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UK male job rate 94 pct in 1971 to 83 in 2008

November 20, 2008

1971    16078
1972    16096
1973    16084

2008 Jan    16865
2008 Feb    16890
2008 Mar    16909
2008 Apr    16902
2008 May    16928
2008 Jun    16940
2008 Jul    16927
2008 Aug    16937

MGSG    LFS: Economically active: UK: Male: Thousands: SA:
Seasonally adjusted
Updated on 7/11/2008
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This is men who are economically active, its about the same in 2008 as in 1971.

Lets look at rate of economic activity by men.

MGSP    LFS: Economic activity rate: UK: Male: Aged 16-64: %: SA
Seasonally adjusted

1971    16078   94.9
1972    16096   94.8
1973    16084   94.4

1982 Apr    16015   90.0

2008 Jun    16940   83.8
2008 Jul    16927   83.7
2008 Aug    16937   83.7

April 1982 is the last date it was 90 or above.

So men were economically active at almost 100 percent in 1971 and now are down to under 84 percent.  So 37 years of immigration was a war on men.  There are almost the same number of men absolutely with jobs, but the percentage has dropped.  Immigration didn’t increase the number of economically active men, it simply took away from men already in the UK and gave to those who came in.

BNP is right. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and the rest are wrong.  Enoch Powell was right.

“The Rivers of Blood speech was a speech about immigration and anti-discrimination legislation in the United Kingdom made on 20 April 1968 by Enoch Powell, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West.”

Its been genocide of jobs for men from 1971 to now.  Enoch Powell told the truth.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The way you genocide the genes is you genocide the jobs.  Enoch Powell was right.  The PC establishment lies.


The increase in total male employment is about 900,000 from 1971 to 2008. Call it 1 million.  The base was 16 million.  1/16 is about 6 percent.  The original rate of men active was 94 percent.  So if we add the 6 percent to the 94 percent we get 100 percent.

Men active may include those looking for a job?  Or part-time employed?  Or the self-employed who are struggling this quarter?   If there had been no immigration from 1971 onwards, 100 percent of men would have good jobs and be making it when they choose self-employment.  The latter is what the big bosses really hate.  Many of them not from Britain.

==Following comment posted at Green Arrow BNP

The following is probably what you mean, since it dovetails with above data.

“The Department of Works and Pensions inform us that “81% of all jobs created in the last ten years have been filled by workers born overseas.””

In April 2005 it was announced, “A study done by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics finds that immigration is beneficial to the UK economy”.

“The evidence today suggests that this statement is either deliberate lies issued to deceive the masses or it is the product of a group out of touch with reality.”

If you take the 1971 figure of 16 million males economically active, and consider the increase to 2008 roughly 1 million, then its 1/16 or about 6 percent.

The original activity rate was 94.  If those had been British stock making the increase then the rate would be 100 percent.

That would mean negotiating power by workers and would mean the self employed would have much greater economic security, all moving the balance from the big bosses to the people.  That’s what they didn’t like in 1971.

Glad you are interested. Thanks for the pointer. Its important to compare statistics from several countries.  Its the same story in the US, official stats show immigration didn’t help but hurt and the MSM barely acknowledge it.

The big bosses meet in Davos to be united against us, so we have to show the real numbers.

Klockaregarden Trollhattan The swedish social welfare system in collapse.

Rocket attacks by immigrants on apartments in Sweden. 54 percent of Swedes want army to patrol streets. This is open war by the immigrants. This is ethnic cleansing war.

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