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Islamophobia Alert: 60 Minutes Jihad means violence

May 7, 2007

60 minutes used Jihad to mean violent struggle and didn’t mention internal struggle once in their broadcast.

“Switching Sides: Inside The Enemy Camp
Bob Simon Talks To A Former Terrorist Commander” Simon interviewed Nasir Abas.

He was a top commander in Jemaah Islamiyah, al Qaeda’s franchise operation in Southeast Asia.

For 20 years, he worked to achieve an Islamic state throughout Southeast Asia. He embraced the idea of a holy war and spoke the language of jihad.

“I hate the infidels,” Abas admits he once believed. (For some reason this is never called infidelphobia.)

“Infidel is a non-Muslim people,” Abas replies.

“And you hated non-Muslim people,” Simon remarks. “At that time you would have hated me.”

“Of course. But now not,” Abas says.

(This is what Infidelphobia sounds like. Interestingly, 60 Minutes piece is what the Swedish and Finnish government think is Islamophobia. All phobia is evil by Westerners.)

Infidelphobia and Islamophobia, compare and contrast:  Both are commanded in the Quran.  Muslims are commanded to fear and subjugate infidels.  Infidels are commanded to fear and submit to Islam and Muslims.  Thus the only difference, is that infidels are to submit and Muslims are to subjugate as a consequence of their fears.  This is the view of the Quran.  Muslims are commanded to make it so.  The Swedish, Finnish, etc. governments follow the Quran in this regard.

There are many verses to Muslims to fear infidels.  There are many verses commanding infidels to submit.  Submission by its nature, ipso res, comes from fear.  For the Quran to command that infidels submit, means a command that they fear.  Submission comes from great fear, not little fear.  So the Quran commands great fear in infidels.

In fact, the fear of submission is the fear that slaves feel, or women when they stop resisting a rape.  This is the fear of paralysis.  That is a fear controlled in the lower brain.  This is the fear Islam commands.  Is that irrational fear?  Its fight or flight or submit fear.

That fear doesn’t go through the higher reasoning centers at all.  Its in the lower brain stem that has far more control of our motor responses than the higher brain.   The Quran commands the most extreme fear the brain is capable of, and in the lower brain centers that bypass the higher brain centers.

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