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Stop Aid, Reduce Tariffs

October 29, 2006

We should stop all aid to the third world or internally in the US. We should instead reduce tariffs to third world goods.

Aid empowers dictators and creates rage in recipients. Aid pays to rage, not to work. Aid destroys the middle class in Africa and America, it undermines hard work and effort, it undermines morality, it creates fraud, it undermines families, and it creates infrastructures of aid that are anti-democratic, anti-market and anti-middle class and anti-middle class morality. Aid is anti-thrift.

By reducing tariffs, we reduce agricultural production in the US. This lets us send all the illegals and guest workers home. Wages are raised for American agricultural workers. This way we don’t have to pay welfare or other aid in the US, including ER care, but instead people earn a high wage for work.

So by getting rid of aid to third world and reducing tariffs, we can get rid of aid here and give people jobs.

Stopping aid and reducing tariffs is better than microcredit from the first world, because it creates natural microcredit, wages and profits in the third world. It empowers savings and thrift in the 3rd world by individuals, which is natural microcredit.

The population of the planet is not sustainable. We have a population bubble. Aid increases the bubble.

The third world norm is to have children until children are starving. Aid simply increases the number of starving children.

To change the norm of behavior, we have to promote middle class morality. Aid destroys middle class morality. So aid increases the number of starving children, because it sustains dictator and third world morality, which use starving children as the signal of the correct population size. Aid plus third world morality creates a population bubble.

The way out of this is to stop aid, and to reduce tariffs. This empowers the middle class in Africa instead of the dictators and the poor. It also disempowers the econ Ph.D.’s from World Bank who fly around first class creating a population bubble that is causing a mass extinction of species. World Bank projects include giant McNamara Dams that destroy species and wetlands.

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