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GOP California future v Tea Party future

November 3, 2010

California is what the GOP has gotten by Hispanic immigration, a permanent minority and the right to be the silent minority in elections and at Berkeley. The GOP is spreading its approach to Colorado with the stupid lib and GOP stooge fools voting against Tancredo after they moved to Denver from California.

The GOP of John McCain lost the 2008 election because of Latinos from the Reagen 1986 amnesty and Bush 1990 legal immigration expansion. It was the GOP that did itself in in California by non-White immigration policies. The GOP wants the same to happen to it everywhere. The GOP is the stupid party as Peter Brimelow constantly reminds us at Vdare.

The Tea Party should not be sucked into the stupidity and vapidity of GOP absence of mental processes. Nor should the pro Whites think that they are tied to a Tea Party controlled by Dick Armeyworks.

Christine O’Donnell Delaware 40 percent

Carly Fiorina Calif 42 percent

John Raese WVa 43 percent

Linda McMahon CT 44 percent

Sharron Angle Nevada 45 Percent

Mark Kirk IL 48 percent (won)

Marco Rubio Florida 49 percent (won)

Rand Paul KY 56 percent (won)

Rove is the one who defeated the GOP in 2006. It was Bush Rove McCain Lindsey Graham that delivered the 2006 and 2008 defeats to the GOP.

The Rove Bush strategy was flood California with Latinos. How did that work for the GOP? Now Rove and Dick Armey tell Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell to stay home and have Latino babies. McCain can stay home with his 3rd world child and leave us alone. That would be progress.

The Tea Party and GOP should say that the only way to save Medicare is stop 3rd world immigration and anchor baby and send illegals home. The Tea Party needs to be the party of saving Medicare by stopping and reversing 3rd world immigration.

But Dick Armey Freedomworks is the one pushing ending Medicare because now only the top 1 percent have the money to pay for the Latinos they brought here. They brought the Latinos here to take our wages. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. See p60-238.pdf graph page 19.

Now Armey doesn’t want his rich backers to have to pay for the Medicare for the Latinos they brought here to take our jobs and keep our wages down. Of course, they don’t want to pay for Latino Medicare. Nor having kept White wages down do they want to pay for White Medicare.

Dick Armey Death Panels are on the march against Medicare. Vote against them as much as the GOP and Democrat Death Panels against Medicare. 3rd world immigration is the Death Panel for White Medicare.

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