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Taking-Offense-Freude the PC Schadenfreude

March 1, 2008

Today’s German sermon is Taking-Offense-Joy.  This is the evolution of schadenfreude.  Schadenfreude is when you are not the cause of the misfortune to others, at least not officially.  But in taking offense joy you have it both ways.  They did something wrong, and now you can participate but the blame stays with them.  Its clearly what started World War I.  This is a joy that never dies.

There is of course Schadenfreude-Taking-Offense-Freude, taking-joy-in-the-sadness-of-others-who-are-subjected to the taking offense joy of still yet others.  (Hyphenation stopped so the line could format.  This is dehyphenation-unfreude.)

What percent of the blogosphere is fueled by the twin engines of Taking Offense Freude and its derivative forms?  It most be well over 90 percent.   Belief in one’s cause is non-negligible and is an essential ingredient to the giving and taking offense.

The prayer of the blogosphere:

Give us each day our daily taking offense.

Let us take offense at others just as they take offense at us.

A little blasphemous perhaps, but who could doubt the inner blasphemy, PC or theistic of the blogosphere?

As an alternative, we can wordsmith this Irish wisdom.

May your taking offense never grow less.

=Offense in German 

Verben und Verbzusammensetzungen
to commit an offenseAE ein Verbrechen begehen i
to give offenseAE Ärgernis erregen i
to give offenseAE kränkenkränkte, gekränkt | i
to take offenseAE sich angegriffen fühlen i
to take offenseAE at sth. Anstoß an etw. nehmen i
to report an offenseAE to the police [law] Strafanzeige erstatten i
to be suspected of having committed an offenseAE tatverdächtig sein

This gives us a great deal to work with if we want to wordsmith taking offense into Deutsch.  One possibility for the fully translated form is


The hyphens can be dropped for the full German effect.

And then the derivative form, or one of them:

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