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“We see the English as our enemy since the time of the Prophet Mohammed.”

October 27, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, 26 October 2006, 10:01 GMT 11:01 UK

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Tories criticise BBC over Taleban

The BBC has been criticised by the Conservative Party after it broadcast an interview with a Taleban spokesman.

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In the film, broadcast on Wednesday, a Taleban fighter who gave his name as Mullah Assad Akhond said: “We see the English as our enemy since the time of the Prophet Mohammed. They are our enemies now and they were then.

“We will fight them to our death. We will not let them into our country. They can’t deceive us about their propaganda that they are here for reconstruction or rebuilding this country.”

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This is the view in Saudi Arabia that funds them and in Pakistan that trains and aids them. This is the view in Iran. The time to fight them is when it costs us 200 battle phase deaths, as in Iraq, not when its 50,000 killed like Vietnam.

We still have Vietnam syndrome.

Afghanistan and Iraq are like two meaningless islands in the Pacific. Its time to Island hop to the mainland of what is attacking us and wants to destroy us, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The real racism is to think that they can’t beat us. They are beating us by immigration, terrorism, and propaganda, just what this guy said. They attacked the Eastern Roman Empire in 633, i.e. the West. They want to kill and enslave Christians, Jews, Hindus, and secular people.

They hate the liberals and the left and want to destroy them and will when the left let them. The left glorify their struggle from 633 AD on and praise very victory of theirs and every defeat of ours.

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