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Rule of inference for staged event evidence

May 25, 2018

When the government or the Deep State does a staged event, then the event is always to be interpreted in the way most against the Deep State’s interest until there is a complete confession by the Deep State of that and all their other staged events.

Thus a school shooting can be interpreted as real and the shooting done by cops or FBI agents moving up to a new level or a politician like Romney to move up to senator.

At other times, it can be interpreted as fake with no deaths. The point is that there is no obligation of consistency on the normie population. The staged events are done to control us and as we see from diversity immigration, ethnic cleanse us.

Therefore, we don’t have to prove which interpretation is right of a staged event. Instead, the interpretation most harmful to the Deep State is used for each separate count. There is no requirement for consistency from one count to the other in the charges against the Deep State.

The Deep State did the staged event and so is liable and culpable for each adverse interpretation despite their mutual contradictory nature. This gives the Deep State an incentive to come clean.

But we can’t let the Deep State pick and choose which staged events to come clean to. It is all or they continue to suffer the most adverse interpretation on each separate claim or charge.


Staged broken table at storage locker

May 25, 2018

So I finally got down to my storage locker. It has probably been years since I have been there. So what do I find?

A staged scene of a broken table loaded with heavy boxes. Problem is, no box fell over. When a table breaks, what is on it falls over. It doesn’t settle into a perfect stacked format.

Fail. An obvious attempt to frame my brother and nephew. And proof of the psychotic nature of the NWO conspiracy. This just proves they killed my mom and framed my brothers for it. Or forced them into it.

FBI: Your mom pushed or your kids killed?

Brothers: Uhhhh.

Federal Bureau of Intimidation. A network of psychotic terror circling the globe. Gitmo gone wild.

Here is a video of what happens when a folding table like mine is loaded with salt bags.


The bags weigh down the table until they fall over with the table. Their table is rated to 1000 lbs and it took 2500 lbs to break it.

My table had a perfect even break from one side to the other. This was done intentionally with a tool. It was not a natural break. A natural break would be ragged.

This was a controlled table break.

The boxes were neatly stacked on the table after the collapse. There was also a lamp on the table that did not fall over. These guys plan everything. That is further evidence my mom’s fall was a planned push.

That comes from the Mueller Rosenstein faction of the DOJ and FBI. They are determined to frighten me and everyone else who knows by these acts against me.

Yes, this was a hate crime from the Judeo-Masonic DOJ-FBI. What other crime do they do? That is why (((they))) are always crying hate crime on others as they strike you in a hate crime themselves. They are projecting. Same as since Babylon and Egypt.

This was gaslighting. It is part of a sequence of barely disguised terror. They can pretend it didn’t happen, but it did. When they pushed my mom and had the Masonic cop cover it up, that was gaslighting too.

They killed my mom to gaslight me. That shows how deeply psychotic and over the edge they are. These are desperate evil men who fear that in the revelations being made they will be exposed for their crimes. This is why it is DOJ FBI behind this, not some family members.

Whiplash weekend memorial of NWO

May 25, 2018

So last year on May 26, 2017 they intentionally had me rear-ended in a below 5 mph speed rear ending (or so they claim on the speed). This was a high probability low impact event. A big joke on a talk I gave on low probability high impact events scheduled before 9-11-2001 to give after it.

So the goons were out to day doing near misses. They had a private ambulance service run its siren near me to remind me they could whiplash my ass into the hospital anytime they want. Then I would have to depend on my demented Masonic family that was in on the whiplash last year.

Then the drunken Mexican almost drove his pickup with trailer into me. A couple more near misses including a super Masonic license place that evaluated out to 666. They are beast drivers.

Then I got back and turned on the 4 PM CNN Tappercast and they whipped out the whiplash comment on the Trump North Korea negotiating. That sly Trump. What a Trumpgotiator.

They also had Officer West of the FTC, who has a heavy Hispanic accent call again over the Publisher Clearing House check of 750,000 for my mom that he has changed to be for me. I reported that to FTC and to PCH. Don’t expect (((FTC))) to do anything about it. Officer West is working for the same (((goongarchs))) they are.



McLean Virginia grocery check out

May 25, 2018

The sign at the express check out said dozen items. A man was going through with 19 items.

Clerk: Young man, either you work for the NSA and don’t know how to read or you work for the CIA and don’t know how to count.

Man: I wok to read.

Clerk: You wok to read?

Man: My teacher told me.

Clerk: Where did you go to high school?

Man: I go Thomas Jefferson.

Clerk: Did you graduate?

Man: Me summa.

Clerk: So now you work for NSA?

Man: We all Chinese.

Clerk: I wok to wake up.

Overheard NWO conversation

May 24, 2018

Asian male: Once I’m dead, i don’t care.

Asian female: Once you are dead, you are gone.

AM: I don’t care at all what happens after I die.

AF: You’re dead, what should you care?

AM: Humanity can die out, I don’t care.

AF: Especially White people.

AM: Yeah, they are so stupid they deserve to die.

AF: If White people cared what happened after they died, they wouldn’t ethnically cleanse White people.

AM: Yeah. White people don’t care what happens after they die. They don’t care if they die out. They are so stoopid.

AF: Going to laugh when they find out.

AM: They are too stupid to care. You tell them and they just look with blank faces.

AF: They so stupid. We take over their science high schools. Soon we take it all over.

AM: They don’t care. They ask, why should I care? They so stupid.

AF: Listening to Jews made them stupid.

AM: You can’t tell them that.

AF: Because Jews said not to listen.

AM: So stupid.

They both laugh.

Philip Roth dies May 22, 2018

May 23, 2018

Honoring Darrell Duffie’s birthday, Philip Roth chooses his hoax death day to be one day before Duffie’s 64th birthday.  Roth hopeful to the last that he might make as big an impact on America as Duffie did.

Roth is the latest version of the Talmud for Goyim.

Of course, Duffie’s contribution was to be the most brilliant plagiarist ever in a certain sense. Which we can assume is true for any Jewish celebrity writer. In a deeper sense, every Jewish writer plagiarizes the Talmud. Roth just made it a little too obvious. Of course, not that the Goyim knew that, because the Talmud was forbidden to Goyim in 1969. Just to read it was to be anti-Semitic for a Goy.

Roth died age 85. Duffie turns 64.

This is also the anniversary of my mom going to the hospital. How they got that timed to Duffie’s birthday I still have not figured out.

Roth got an MA at U Chicago. If he had not joined the Satanati before, this may be when it happened.

Roth attended Bucknell University, where he earned a B.A., magna cum laude in English and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He pursued graduate studies at the University of Chicago, where he received an M.A. in English literature in 1955 and worked briefly as an instructor in the university’s writing program.

I was plagiarized at UChicago by professor Satanides, who is a good friend of Duffie.

Roth write a Judeo persecution-fantasy book (is there any other kind?) about Charles Lindberg being elected president instead of FDR. Millions of Goyim lives saved from Jew War II, a persecution to Jews already.

The real plot against America was Jewish immigration including Roth’s parents.

Roth is another Jew who grew up in Newark, fled the Blacks and spent his Jew life hating the Whites. The only reason the Jews could last in Newark as long as they could were Irish and Italian cops protecting them from the rising tide of color. Of course, Jews hate them as racists for protecting them from the Blacks. Which does require extra policing methods.

The Whites let them in, protected them from the Blacks, let them go to Bucknell and University of Chicago, made them a success and the Jews hate them back.  Plot against (((America))) is a typical Jew screaming in pain as he strikes the Goyim that fed him.

Soon after Lindbergh takes office, federal policies are implemented to disperse Jews from urban communities and into the American “heartland,” and, in turn, to move non-Jews into Jewish neighborhoods.

Isn’t that what Jews are doing to Whites? Chutzpah. They called it Civil Rights. The only Jews forced out of Jewish neighborhoods were forced out by Blacks under Jewish civil rights laws. Every case of Jews replaced by non-Jews was Jews replaced by Blacks. Newark, Bronx, Brooklyn. Oh, some now replaced by Asians in Brooklyn it is true.

The only widespread persecution of Jews in America was by the Blacks. Jewish imposed Civil Rights laws made that easier. It is president (((Jewberg))) that has persecuted Whites and forced Whites out of their neighborhoods and replaced them with non-Whites.

The entire state of California almost matches that description. This Jew Roth is a real liar. His novels are phony propaganda against Whites. Which gets us back to the Talmud.

The Protocols of Philip Roth is more like what we have in reality. The total displacement and genocide of Whites even while Jews fantasize about anti-Semitism forcing Jews out of their homes.

Roth’s anti-White identity is well described by Tanstaafl.

Roth has a completely anti-White program. The ones being pogromed are Whites. Europe is overrun with Semites and this is a Jewish pogrom of Europe. Jewish support of the Semitic invasion of Europe proves Whites were right not to want Jews in Europe or America.

When Roth wrote his fake book saying that Whites forced Jews from their homes he was doing so in 2004. That was when Jews had already forced Whites from their homes with their Civil Rights laws and replaced them with non-Whites.

Jews had to lie in 2004. Jews had to attack Whites in 2004 since by 2004 it was obvious to Whites that Jews were doing those things to Whites and had done them.

Roth’s fake attack on Whites were imposed by necessity on Jews by Jews real attack on Whites. In that sense, Roth’s fake attacks were real attacks. Or his fake charges were a real attack.

In 2004, Jews were pushing out fake mortgage backed securities onto the Goyim investors. These were funding the non-Whites taking over the homes of Whites. That led to the 2008 financial crisis, which was delivered by Jews.


So where are Jews today?  Conservative, Reform and Secular (CRS) Jews have below replacement fertility. Orthodox Jews have a little over replacement because of Hasidic Jews.

What is the end stage for Jews in America? A few rich Jews screaming anti-Semitism and some Chabad Jews on welfare. That is the final chapter of the Jewish story in America.

Jews like Philip Roth wrote the final chapter for Jews in America by their extreme hatred of Whites. This is the Jewish story over and over. Jews are a people whose existence depends on their hating their host to avoid assimilation. But eventually, their hate destroys themselves. The pity is that it destroys the host as well.

Whites have to speak up now to avoid the destruction of Whites. Following Jews in your heart, your mind or with your lips will lead to the destruction of all Whites. It is time to revolt from the path of our planned destruction. Jews like Philip Roth are the ones who have been leading Whites down that path of White destruction. Time to notice.

The time to notice has just about run out. Philip Roth’s “Attack on America” was a last minute Jewish hit job to try to head of the White Gentiles noticing in time to save themselves and their America.

Don’t let it be too late. Don’t let it end this way. Be a woke White. Reject the Jewish anti-White  hate literature of Philip Roth. Get it right not Roth. Whites have a right to exist in their own White cities and countries. Whites everywhere need to stand up and demand it.


The core of the middle ground — Reform and Conservative Jews, who generally do not adhere to Jewish law as closely as the Orthodox — are also not producing enough children to replace themselves.


Philip Roth: bad for the Jews and the Whites. Jews are being replaced by smart Asians, Hispanics, and even Blacks.

Not every Jew is evil just like not every Jew is Rothish. The Good Jews need to separate themselves from the Roth-like Jews. That is their only hope. Because the Rothic Jews will drag the Good Jews down to Hell.

NYT: Immigrants will bully small towns

May 22, 2018

The (((powers-that-be))) are sending the immigrants to bully the small White towns.

Diversity is always a bullying operation. They are forced on Whites by bullying. They are bullies to Whites. They bully Whites to death.

Diversity doesn’t adopt White values, they destroy White values in a cloud of bullying.

Those who send Diversity are bullies. Those who welcome Diversity are bullies.

Santa Fe high school student bullied

May 22, 2018

The entire purpose of New World Order is to bully people. They are all evil bullies with a few exceptions at my church and elsewhere. Santa Fe high school event in Texas now laid at door of bullies.

Everyone involved in this caper is either a bully or is being bullied by the DHS and FBI.

DHS = Dept of High School bullies.

FBI = Feral Bullying Infestation

Local cops move up based on their participation in terror operations against people who won’t go along with the program.

NWO is the art of the bully.

Russia and the Polish 2010 air crash

May 21, 2018

Obama was covering up for Clinton on Russia plagiarism files. He brought in Larry Summers in 2009 and Russia did the 2010 crash. He brought in Stanley Fischer in February 2014 and Russia did the July MH17 shoot down.

Obama knew that the 2010 Polish air crash was because he hired Larry Summers. So when Obama hired Stanley Fischer he knew another plane would be lost. So Obama is guilty coming and going on these murders.

So was Robert Mueller. That is why Mueller is desperate to get something on Trump. Comey is also part of the conspiracy since he took over from Mueller on September 4, 2013.

Let’s hope that Congress holds open hearings so we can hear their excuses.

Island model strikes down TFRs across board

May 20, 2018

The Island Model of Population Genetics says immigration causes complete genetic replacement. The lowest drops of total fertility rate show this hitting every racial group.



Fascinating. If I could have my time over again, I’d become a demographer.

Of course, any  mention of the Island Model is banned at Vdare. Poor demographer wanna-be JD. Can’t say Island Model. Can’t say any sustained immigration causes total genocide.

Still Vdare and Derbyshire are among my favorite controlled opposition. They still pretend 911 was 19 hijackers and that jet fuel fires caused 3 buildings to crush themselves. Total fantasy physics. Just like pretending immigration doesn’t cause total genocide is fantasy demographics.

It’s the Island Model Stupid!

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