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We all have a personal truth deficit on race

November 20, 2007

As a society and as individuals we all have a truth deficit on race. As usual, all means with some exceptions. Lawrence Auster, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, William Shockley, etc. were telling the truth earlier. But most of us were silent in the 1980’s and 1990’s and even 2000’s on immigration, affirmative action, welfare, etc.

Auster says its what you say publicly that counts, not what you think. We all know now that we should have been speaking up decades ago. How many of us even wrote one letter for immigration restriction to our Congressman or Senator in the 1980’s or 1990’s?

For those who want to blame group X for our troubles, ask yourself how many letters you wrote to your Senator to restrict immigration. The problem is not that 1/100th of 1 percent of group X said Y, its that we should have written at least one letter to our Senator in the 1980’s against amnesty. Don’t blame group X for our lack of action.  Instead of blaming group X, call your Senator or write them to stop legal immigration.

We now as a society and as individuals realize we should have been speaking up and out at public meetings, in letters to the editor, etc. We should have been called a bigot. We should have said what Archie Bunker was saying on TV. We should have been saying it all along. But we didn’t.

Our excuse now is to say its too late. Its not too late. Auster says that all the time. We have not lost until we are dead. As long as we have life, we can fight. Our example may help others. But more important, victory is still in our grasp. As Steve Sailer and others at Vdare say, we still have the majority.

We can vote the Democrats and the immigration Republicans out of office. We can certainly bury both in letters and phone calls. Its our Constitution and our country and we not only can take them both back, we have them now. We just need to speak up. We certainly need to say no to Bush Clinton. No person should vote for Bush Clinton ever. Vote third party. Write in someone’s name. Don’t vote Bush Clinton. That tells the elites we really are contemptible.

When a James Watson speaks out or a Duane Chapman, we can bury the liberal hate squads with statistics on webpages. This is different than when Japan’s justice minister or prime minister were the only ones who could tell us the truth, to try to save us from our own madness. We knew they were telling the truth. But without the web it was harder for us to jump to their defense. It doesn’t matter if they cave. When one of these erupts, defend the hypotheses and the data sources, not just the person. Defend them if they cave.

In economics, they have the idea of efficiency wages. This means pay people more than they are worth and the ones who can will increase their performance. The idea is you make money on them. Even though you don’t know who is really carrying the load, the ones carrying it know. As long as the ones carrying it feel they are overpaid, they will put out. Even if they see others loafing and getting paid, if the ones doing the work feel overpaid they will put out the effort.

” America’s Truth Deficit”

Published: July 18, 2005

The United States is now in an equivalent predicament. Its weakening position in the global trading system is obvious and ominous, yet leaders in politics, business, finance and the news media are not willing to discuss candidly what is happening and why.

The answer is know-how transfer. We teach other people’s kids math and science in our grad schools instead of our own. They take the know-how home and we lose our industry. You have to have the factories here to have the know-how to innovate.

Genius is knowing the pesky details. You know those by having the factories here. We can have cheap safe goods by ending imports and sending our kids to mechanical engineering classes at MIT, George Washington, Penn State, University of Maryland and Idaho State.

Much like Soviet leaders, the American establishment is enthralled by utopian convictions – the market orthodoxy of free trade globalization.

We have Soviet style elites on immigration, race, welfare, crime, profiling, schools, genes, IQ and truth. Profile. Profiling is truth. The war on profiling is the war on truth. The war on truth is the war on America.

We have Venture Capitalist traitors. Our politicians want to go work for VC’s. This includes Al Gore and John “help the poor and middle class out of their jobs or at least their wages” Edwards. Edwards is auditioning to be a VC partner like Gore. John, every inch a liar, Edwards is what we need to stop voting for. We need to call them on their betrayals and their lies when they say its for us.

search “truth deficit”

If you haven’t spoken the truth, start. Start small and work up. Don’t say things you don’t think are true. Find the graph and post the graph. Just repeating linking or referencing graphs on crime, race, immigration, wages, etc. is the way to build up the character and fortitude to say the truth on immigration, welfare, crime, liberal lies and the rest.

Those who have been speaking the truth don’t despair. Your words did not fall on deaf stones. We were listening. Old generations that kept quiet now know this was a betrayal. Their voices are being lifted. They go from truth to truth. Now is the time to be bold in truth. Now is the time for victory. It lies within our grasp. As FDR should have said, the only thing we have to fear is the fear of liberal attacks on the truth sayers. Every liberal attack fest should make us speak up immediately.

Quote the data sources. Learn the data sources by quoting them and looking them up to quote them. Knowing the data source reference shall make us free and secure. Keeping silent is the way to neither freedom nor survival. We must speak up now. We must know the data source references. We learn them by quoting them. This is what Tom Tancredo should have done but didn’t. He could have made everyone in America know that p60-233.pdf on graph page 16 shows that men’s median wages are the same as in 1973 and women’s are the same as what men’s were in 1960.

This is the stuff that makes the liberals back down, after screaming louder of course. They will test if we can say the truth and not wilt. Don’t wilt. But fight for those on our side even when they fall and recant. It was not Galileo’s recantation that mattered in the end, but the willingness of others to say the truth anyhow.

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