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“9/11 Conspiracy Theorist to Leave Brigham Young”

October 23, 2006

Associated Press
Sunday, October 22, 2006; Page A10
Dr. Jones got a little carried away with this research.  Ridicule is punishment enough.  The problem is the tendency to take this as giving Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. a clean pass on 9-11 and everything else they may have done.  If Jones is wrong about demolition, the establishment can say that Pakistan never did anything wrong, even when Musharraf admits they attacked India in 1999 and the London Times reports that the head of NATO in Afghanistan went to Pakistan to talk to Musharraf about supporting the Taliban against US troops.  By the time the establishment admits that Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE or even North Korea has done something wrong, its too late to do anything about it.

The real blame for the conspiracy theorists is the failure of those in the US government or other governments to tell the truth.  The blame in order starts with al Qaeda, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Bush administration, the FBI, DOJ HQ, the 9-11 Commission, etc.  They all should have told the truth about what they knew instead of covering up their mistakes and incompetence.

To blame a professor for jumping to conclusions when they hide their foul ups is unfair.

Judge Reggie Walton continues to sit on the Sibel Edmonds case.  Other cases and books are held up.  The Bush administration reclassifies old documents or Sibel Edmonds reports to Congress, etc.

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