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GOP California future v Tea Party future

November 3, 2010

California is what the GOP has gotten by Hispanic immigration, a permanent minority and the right to be the silent minority in elections and at Berkeley. The GOP is spreading its approach to Colorado with the stupid lib and GOP stooge fools voting against Tancredo after they moved to Denver from California.

The GOP of John McCain lost the 2008 election because of Latinos from the Reagen 1986 amnesty and Bush 1990 legal immigration expansion. It was the GOP that did itself in in California by non-White immigration policies. The GOP wants the same to happen to it everywhere. The GOP is the stupid party as Peter Brimelow constantly reminds us at Vdare.

The Tea Party should not be sucked into the stupidity and vapidity of GOP absence of mental processes. Nor should the pro Whites think that they are tied to a Tea Party controlled by Dick Armeyworks.

Christine O’Donnell Delaware 40 percent

Carly Fiorina Calif 42 percent

John Raese WVa 43 percent

Linda McMahon CT 44 percent

Sharron Angle Nevada 45 Percent

Mark Kirk IL 48 percent (won)

Marco Rubio Florida 49 percent (won)

Rand Paul KY 56 percent (won)

Rove is the one who defeated the GOP in 2006. It was Bush Rove McCain Lindsey Graham that delivered the 2006 and 2008 defeats to the GOP.

The Rove Bush strategy was flood California with Latinos. How did that work for the GOP? Now Rove and Dick Armey tell Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell to stay home and have Latino babies. McCain can stay home with his 3rd world child and leave us alone. That would be progress.

The Tea Party and GOP should say that the only way to save Medicare is stop 3rd world immigration and anchor baby and send illegals home. The Tea Party needs to be the party of saving Medicare by stopping and reversing 3rd world immigration.

But Dick Armey Freedomworks is the one pushing ending Medicare because now only the top 1 percent have the money to pay for the Latinos they brought here. They brought the Latinos here to take our wages. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. See p60-238.pdf graph page 19.

Now Armey doesn’t want his rich backers to have to pay for the Medicare for the Latinos they brought here to take our jobs and keep our wages down. Of course, they don’t want to pay for Latino Medicare. Nor having kept White wages down do they want to pay for White Medicare.

Dick Armey Death Panels are on the march against Medicare. Vote against them as much as the GOP and Democrat Death Panels against Medicare. 3rd world immigration is the Death Panel for White Medicare.


MSM blames Tea Party for GOP not taking Senate

November 3, 2010

Already the knives are out in the MSM and GOP establishment to blame the Tea Party for not taking the Senate.

They are saying Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell are to blame. They are saying don’t dare nominate Sarah Palin for president. For the MSM and the GOP establishment it comes down to attacking Palin every time. This is because Palin and these other two Palin candidates are female symbols of implicit whiteness. They should be home having Obama’s babies. That is what the MSM are saying.

The MSM message is that Sarah Palin should have been a stay at home mom with one baby with an African father and another with an Asian Muslim father just like Stanley Dunham. This is what the MSM is saying to Sharron Angle and to Christine O’Donnell.

For some reason the MSM don’t say that to Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. They also lost. They had far more money and lost. Why is it the Tea Party women who should have stayed home with African babies?

The choice for us is stark. Accept the role assigned by the MSM to Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, to be silent and not heard at a Glenn Beck Rally or to fight back with Roy Beck of NumbersUSA and Vdare. Make our voices heard or just accept our role to be the White silent minority.

It was the GOP establishment that lost the House and the Senate and the presidency. John amnesty McCain was defeated in 2008. The GOP lost its majorities and became the party of the Bernanke Paulson Geithner Bush bailout.

The GOP gave us two half failed wars. The GOP let Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE and Israel escape strict scrutiny of what they knew before 9/11.

It was the GOP that gave us the 1990 immigration increase of Bush senior. It was the GOP that gave us the 1986 amnesty. It was the GOP moderates who were complicit in losing California. Why aren’t they being blamed for immigration past that led to the GOP losses in California? Why doesn’t the MSM point that out? Vdare has, but not the GOP establishment.

We don’t exist for the GOP. If the GOP doesn’t get cracking to restrict immigration, we can vote for a 3rd party in 2012. We need to hold their feet to the fire, not be told to be white and silent at a joint Glenn Beck Jon Stewart rally.

White people are being blamed for the GOP not taking back the Senate. It is the GOP’s anti-White policies that lost it the Senate and House in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. Vdare has documented that before for McCain.

We don’t need a GOP party that is the counter point to a Glenn Beck McSame Jon Stewart Rally. White people don’t need to be cowed by these election results.

We should not apologize to the GOP for nominating our candidates in the GOP primary. It was the GOP that strayed. It was the GOP that cost us California. It is the GOP that is given up our country for short term election peace. That is not peace for us, its what has gotten us in this mess.

What about jobs for us? The GOP blames us for their not getting the Senate? While they give our jobs and education away to foreigners? Whose loyalty should be in question? Whose bad decisions should be in question?

We gave the GOP its election victory in 2010. The GOP didn’t earn it. The Tea Party is us. The GOP is them. Don’t forget it. Don’t let them forget it.

The MSM, GOP, and Fareed Zakaria are saying the racist Tea Party has to fall into line and start being for jobs for Mexicans, know-how transfer to Chinese at Berkeley and factory transfer to China. This is what Fareed Zakaria said on CNN. Zakaria said all commodity jobs go to China. None for Americans. None for Whites.

We are supposed to start toeing the Zakaria line because we cost the GOP their rightful majority in the Senate? The majority they earned and we took away from them in Delaware and Nevada by nominating our people in their party instead of voting for “moderates” who are acceptable to Mexico, China, and India?

We are supposed to listen to our Jewish and Muslim betters tell us to close our racist mouths? We are supposed to go silently to the Glenn Beck Jon Stewart keep our mouths shut and take race replacement rallies? Paid for by Dick Armeyworks. Did Dick Armey finance both rallies? He might as well have, they both have the same race replacement of Whites message.

People who fled California and voted against Tancredo are stupid. We need to tell them that. We need to deprogram them. We need to keep nominating our candidates to spread our ideas. We are not the stooges of the GOP and MSM. They are our enemies. They are genociding us amnesties, legal immigration increases, anchor baby, affirmative action.

Who in the GOP or MSM said stop affirmative action in this election? Who said reduce green cards to 25,000 a year? Who said the reason Whites fled California was Latino immigration to California? Even Tancredo was not allowed to say that.

How did the GOP candidate for governor do in Colorado? He barely got over 10 percent to keep the GOP a majority party in Colorado. The GOP better start working for White people to stop non-White immigration or it will be a permanent minority party. And even then, it won’t be our party, it will still be Mexican McCain and Chinese Romney.

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