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Conspiracy Theory

December 6, 2006

Conspiracy Theory List

Litvinenko and others say that: Putin is behind the 1999 Moscow Apartment Building bombings

US Dept of State says that Russia is behind saying that CIA behind AIDs:

The U.S. military or intelligence community is a favorite villain in many conspiracy theories.

For example, the Soviet disinformation apparatus regularly blamed the U.S. military or intelligence community for a variety of natural disasters as well as political events. In March 1992, then-Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the disinformation service of the Soviet KGB intelligence service had concocted the false story that the AIDS virus had been created in a US military laboratory as a biological weapon. When AIDS was first discovered, no one knew how this horrifying new disease had arisen, although scientists have now used DNA analysis to determine that “all HIV-1 strains known to infect man” are closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in a western equatorial African chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes. But the Soviets used widespread suspicions about the U.S. military to blame it for AIDS. (More details on this.)”

So if CIA did it, its conspiracy theory, if KGB or FSB or SVR did it, its not conspiracy theory.

USDOJ is the world’s largest conspiracy theory site?

USDOJ has over 15,000 hits on the search conspiracy

Conspiracy Nut: A person who believes everyone charged by USDOJ for conspiracy is guilty, that they should have been charged with that crime, and that what they were charged with should be a crime.

Well known conspiracy nuts: Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, John Yoo.




Supreme Court and Judiciary

conspiracy site: over 19,000 and growing. Since DOJ is the source of most of these conspiracy hits, we still go back to DOJ.

Washington Post has over 10,000 hits on the search: conspiracy

Harvard conspiracy has 19,600
— Conspiracy events in History

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

Boston Tea Party

Assassination of Caeser

Hitler Stalin Pact to Divide Poland that started World War II

==WWI Explanations are all conspiracy theory?

“Events which seem to resist such interpretation—for example, because they are, in fact, unexplainable—may provoke the inquirer to look harder for a meaning, until one is reached that is capable of offering the inquirer the required emotional satisfaction. As sociological historian Holger Herwig found in studying German explanations for the origins of World War I:
Those events that are most important are hardest to understand, because they attract the greatest attention from mythmakers and charlatans. ”

So the conclusion is that WWI is unexplainable and everyone who tries to do so is a conspiracy nut, mythmaker and charlatan. Presumably, this applies to all large historical events.

A guy in Serbia shot some Austrian Archduke, so Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia designed to be refused, and Serbia wouldn’t agree to a little of it, so Austria declared war backed by Germany, because they wanted to control central Europe is a conspiracy theory. Just like Russia wanted to stop it, the French sided with the Russians, and the Brits joined in to stop the Germans when they invaded Belgrium. The Turks joined in out of their long standing imperialist ambitions, plus they were already killing Christians in genocide, and why not get some land out of it as well? All that is conspiracy theory, myth making and charlatanism.

== Conspiracy Theory and Theory of History

So Conspiracy Theory is the view that history
is determined by individual and sometimes identifiable actions. Standard Theory is that history is not explainable and that all attempts to explain or even describe history are mythmaking and charlatanism. It sounds like Standard Theory is close to Marxist Leninist Theory, except the conspiracy theory parts, of course.

Sounds like we are all conspiracy nuts.


Bush admits to overseas CIA jails

CIA flights renditions

Secret Prisons Timeline

CIA wiki


cia program detentions

== Unitary Conspiray Theory by John Yoo

Nat Hentoff on Yoo etc.

Unitary Executive Theory is conspiracy theory.

John Yoo, the Berkeley, Bush DOJ, Silberman Thomas Clerk, Hatch Senate Judiciary Chief Counsel, Torture Memos, CIA Renditions, Unitary Executive Theory, Walking Conspiracy Theory.

=Carlyle Group: Follow the Money

(Remember Lee Hamilton’s 9-11 Commission said don’t follow the money. This was after the House Senate Joint Taskforce already had in 2003 and found it led to Saudi Arabia. Lee Hamilton’s whole career seems a conspiracy theory. Does he wish he had gone to Yale and into the CIA?)

search Carlyle Group

Richest 2 pct own more than half the world: study

Tue Dec 5, 2006 8:12 AM EST


–Law firms

Baker Botts


–Conspiracy Commissions

Hamilton Iran Contra

Hamilton October Surprise (theory Bush Sr. did a deal in 1980 to hold hostages until after election)

Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group

Baker Kean Commission

— Immigration Conspiracy Theory

Immigration Chappaquiddick-ization implies the Middle Class in US and the GOP are doomed. We will all be toys for Bush McCain Kennedy Yoo. Its the extraordinary rendition of America against the will of its people.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation, opinion or conspiracy theory. All other disclaimers apply.

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