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Britain can’t forgive Ian Smith for its betrayal

November 23, 2007

Britain’s establishment still can’t forgive whites in Rhodesia and South Africa for having betrayed them.  When will Britain’s establishment forgive the white British people for betraying them by immigration?

When will Enoch Powell’s name not get a candidate for Parliament sacked by the Conservative Party?  What is conservative about the CP?  Doesn’t it have the same immigration policy for Britain as the Communist Party?

Lawrence Auster on Ian Smith:

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail gets it right, Ian Smith was right at the time, when it mattered.

I realised then that, whatever might be said against Rhodesia, it had a sophisticated civilisation that was worth preserving.

Where he was undoubtedly at fault, however, was in not encouraging the growth of a moderate, educated, black middle-class with democratic values.

Actually Mugabe was educated in Rhodesia at college to be the moderate middle class.  But the Soviet Union offered them power and they took it.  The way you get a middle class is paying people for their work and having a safe society.  Its then up to the people to respond to the incentives.   Rhodesia and other colonial powers educated black leaders at college and what they got was Soviet sponsored revolutionaries.

Auster is right now when it matters and was right in 1990 when it mattered on immigration.   If Bush Sr. and the Republicans had listened then, we wouldn’t have lost the 3000 lives in 9-11 from the 19 Muslim immigrants who came after the WTC 1993 attack by Muslim immigrants.

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