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Hostage Taking Scenario at Harvard or MIT during Sochi

January 31, 2014

This post explores a hypothetical scenario of a hostage taking at Harvard or MIT during the Sochi Winter Olympics.  This would be done by Chechen or Muslim groups who wanted to make a spectacular statement linking Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF funding of the Second Chechen War that Chechens and Muslims blame for the genocide of Chechens.

In addition to providing such a linkage, it would also expose the FBI as inept and corrupt in the background checks of Larry Summers in 2009 and again earlier in 2013 and for Stanley Fischer for Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

From the point of view of Chechens or Muslims taking hostages at the MIT or Harvard Economics Department, business schools or a dorm or library would create a spectacular propaganda event.  This would be better than a hostage taking of athletes in Sochi because it would tie the responsibility of Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF to IMF loans funding the Second Chechen War and genocide of the Chechens.

Moreover, to these groups, the CIA was responsible for fomenting conflict in Chechnya that led to the war.  They also believe the CIA’s motive was at least partly to get oil and pipelines from that region.  This can create a fever of revenge in their minds as they consider that Chechens died so that CIA linked investors could become millionaires or even billionaires.  Secondary targets could be various companies or investment groups linked to this activity.

Anyone with information on these subjects should report it.  See the bottom of the following post on this subject.


“French Minister Says 43 Baggage Handlers at Main Paris Airport Denied Security Clearance”

October 22, 2006

Associated Press
Sunday, October 22, 2006; 9:48 AM

PARIS (AP) — “Authorities rescinded the security clearance of 43 baggage handlers at France’s main international airport due to suspicions they were connected with radical organizations, a top government minister said Saturday.”

France is already in civil war with its Muslim immigrants. There are over 100 car burnings a night. Police are attacked, even in large groups. Its now a military type situation. This is what happens when after a 9-11, the MSM like Peter Jennings and Bush and McCain stand up and lie and call Americans bigots for wanting to stop the immigration. They can’t even say that 9-11 was done by Muslims.

Bush, McCain and the MSM blame the victims and say more terrorism is a certainty. Thats saying civil war is a certainty. Terrorism is civil war. That’s whats going on in France.

That is what started here in America when they attacked WTC in 1993. They were immigrants here in America who attacked us here. That’s civil war.

Bush and Rice lied to themselves so much after WTC 93 happened, that they thought the 2001 warnings must mean an attack outside the US. They have lied so much to themselves about immigration that they can’t see civil war in their face. An attack in this country by immigrants is civil war.

CAIR got a mosque at Quantico Marine Base. They want Muslims to have control over US, French, and UK nuclear weapons. Bush and McCain insist o giving it to them.
This article is opinion, hypotheses and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.

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