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Blair Bush Dec 7, 2006 News Conference

December 7, 2006

Blair: “perverted view of Islam.” Who has that perverted view? Muhammed had those perverted views? Did the Caliphs who authorized the final version of the Koran? Then they had all other copies destroyed.

Was Muhammed the one who hijacked Islam? Was it the Caliphs? Was the attack of Islam on the Eastern Roman Empire in 633 AD a perversion of Islam?

The Koran was written down after 633 A.D. under the authority of the Caliph. Didn’t the Caliphate authorized version of the Koran justify everything the Caliphate had done, was doing and wanted to do?

So the Koran was written at the height of the age of perversion of Islam? The Koran was written in final form by the hijackers? They were occupying Damascus, Jerusalem, and so on at the time the Koran was finalized in written form.

Wasn’t it the Eastern Roman Empire that was hijacked not Islam? The hostage takers wrote down the Koran in final form and destroyed all other copies. They did it during the hostage taking.

After taking cities like Damascus, they sold the Christians into slavery, after raping them. Their standard was 3 days of looting and raping followed by selling the Christians and Jews as slaves.

This was done before, during and after the writing of the Koran. The Koran was written under the authority of the Caliphate to justify this. So the Koran justifies this looting and raping of Christians and Jews. This was during the hijacking and hostage taking.

Piracy, slavery, hostage taking, ransom have been part of Islam’s relation to the West from 622 A.D. to the present time. That is standard Islam. That is the entire history of Islam from then to now. The hostage takers were in charge when the Koran was finalized in written form. They authorized the final version, the version that exists today. It justifies what they were doing then and had done and have done since then.

When did Islam change from the Caliphate? Which attack on the West was not part of Islam? Did the Caliphs hijack Islam from Muhammed? Then they had control of the final written version of the Koran after the hijacking?

So the Caliphs had the Koran in its final written form embed the hijacking? So the Koran is not the teachings of Muhammed, but of the hijackers, the Caliphs? The Koran says its it, the whole thing. So that was false?

The current version of the Koran is a false book, created by Caliphs who hijacked Islam? What they wrote about Muhammed in the Koran, hadith, etc. is fabricated to justify their attack on the West?

–Bush: The New Course.

Stay the course. Change the course. Stay the new course.

This was always the course. We knew this from the beginning. The course never changed. Stay the course.

–Blair releasing money to Palestinians.

Hamas and Fatah are becoming more extreme not less?

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