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Bush Crusade for Islam

October 25, 2007

Bush has in effect proclaimed a crusade to establish the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Iraq and to uphold the authority of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, despite its role in supporting the Taleban through the 1998 attacks on our embassies in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 in Yemen, the 9-11 attacks, and the fighting against the Americans, Australians and NATO in Afghanistan.

The neocons are the designers of this crusade for Islam. The neocons pretend to be for a Jewish Israel, but in fact they support demographic policies sure to eliminate Jewish people in every land. This is already “working” in Israel, Europe, Australia, America and Canada where Jewish fertility is below replacement.

The Bush neocon “strategy” makes no sense, except as a way to advance the careers of its members. They don’t advocate policies to actually save Israel or the Jewish people in America or Europe from demographic destruction. Instead, they pretend to be pro-Jewish while really not being. In the same way they are not really pro-American, pro-European or pro-Australian.

To advocate policies to prevent the demographic destruction of the Jewish people in Israel and America would require them to oppose immigration. Its a mathematical theorem that immigration or a source group of above replacement fertility squeezes out and replaces all the others. This has been published for decades under the Wright Island Model.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637


The theorem can be adapted in several ways. You can consider the people from a source group, one that diffuses into others but doesn’t take diffusion into it, or does so at differential rates, to be like the source into the Island. The external group is the source group.

You can also chain the theorem together over time. You let the people at time t1 decay to epsilon1 genes left at t2, where epsilon1 is a small positive number. Then you restart the count from t2. You can think of the genes at t1 in the island as time stamped or given serial numbers. The theorem then says that they will disappear to within epsilon1 by time t2. Thus one has an asymptotic vanishing of the marked genes at any time ti. Asymptotic vanishing means there is some date tj for any positive epsilon such that the genetic survival ratio is less than epsilon for all dates greater than or equal to tj for all genes marked at time ti.

The theorem assumes neutrality, i.e. equal survival probabilities of the alleles. This can be extended to the serial numbers or the date stamp to achieve the same result. In fact, as long as one has relative boundedness, the theorem works. Relative boundedness is that a constant times one group’s asymptotic survival probability bounds the asymptotic survival probability of another group. This can be by allele, time stamp, or class of serial numbers imagined to be stamped on each physical molecule.


The neocons and Bush simply don’t think about the consequences of their immigration policies or proposals for a one state solution or two state solution on the West Bank and Gaza. Both of those imply the demographic destruction of the Jewish people in Greater Israel. To say this is to subject the neocons to loss of funding and corporate board memberships. So they keep silent while this demographic destruction happens here and there.

Fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while building mosques at Quantico Marine Base makes no sense. All the torture at Gitmo was ineffective compared to the Muslim designed plan to have the call to prayers broadcast each day. We would have gotten more out of those there and those not there if we had had a call to watch American 50’s and early 60’s era TV shows like Father Knows Best.

We now face conflict with Iran without the size army we need. We have left Israel in the lurch by not instating a draft after 9-11 and defeating the forces of Islamic Imperialism. 9-11 was an attack of the same Islamic Imperialism that attacked the West in 633 AD and the Jewish tribes c. 624 in Medina at Muhammad’s order. The same attack is under way in Israel.

In early 2005, we fooled ourselves into thinking the Palestinians wanted peace. Israel gave them Gaza and got war. The stark fact is that the Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians have never wanted peace since 622 A.D. They have wanted conquest, slaves and loot. This has never wavered in their history. They have never said different except as ploys to get liberals on their side for conquest by demography. The ones who understand the math of modern genetics are the same as who understood and practiced it in c. 624 A.D. when Muhammad told them to kill the Jewish men and take the women as concubines.

All policies based on promotion of Islam are a betrayal of Israel and the West. Until we realize that “All wars against infidels are but one.” is their motto and their plan, we will fail in everything we do. We must stop all Muslim immigration into Western lands, draft 2 million men, and invade Iran. Then we need to surround Pakistan and blockade it to give up its nukes. We need to stop lying to ourselves about what war we are in and win it while we still can.

==Bush disloyalty to Iraqi Christians

Bush is disloyal to the West’s peoples. This is why his policies make no sense to us.  It is also why he is dead ended by his own policies.  At this point, everyone realizes that Bush is only for his own in-group and no one else.  The same applies to many of the neocons.  Thus they can’t rally support to deal with Iran.  They have also left Pakistan to continue to oppose us, including spreading nuclear technology long after 9-11.

The West’s peoples need to stop supporting disloyal “leaders” who are the lesser of two evils.  We need to turn to parties or leaders really for us like Tom Tancredo or the Constitution Party in the U.S. or the nationalist parties in Europe.  We need to vote for those who the MSM and the favorites call bigots, racist or fringe.  The fringe is us.

This article is hypotheses, draft and preliminary.

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