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To Torture or Stop Immigration Which is PC?

December 11, 2007

Under political correctness its more acceptable for society to torture immigrants than to stop immigration. Its also more racist to stop brown immigration than to torture brown people, to use the terminology of the PC addled.

However, in law its the opposite. If Bush had stopped immigration after 9-11, he wouldn’t have to fear prosecution. Nor would DOJ. That includes Michael Chertoff head of DHS. That includes Cheney. That includes Rumsfeld. That even includes Condoleezza Rice. The entire CIA would sleep easier if all immigration had been stopped after 9-11. They would be even safer, legally, if all immigration had stopped after the WTC 1993 attack.

The upfront cost to stopping immigration is that hotheads of the left will cry racist. The benefit is that you don’t have to destroy the tapes of torture to avoid prosecution. Bush wants Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination for president because Bush fears prosecution. If he had stopped immigration after 9-11, he would fear neither terrorism not prosecution (the other terrorism).

On MSM on NBC they said this morning to a CIA agent, what would you do if you knew an attack was coming?  Answer, stop the people coming.  It has lower legal risk and works better.  Its better to be called a racist, then to be in prison and subjected to gang rape by black and Hispanic gangs.

white black prison rape

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