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Vote Huck ARG Poll Wisconsin McCain 48 Huckabee 42

February 18, 2008

The ARG poll shows McCain leading Huckabee only 48 to 42 in Wisconsin. A vote for Huckabee is a vote against amnesty. This vote counts.

Huck can still win because of the math of bound delegates.

“McCain currently has 796 bound delegates and 18 unbound delegates. McCain needs 395 bound delegates to reach 1191 of the remaining states.

“There are 561 bound delegates left. If we are speaking of the number of bound delegates that John McCain must win, then he needs 71% of the remaining 561 to reach 1191 bound delegates.


Leader Worship Leads to Vanishing Survival

February 4, 2008

Leader worship means following a leader, even over a cliff. In American history, examples are Lincoln and the Civil War, Wilson and WWI, and FDR’s Surrender to Stalin. In world history, we have the examples of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad. The last two were “successful” in their lives and even to some extent for their empires in the short term.

If people worship leaders, then this will destroy them. This is because they will eventually get a Lincoln or Stalin who will lead them to costly self-destruction. The course of America and Russia were both twisted irrevocably towards the worse by the loss of valuable human life inflicted on them by Lincoln and Stalin respectively.

The US has followed its leaders on legal immigration, despite that its a published theorem that one way migration causes genetic replacement, the Wright Island Model. This shows that America is following leader worship to its ruin. Kennedy’s book a Nation of Lemmings, aka as Ted Sorenson’s A Nation of Immigrants is the leader worship book that started this. Sorenson saw his chance to tag his idea to destroy America to a leader and that is all it took.

John McCain most examplifies this today. People against amnesty and against the war vote for McCain. They worship the leader. Their lives have meaning because the leader tells them they do. This is also shown by voters in Iowa and New Hampshire who are most interested in whether they met the person or how often he came there.

One may meet one’s nemesis in person, that is no reason to want them to be president. John McCain is America’s nemesis as much as George Bush, possibly more. Both have brought America low.

It appears both have long standing grudges from youth in which they blame Americans somehow for their experiences. They both feel they didn’t get the respect they deserved, especially from whites. Bush has made it clear that he treasures the attention and love his Mexican maid gave him when he was a boy. Somehow this translates into total disloyalty by Bush to whites.

McCain blames America for abandoning the war in Vietnam after McCain was a POW for 5 years and not making McCain an admiral. McCain is determined to remake America as a non-white country. Ironically, its his captors that McCain identifies with, not the white Americans who abandoned his war.

Lincoln and Stalin are both still admired. The more a leader harms the people, the more they worship him, with some exceptions. The people feel that if they are punished, they must have deserved it.

This is the thinking in the Civil War case. People think 600,000 white Americans deserved to die for slavery. Even though almost all of those 600,000 didn’t own slaves. Because of slavery, Americans think that whites should go extinct by immigration, which math says it will do.

McCain and Bush have both tapped into this feeling. So did John F. Kennedy. They all tell Americans they need to be punished for slavery and racism. The punishment is extinction by immigration. That is what the math says one way migration does.

Unlike the Holocaust, which had no theorem like that, one way migration can’t fail to cause total extinction of its target group. Ironically that includes the descendants of many who escaped its coming. People worship leaders to their destruction, they don’t read math books or pay attention to quotations from them.

This shows that we are still far more primitive than we recognize. Until we listen to math books that tell us immigration causes our extinction, and stop all immigration, we prove that we are what we fear to admit, that we are not controlled by reason but animal emotions.

==We need to say

  1. 600,000 whites didn’t need to die in the Civil War because of slavery.
  2. Whites don’t have to go extinct today from immigration because of slavery.



  1. People worship leaders.
  2. A civilization undermining leader has a chance of being chosen at some probality of at least some fixed minimum.  (For example 1 percent per year chance to get such a leader.)


A civilization’s destruction is certain.

The same applies to a people. They often go together.


Empirically, most leaders go along with the small declines and losses that end a civilization. A very few act to build it up. These are often oddballs and not even noticed or praised for their actions. Calvin Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of 1924. (See photo at wiki of his signing it.) He is vilified by historians. Yet he did more than any president in the 20th century to preserve America.

Historians laugh at Coolidge for being asleep. But it is they and America that are asleep. Americans are losing their civilization and voting for McCain. They are voting for their own extinction. White fertility is around 1.8 below replacement. Immigration substitution pressure is responsible for this.

Yet people vote for McCain because they worship him as a leader. Worshiped leaders are often the most destructive ones to the people who worship him. People wrote letters to Stalin because they thought he didn’t know what was happening. Its the same today.

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