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MSM replicate Steve Sailer Journalism on Obama Wright

March 15, 2008

The MSM have finally started to catch up with Steve Sailer in covering the truth about Barack Obama and Reverend Wright. We won’t call it plagiarism. The MSM have treated Sailer to the standard sequence:

  1. Ignored him.
  2. Said he was wrong.
  3. Said what he says.
  4. Says it was always known.

This is not to say that there weren’t some reports in the MSM of some of this going back years. But the depth of writing, coverage, and willingness to put things together was not widely present in the MSM while Sailer has been putting this together for us.

In 1984 Wright went to Libya and met with Qaddafi.

Qaddafi caused the Pan Am 103 terrorist act in 1988.

Qaddafi kept the European nurses as hostages for some of the millions of money to be given back that he paid for the Pan Am 103 attack.

Sailer points out that Wright has been Obama’s spiritual adviser since 1987. Wright married Obama, baptized him if he was baptized, baptized his children and been his reverend for two decades. Very likely they have helped each other in Chicago politics.

1984 Wright visits Qaddafi

1987 Obama chooses Wright as spiritual adviser

1988 Qaddafi kills the people on Pan Am 103

and it continues on.

Obama chose someone who was supporting the killing of Americans as a just attack on white America’s existence.

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