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Stimulate Economy by Stopping Immigration

January 27, 2008

Immigration is a net burden on the economy and society. Third world immigrants, who are the bulk, take out more than they put in for their entire lives. In addition, third world immigrants send money home that drains money out of our economy.

What about social security? The idea of social security is a person puts in during part of their life and takes out during another part. But if a person on net takes more from government than they put in every year of their life, then they can’t be supporting social security or anything else.

That is the case with Mexican and other 3rd world immigrants. They take more out each year in schools, ER’s, roads, etc. Moreover, the accounting from CIS and others on immigrants only counts the cost of immigrants in terms of checks with that immigrants name on it. Even the person at the welfare agency who prints up the check, CIS and others count that person’s salary as not part of what the immigrant takes.

If you allocate a percentage of overhead, including national defense, interest on the debt (much of it caused by immigrants burden on government), etc. then immigrants are consuming far more than what CIS or others estimate. Its a paradox. If you only subtract what the immigrant gets with a check with their name on it, and then claim they support the rest of the government, but never count that as against them for receiving the benefits of it, then its not counting fairly. For example, you count an immigrant tax dollar as going against interest on the debt, but the interest on the debt is only allocated to non-immigrants. This is the fallacy in CIS and other numbers that ignores the immigrant’s real burden.

If we stop immigration, we get immediate cost savings. We stop new money going back to their home, which is almost a form of tax on us by Mexico. We also help ourselves on social security. How?

Social Security and Medicare are underfunded. So the dollar falls because foreigners see we are financially unsound. Immigration imposes a net burden on the people here, not any assistance in funding social security because the immigrants on net take out. They also have children of low IQ, 85 to 90, if from the 3rd world, who are a net burden on society and degrade schools for the rest. The result is that 3rd world immigrants impose costs on us that last as long as their descendants do, i.e. forever. Thus they create a huge unfunded payment forever.

If we stop immigration, we stop adding this negative present value each year. The result is we have more money to pay social security and medicare on those here. The result is we are in a better fiscal situation. So the dollar rises and we can borrow more cheaply. This gives us immediate cost savings.

The drop in interest rates from this effect benefits government and business and consumers. This lower interest rate stimulates the economy, but without government borrowing to do it as in the Bush Paulsen Bernanke stimulus package. The result is we get to reduce our debt by stopping immigration and we get a stimulus from cost savings, interest savings, lower interest rates, and lower crowding costs and lower environment costs.

Legal immigration is over 1 million per year. So stopping this has a big effect. Foreign students take away education from Americans. That undermines our long term financial solvency. When our people are not educated, their ability to support future mandates like social security is lower. Moreover, the education goes overseas and they can out compete with us using our own know-how. So salaries drop here. We can benefit ourselves so many ways by stopping this drain. We can also stop aid to the third world that does the same thing.


We don’t want a stimulus package that just stimulates China and immigration. If we get more immigration from a stimulus package, we just lose every year from those immigrants. We have to stop this ongoing burden. America is approaching being 1/3 3rd world in population, i.e. about 100 million. This is a huge burden.

The cumulative burden of our 3rd world population is something Japan’s leaders tell us from time to time is dragging us down. Japan doesn’t want to be the last civilized country in the world. That is why they keep warning us about 3rd world immigration.

==July 29, 2008

9/11 was done by immigrants. All the increased defense costs since 9/11 stem from those immigrants and thus are a consequence of immigration. This cancels all the supposed benefits of immigration. The buildings, lives, and economic disruption were all caused by immigrants. The only thing they brought was diversity. What about when its nuclear?

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