You are out on the road and it starts raining. You increase your following distance from vehicles in front of you.

You have identified the problem, rain during driving. You predict this may present a problem to stop if a threat arises. You decide to slow down. You execute the decision.

Under liberalism, you formed a hate towards rain on roads. You had a nativist reaction to rain being on your road. You recognized this rain invasion was a threat to your survival. The emotion of hate is what connects your identifying a threat to your reaction. You reacted with hate by slowing down, i.e. easing up on the gas. Thus easing up on the gas is a hate crime.

This is not an ordinary hate crime situation. The reason you eased up on the gas during the rain was not just that you hated rain immigrating onto your road space. You hated the rain because it would interfere with your reacting with hate to some additional threat to your survival. The reason you slowed down was not that there was an immediate threat to your survival, but because the rain would interfere with your reaction to the rain if a threat to your survival should arise during the period of rain invasion.

Thus your motive to slow down during the rain was preparation to commit a hate crime if some other object of your animus should present itself, such as a truck coming through a red light towards where you would be if you didn’t slow down.

A hate crime is the E part of the IPDE. The action that ensures your survival is the hate crime.

==Identifying the root cause: IPDE training in high school.

What caused this is government teaching the IPDE method in high school. This is government teaching hate, the D part of IPDE, and teaching that hate crime, the E part, is good as a reaction to a perceived threat to survival, the IP part.

==Predicting the outcome:

We can predict the outcome of IPDE training, people will survive. (Liberalism has also identified the survival of Western people as the highest form of hate. So IPDE will keep Western people alive, since they have more roads and cars per capita.)

IPDE involves multiple other hates. These include car nativism and dryness nativism (a reaction of slowing down during water immigration on roads while driving.) IPDE breeds hate.

If we teach Western people not to implement survival actions to threats they perceive, then we can stop hate and hate crimes. Hate is whatever emotion links perceived threats to action.

If we stop teaching IPDE in the schools, then government as the source of hate and hate crimes can be removed. The white establishment created IPDE back when they had power and imposed it on all the schools before liberalism had sufficient control to stop it.

== Decide

IPDE has to be stopped because it causes haters to survive. IPDE is government mandated hate and nativism for the survival of Western people.

== Execute

We execute the decision and stop teaching IPDE in schools.

This is the triumph of liberalism. An exercise in double think. We have identified the threat of hate, the emotion that links perceived threats to survival to action to avoid those threats. We then predict that if we stop teaching IPDE we will stop teaching hate to the young who are so impressionable. We decide to implement the action of stopping the teaching of IPDE. We then execute the action, and stop the teaching of hate in the schools.


This article arose from reading Vanishing American, Lawrence Auster, Katie’s Dad, our good friends at SPLC, and others.

Katie’s Dad

Vanishing American

“Outlawing emotions”

“Refinding Passion”

The latter two pieces are VA channelling the same underlying spirit of survival of the West that Oriana Fallaci was in tune with. VA is the American OF.

We should not disarm ourselves from humor, a process in which all liberals subject all conservatives to a state of fear. (This is a paraphrase from a Firing Line debate back in the cave days before William F. Buckley reverted to liberalism. Search henpecking “state of fear”.)

When we do humor, its hate according to liberalism. Don’t forget that. Liberals won’t let you if you do. Humor is what helps teach us how to survive. It imparts lessons we should not forget. That is, humor helps you remember IPDE. That is why humor is hate under liberalism.

Humor can help us detect the hate in others. The Danish Cartoons showed us the hate in Islam. This was before the Muslim reaction. The Muslims reacted because they knew that Islam is hate and that the Danish Cartoons were showing the hate in Islam and the hate in Muhammad.

The Muslims know they do want to invade us and take us over and then get rid of us. That is their intention and they are doing it by immigration. They reacted to the Cartoons for teaching that lesson with humor that anyone in the West could understand.

The MSM wouldn’t show the Danish Cartoons out of fear. The biggest fear was not of Muslims, but that the Cartoons would show people that Islam is hate and that Islam attacked us. The Cartoons came out in 2006. The MSM had lied about Islam and Muslims from 2001 to 2006. The MSM was afraid in 2006, but more than being afraid of Muslims, they were afraid of being exposed as having lied about Islam. That is their business franchise.

Steve Sailer, a heresiarch of forbidden IPDE, has insights on humor teaching us truth here:

==Liberal IPDE Reductionism.

I: Anything in Western society that is a transformation of IPDE is hate. Western civilization is rooted in the people who created it and sustain it.

P: If we stop anything that is IPDE in Western civilization, i.e. promotes the survival of the people and the civilization, then Western civilization and the people will die.

D: Linking perception to action is the D step. We have to decide to stop all IPDE in Western civilization so as to end Western civilization and the underlying people.

E: Execute Western Civilization by eliminating all IPDE from its schools, churches, factories, legislatures, laws, police, customs, border enforcement, government handout agencies GHA’s, non-government hand out organizations, NGHO’s, etc.

This is the triumphant of liberalism, a process by which all liberals keep IPDE tendencies in the West under control by keeping the people in the West in a state of fear.

This is IPDE in a nutshell. Identify IPDE as a way for Western peoples and civilization to survive. Predict if we use fear tactics we can stop it and redefine it as hate. Decide to end Western civilization by ending the people. Execute the plan by subjecting Western people to a state of fear when they act to survive.

== The Reversion to Liberalism Method

Liberals like SPLC subject conservatives to a state of fear so as to promote reversion to liberalism in a survival situation.

Liberals want us when we IP, identify a threat and predict the action needed to save us, to instead of deciding to do it, to label that decision as hate. They want to make us identify threats as friends, but they use fear as an additional safety mechanism to prevent our implementing our survival. So when we identify a threat and predict what action is needed to avoid the threat, they label the D part as hate. This is the genius of liberalism. Not only does it deny what is really a threat in the first place, but even when we perceive the threat, and decide on the action to avoid it, liberalism teaches us that its hate to link this identification and prediction to the action that will save us.

This includes saving us as individuals, as a group, as a people and as a civilization. Liberalism has taught us that even when we see the threat and predict the needed action, that the emotion that links the perception to the action is hate, and therefore we can’t do it.

==Vanishing American, Katie’s Dad, Lawrence Auster, Steve Sailer

The articles of Vanishing American referenced above, or of Katie’s Dad, or many by Lawrence Auster or others all involve the same issues as raised above. We can search on hate on Auster:


For Steve Sailer


==Revert to liberalism in stress situations

Once liberalism can get us to define hate as the emotion that links a perceived threat and the action needed to avoid it as the decision to implement that action, then they have stopped us from using the IPDE method to survive. They label the E as a hate crime to reinforce it. Liberals try to make us identify, i.e. misidentify, threats as not threats. But when the chips are down they want us to be frozen in fear when we want to link our actions to our perceptions and predictions. They label the D step in our survival as individuals, a people or civilization as hate.

Any emotion that links the perception of a threat to Western civilization or Western people to action to avoid the threat is hate. It is Western hate. Emotion is what makes you move. Its what links perception and prediction to action. If its for the West to survive, that emotion is hate under liberalism.

Thus in moments of stress, liberals have taught us to identify our emotion to link perceptions and predictions to action to survive as being hate. As we go through an IPDE process, liberalism is a meta IPDE process going on in the background. When we get to the D step in the primary IPDE process, liberalism cuts in and makes us identify the D in the primary process as being hate, because it is an emotion that links the IP in the primary IPDE to the E in the primary IPDE.

== Meta IPDE Liberalism

We will call an IPDE reaction such as in driving a primary IPDE. Its something you do because its trained or instinctive. We shall call the observation of such an IPDE and the applying of an IPDE method to a primary IPDE a meta IPDE.

Liberalism is a secondary or meta IPDE running in background. When a primary IPDE starts up, and we Identify a threat, Predict the action to avoid it and are about to Decide to execute it, then liberalism’s meta IPDE cuts in. We meta-identify that we are employing an IPDE routine in our brains. We meta-predict this will cause us to act to survive. We meta-identify that the primary process Decision step is the emotion of hate (what links a primary ID set to action in liberalism), and we then stop the primary IPDE program from executing.

The liberalism meta-IPDE identifies a primary IPDE. It identifies its in operation. It predicts it will cause us to survive. It also predicts that if it calls the D step in the primary IPDE hate, then it can stop us from linking our Identification and Prediction to action. The meta program actually works. We actually shut down our primary IPDE process and don’t stop the threat to us.

This is how immigration is maintained. Liberalism has set up the meta IPDE in our brains to run constantly and to identify the D step in a primary IPDE as hate. Anything that links our Identification of a threat and Prediction of the needed action to stop it is labeled as hate by the liberal meta-IPDE. This is why we didn’t stop immigration after 9-11.

Bush identified his reaction after 9-11 as hate. So he shut off the obvious action, stopping immigration. The meta IPDE cut in. The Red Crescent Memorial is the same thing. Its deliberately praising what attacked us because we recognize Islam as the threat in the 9-11 case.

Praising Mexicans as having family values compared to us is another example of this Red Crescent Syndrome. We make memorials to what is destroying us and praise what is destroying us. This is the Meta IPDE of liberalism.

==The solution.

We need to apply IPDE to the liberalism metaIPDE . This is meta meta IPDE. or meta squared IPDE.

We identify the liberal meta IPDE as defining the D step in our implementing IPDE to save ourselves.

We predict if we continue to define as hate the emotion that links our actions to implement the IP steps as hate, then we won’t survive.

We decide not to label the D step as hate.

We execute our plan by stop labeling as hate the emotions that link our identification of threats and predictions of how to stop them to the action of stopping them.

== Action.

We reinforce the meta meta IPDE by applying it. We call our Senator and ask them politely to vote against the Dream Act, increases in H-1B, Ag Jobs, H-2B, and to join Tom Tancredo in a moratorium on immigration.

Fax Congress Free:
Keep informed on the Dream Act

== Paralysis by fear is not a strategy for survival.

Liberalism’s Meta IPDE program will kill us unless we identify it and act to stop it. Liberalism makes us identify the emotion that links our action to survive to our perception of the threat and our prediction of what action will save us. We have to identify the liberalism IPDE as a threat. We need to predict if we do nothing we will not survive. We must decide to stop the Liberalism IPDE. We must execute our plan.

Living in fear of speaking out is not a plan for survival. Not calling your senator’s office to ask them to vote against the Dream Act this week is not a plan for survival. Being afraid for your job is not a plan for survival. We have to identify the fear that the liberalism IPDE subjects us to. We have to identify that they have said that the emotion that links the IP to the E is hate. We have to predict that if we don’t say, no it is not, then we will not survive. We must Execute our plan and say its not hate for us to stop all immigration or welfare or affirmative action or anchor baby or ER mandates or the other things that threaten us.

Being afraid for our jobs is not a plan for our survival. Being afraid to speak out against the fear tactics of SPLC, ACLU, Harvard, the NEA, the school board and others is not a plan for survival. It takes risk taking to survive. Let us remember, as VA so often reminds us, this is the “land where our fathers died”. This is the land of the “Pilgrim’s Pride”.

Pilgrims were not wimps. Being a Pilgrim was not going on a picnic. It meant not just dying sometimes, but fighting sometimes. You didn’t come here if you didn’t want to fight. Coming to America was an act of courage not of fear. It may have come from fear, but the act to come here itself was an act of courage.

We must reinvoke the spirit of 1776. We must recognize that the Statue of Liberty was given to us by France, not to say we were a welfare agency, but something for people in France who stayed in France to admire and emulate. The Statute of Liberty was for the people who stayed in France, not the ones who came here. It was to inspire those who stayed in France to make France an America.

We need to make America what the Pilgrim’s Pride made of it. We need to identify the threat to our survival, predict what is needed to stop it, end all immigration, decide on this plan and execute it. We need to understand the Statute of Liberty was not to make us feel afraid but proud. The Statue of Liberty was a gift for what we had done, not for future welfare benefits.

The Statue of Liberty was a monument to the people who created America. The Statue of Liberty was given to recognize achievements already done, i.e. those that happened before the statute was gifted. It was gifted to those who had already done something and for actions already completed in the past, the creation of America. Now its time to stop that America from disappearing in a wind of immigration.

Liberalism is about reinterpreting history in violation of science. Causality says the cause happens before the effect. The Statute of Liberty was gifted by France to America in recognition of 1776 and France’s aid in helping the founders create America. The Statue of Liberty was a gift by one ally of the fight in 1776 to another ally in the fight of 1776. It was a gift to cement the alliance of 1776.

The Statue of Liberty has been misappropriated by liberalism to stand for immigration. This is a process not limited to the Statue of Liberty. Its everything in our society, down to our shoes made in China. We are supposed to be afraid of telling the truth because it will offend someone. At what point do lies offend someone?

The fear of offense is part of the liberalism meta IPDE. We are supposed to be afraid of insulting post 1886 immigrants by saying the Statute of Liberty was a gift by one ally in the war of 1776 to another ally and not at all about the desire of all French people to move to America and get welfare.

The very name of the statue says what it is for, Liberty. That was created in 1776. The French Revolution used Liberty as part of its slogan. That revolution was in 1789. The statute is a commemoration of 1776 and the joint war fought by the French and Americans for American independence.

Those who immigrated after 1886 might want to consider what will happen in the reinterpretation game to their lives and monuments. What about those who fought in WWII? Do they want the WWII monument dug up and moved because Mexico didn’t fight in WWII and it causes distress to Mexicans to see a monument to a war that Mexico sat out of?

Those who came after 1886 may want to think about the WWII monument as their memorial, because it was set up after they participated in doing something for this country. It is more honest to take pride in the monuments put up after a contribution than to take the monuments set up for the work of others and claim they are about those taking them. That is real pride.

Saying a monument for achievement in 1776 is really a tribute to people who came after 1886 is not real pride. But Leftism says no monument has intrinsic meaning, only the meaning that Leftism gives it at the time. This is fundamental to Leftism as Orwell pointed out. The Statue of Liberty now symbolizes the opposite of its original intention. It originally stood for truth as part of liberty. Now it stands, under liberalism, for meaning whatever liberalism says it means.

That is the opposite of 1776, which was about the right to say the truth even if unpopular with the establishment. The Spirit of 1776 is not about falsely claiming the monuments to the achievements of others as about us. Its about the right to say the truth and take back the truth when its stolen.

Should the WWII monument be taken down because it symbolizes the unity of pre 1886 European immigrants and post 1886 European immigrants? This memorial of European unity is offensive to Mexicans so it has to be taken down? That is the logic of liberalism. Don’t expect truth to be sugar coated like the false interpretation of the Statue of Liberty as a monument to those who came after it was built instead of to those who died before it was built.

Truth offends. Truth is offensive. The achievement of one person is not the achievement of another. The recognition of one person’s achievement or groups is a denial that another person did it. When one person wins the Nobel Prize, it means, most of the time, they made that discovery and not someone else. This applies to modern Western civilization as well. It is the creation of the West, and not the third world. Its specifically not the creation of Mexico or Islam.

The Spirit of 1776 is about the right to say truth that offends. It is offensive to some liberals to say Islam and Mexico didn’t make Western Civilization. They would say, then Western Civilization is wrong, if they had to admit that. The Red Crescent of Embrace Memorial is about saying the West was wrong on 9-11. Right in front of the Statue of Liberty, Islam attacked America.

That may shock liberals to say that. But liberals have conditioned us all to be shocked by it being said. That is how they control us. They use this to divide us. When one of us says the truth, the others recoil in fear. We react in fear when one of our fellows says a truth forbidden to us. This is why liberals hate humor, because humor makes our fellows willing to listen to truth about the pharisees in power.

Well the spirit of 1776 is exactly about saying that. In 1776, as now, speaking up against the government and the English King was dangerous. Those who did it were considered shocking. That had been going on for years.

When Franklin Graham said Islam was an evil faith, he spoke the truth. We reacted in fear, not to the Muslim attack, but in Graham saying the truth. Graham didn’t say Islam was an evil faith at that time for no reason. He said it because Islam attacked us on 9-11. Just as Communism and Fascism had attacked us, so Islam attacked us. The liberal establishment reacted like pharisees in power always do to the truth, they screamed, shouted, ranted and demanded the head of Franklin Graham. We gave it to them out of fear of their shouting.

That was a victory for liberals. The head of Franklin Graham and the shunning of him by establishment institutions including President Bush was a victory for the pharisee press. At that moment, they took ownership of 9-11 as their act. They became allies with Islam. They had continued Muslim immigration after the WTC 1993 attack.

This is why when Virgil Goode said in 2006 that we should stop Muslim immigration, the MSM attacked him like Graham. They wanted Goode out of the House. They wanted him to take it back. They had lied from 1993 onwards about Muslim immigration.

This is why the leader of the BNP in the UK, Nick Griffin was prosecuted for saying similar things about Islam. Griffin was charged twice and found not guilty by a jury both times. The Labour party under Blair has been trying to restrict the right to jury trials. They have also taken away other parts of what was once considered the unwritten Constitution of Britain.

This is why the MSM wouldn’t show the Danish Cartoons. The pharisees of the press know that cartoons show truth. The pharisees know that the proles will see through them when humor is used. The Danish Cartoons exposed Islam and Muslim immigration, but also the press as liars and traitors. They did it with humor. The press knew that when people saw the cartoons, they would see through the press and Islam and Muslim immigration. That is why the Danish Cartoons were not shown.

The Liberal meta IPDE program is exactly about making people put their hands over their ears when they read Islam attacked America on 9-11. The Liberal meta IPDE is meant to disable us from self-defense. To defend America, we have to say the truth.

Terrorism didn’t attack America on 9-11-2001, Islam did. The West can’t fight what attacked it, until it says what attacked it. Liberalism’s IPDE is about making the West feel that to say who attacked it is hate. Liberalism identifies that if we say Islam attacked us on 9-11, and Arabs and Pakistanis, etc. then that knowledge will help us fight back.

Just as the knowledge coded in humor is forbidden to us, even to say who attacked us and what we are fighting is forbidden to us. The Republican primary candidates and to a lesser extent the Democrat ones are willing in 2007 to say we are in a fight with radical Islam. That has taken 6 years of progress in a constant fight with liberalism.

From Religion of Peace to Radical Islam attacked us has taken 6 years of hard fighting by non-liberals. That has taken saying truth that offends. It also takes humor that offends. The Muhammad Cartoons of 2006 were a key step in awaking the West. When we say the reaction of Muslims to those cartoons, we realized they do hate us. This is a war of Islam against the West.

It took humor to make this clear. 9-11 didn’t do it. Our sanctimonious pious self-righteous liberalism couldn’t identify who attacked us on 9-11. “We have some planes,” they said. We couldn’t identify what attacked us. It took Danish Cartoons to show us what was attacking us. That is the power of humor.

Humor is powerful because it has survival value. Humor teaches truth that powerful pharisees don’t want us to know. Humor is a weapon against the lies of those in power. When the schools, textbooks, MSM all lie about what attacks us, the Danish Cartoons showed it was Islam. It was Muhammad who attacked us in 633 A.D. and it was his religion according to his book that attacked us in 2001 A.D.

Liberals identify humor as a danger to their problem to stop us from responding to what threatens us. They predict if we can tell jokes about Islam and have cartoons in newspapers about Muhammad that we will stop Muslim immigration and take away Pakistan’s nukes and stop Iran from getting nukes. So they take humor away from us.

The liberals are the pious self-righteous pharisees taken to a power. Liberalism is the modern perfection of phariseeism. Liberals are pharisees. Tim Russert’s show, Meet the Press could be renamed Meet the Pharisees.

Liberals intentionally use the methods of a self righteous elite. Like all self-righteous elites they know humor is the truth of the oppressed and the fearful. They hate humor just as they hate anything that lets those under them see through them.

Humor releases the fearful from fear. That leads to action. That leads to survival. That is why liberalism fights humor. Humor is a powerful force that liberalism can’t control. Humor cuts through liberalism saying that any emotion that links perception of a threat to action to stop it is hate. Humor is what the oppressed and fearful use to see the lies of the elites who are trying to end their survival.

Even though they use humor to ridicule Westerners for survival as hicks, liberals know that they can’t allow humor to be legitimate. They have to launch a war on humor just like one on hate. Because humor will expose the liberal war on hate as really just a war on the West and the people of the West. The liberals are allies of those who attacked us on 9-11 as the Red Crescent of Embrace Memorial shows.

==More on France’s motives for Statute of Liberty

France may also have gifted the Statue of Liberty to counteract the impact of immigration, German immigration on America. France fought a war with Germany in 1871, and Germany occupied Paris after a siege. France may have wanted to remind America that it was its ally in 1776, not the Germans. In WWI and WWII America fought with France against Germany despite all the German immigrants in America.

We have to look to France for the motives of why France gave the Statue of Liberty. France had just been overrun by Germany and Germany was setting up an alliance system against France. Germany had a mobilization plan for invading France in time of war. France wanted America to think of the help France gave in 1776 while France was threatened by Germany. So France put up a statute to the aid France gave America in 1776 right where Americans would see it, in New York Harbor.

France’s motive was not to say, look welfare go get it. France’s motive was to address the same people who had been their allies in 1776. They wanted to say in 1886, 15 years after German soldiers occupied Paris, that France was the ally of the people of America. This was addressed not to those seeking welfare, but to those who had fought in 1776.

France was thinking of its own survival. France didn’t want an America of welfare recipients and ER mandates, but the America of 1776 that had the fighting spirit to aid France against Germany. That America did exist and liberated France in World War I and World War II.

France didn’t give us the Statue of Welfare, it gave us the Statue of Liberty. They didn’t want welfare recipients, but free and independent people who really could come to their aid to save them from the German army. France didn’t want to create a right to welfare, but a right to freedom.

France didn’t want welfare, but help in preserving its freedom from Germany. It feared that German immigrants would turn America against France. So it gave us the Statue of Liberty to remind us of the alliance with France that gave us our birth.

France gave us the Statue of Liberty because it needed to preserve freedom after the German army’s invasion and occupation of France in 1871. The Statute of Liberty is also the Statue of Warfare. Because it is only by fighting that we can preserve our freedom. France had been occupied, and knew then that to fight invasion and occupation is as essential to fight for freedom as it is to fight those in power who lie for their own benefit and greed.

If we want to be more charitable perhaps, we would say that Liberty was France’s fight in 1789 and 1776. France was putting up a monument to its contribution to Liberty by helping birth America. This was a fight still going on, since the occupation of Paris in 1871 was not liberty to the French point of view.

Liberalism uses fear to take our symbols like the Statue of Liberty, a symbol to the founders in 1776 and reinterpret it as a symbol to people who came after 1886 the date the statue was built. Memorials and statutes are not put up to people not yet born or arrived. They put up the Washington Monument after he died, not before his ancestors came here. Liberalism is about denying the truths of science, such as cause precedes effect, and making us too afraid of offending someone to point that out.

Its the same with immigration. Its a mathematical theorem in genetics already published that one way immigration causes genetic replacement. Liberalism is about creating the fear to repeat what is published in science journals. This fear is working.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

From PDF, conclusion:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The MSM and others are afraid to repeat a published theorem. This is fear. This is real. It works. Its not just theory. The idea of using fear to stop people taking the action needed to survive is fundamental to the entire history of leftism.

Truth builds on truth. The post 1886 European immigrants who want a contribution to make could make it by stopping immigration entirely, instead of saying the Statue of Liberty was a monument for them, when it wasn’t.

We can’t be living in fear that we may lose our job because the ACLU or SPLC or the MSM will come after our employer for employing us. We must recognize these fears and act anyhow. This is what Pilgrim’s Pride is. Its recognizing fear that paralyzes us and acting anyhow. Pilgrim’s Pride means using IPDE to survive not to interrupt at the moment we are putting the foot on the break to stop immigration all the way to zero.

==IPDE on immigration.

Identify that immigration will cause our genetic replacement by studying the Wright Island Model and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.
Population Genetics Island Model One Way Migration

One Source Group and Vanishing Survival for rest
Is the West too anti-geek to survive?

Dream Act This week: All illegals under 16 made citizens

Predict we have to have zero immigration to stop this because that is what the theorem says we have to have. Predict you need to call your senator.

Decide to call your senator and to vote for candidates like Tom Tancredo for zero legal immigration.

Execute your decision by calling your senator and voting for Tom Tancredo and other zero legal immigration candidates.

For the members of Congress and the Senate, truth is determined by votes and money. Who has the most votes and money has truth. Their definition is completely in their own interest.

Call and fax your senators and Congressman to stop the Dream Act. Be polite, many staffers are on our side already. Don’t be the call that embarrasses our side. But the ultimate embarrassment is if we don’t have enough calls. The press only care about corporate speaking fees and advertisement. Immigration is supposed to make us so afraid for our jobs that we won’t tell advertisers that supporting programming for immigration doesn’t sell soap. Tell your congressman and senator.

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