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Unite the Tribes Leaders

November 1, 2007

In history, we see charismatic leaders arise, unite tribes and conquer everything before them.   The tribes become a nation.  As a nation they are powerful.  If not opposed by a united nation, they sweep aside the disunited tribes and declining empires around them.

When an empire is established it starts to come apart.

  1. Internal separation of the different nations in it.
  2. Conquest by an opposing charismatic leader.
  3. Carve up by other nations.
  4. Migrations.

To try to oppose these forces, empires use the following means.

  1. Assimilation.
  2. Movement of peoples.
  3. Repression.
  4. Deals with tribal leaders.

The cycle of history has these stages.

  1. Disunited tribes not yet a nation.
  2. A united nation.
  3. An empire of many peoples.
  4. Disolving and weak empires.

Assimilation can take centuries.  France and Germany took centuries to become modern nations.  They had regional differences that were real, not just jokes.  In fact, the jokes were because they were real.  Even within a region, there were differences in people.  This slowed their becoming nations.

The arrival of a charismatic leader to unite the tribes can’t be predicted in advance.  They arrive unexpectedly.  Their impact is enormous.

The charismatic leader’s rise always is associated with a loss of freedom.  The very reason the tribes won’t unite is to keep their freedom.  The charismatic leader has to take power to unite them.

  1. Caeser
  2. Richeliu
  3. Lenin and Stalin
  4. Hitler

Triumvirate stages can happen.   Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were a form of triumvirate.  They can often end in a powerful dictator.  A triumvirate is often seen in the dissolution of a powerful empire or late stage republic.   The dissolution of tsarist Russia led to the triumvirate of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.  The dissolution of Rome saw 2 triumvirates, each ending in a single dictatorship.

In Europe and the U.S. there is no real understanding of the possibility of an unexpected charismatic leader of the migrating groups allowed into them.  Instead, the elites are worried about a Hitler who will unite the tribes they are dispossessing.

The reason the elites focus on this is because they are conscious of the harm they do the people.  They are conscious of the hate they have towards them.  They are deliberately moving in other people to disunite the targets of their hate.  Since this is what they are preoccupied with doing, this is the type of opposing leader they fear.

The chance that one of the migrating groups would be united by its own charismatic leader who would conquer them is something they think about less.  But this could easily happen in Europe and to some extent in America.  In Europe, it would be under Islam.   It is only a short time until this could happen.  They would be a bin Laden type leader.

In the U.S., a charismatic Hispanic leader could lead such a movement.  Already almost half of births in the U.S. are non-white.  This is a signal that the time is ripe to overthrow the existing order and set up a new one.  Leaders will arise who try to take this opportunity.

The leader in America will be a Hugo Chavez type leader or a Fidel Castro.  Already the Che Guevara shirts are everywhere.  The brain washing at the universities is already going on.  Both to undermine the whites as a nation and to prepare non-whites to rebel and take over.

With nuclear weapons and without nationalism in whites, it is easy for a determined non-white leader to take over.  He needs to get his own people to seize nuclear weapons in the military.  Because of the force of integration pushed by the universities and MSM, its impossible to keep a determined group within the military from getting nuclear weapons.

History shows that Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Castro type leaders don’t care about killing millions to gain or hold power.  Castro wanted to nuke us in the Cuban Missile Crisis.  An internal Castro type revolutionary will want this revenge even more.  Stalin was from Georgia and was not a Russian.  His gulags may have had elements of ethnic payback for Russia’s conquest of the Caucus. We see that war still going on today with a Muslim flavor as well.

The elites have stirred this pot because that is how elites rule.  Its not some aberration that they have done this.  This is how they act.  Some like Teddy Kennedy were acting under powerful ethnic resentments.  But others just want to push down wages and feel the thrill of power over those in their own ethnic group that they went to high school with or of ethnic servants outside their group.

Elites are not nice.   The rhetoric of liberalism is an ironic joke to them because its how they divide us and rule us.  The more absurd the PC story, the more they enjoy it.  They are enjoying schadenfreude in the sub-prime loan business.  They are enjoying people from their own ethnic group who they went to high school with not having health care for themselves or their children or grand-children.

They erupted in anger when James Watson told the truth about IQ and race, because it goes against their plan of immigration by low IQ third world people.  Eduardo G. Mestre, an investment banker, was board chairman at Cold Springs Harbor Lab, CSHL, and immediately attacked James Watson it appears from the speed of it.

The elites fear the people.   Out of this fear has grown their hate of them.  They won’t tolerate open discussion of what is happening.  The elite attack on Watson in October 2007 is a consequence of the people’s rebellion in June 2007 against the immigration bill by jamming Senate phone lines.  This was payback against a Buchanan type leader who had arose.  The elites know they can’t let the people have a charismatic leader who can tell what is happening.

James Watson is a legendary scientist. Steve  Sailer has called him America’s greatest living scientist.  The elites saw in him a potential charismatic leader who could tell the truth and unite the tribes of whites who are being dispossessed.  The elites crushed him instinctively and instantly.

Watson had not prepared the way for this, and also didn’t understand this process himself, so he wasn’t ready.  The elites attacked him as a budding nativist leader of the people, a potential Lou Dobbs or Buchanan or Tancredo.  Watson didn’t understand he was being attacked for his potential in this role.  In a sense, the same happened to Larry Summers, although Summers was an unlikely populist.  However, there can be a transition from globalist to populist.

In the U.S. presidential election, none of the Democrats is a populist leader for dispossessed whites.  They are all part of the ruling group.   They all favor continued mass immigration.

Hillary Clinton is part of a ruling family.  This is why the elites in the Democratic Party all love her.  Obama is articulate and willing to do the bidding of the elites.  He is not a black nationalist leader as Martin Luther King was.  He is more along for the ride.  Edwards pretends to be populist but really is another Appalachian self-hating white that despises and betrays the people he came from.   He is like Lindsey Graham in this respect.

On the Republican side, its not much different at this stage.  The RINO 4 have all been big immigrationists.  They have all been safe for the elites.  Fred Thompson and John McCain have voted for immigration in the Senate.  Rudi Giuliani has fought for illegal immigration all the way to the Supreme Court.  Mitt Romney built his fortune of 250 million dollars by taking away good jobs and sending them overseas or giving them to H-1B’s or other immigrants.

Whenever a populist arises, the establishment tries to undermine him.  Tom Tancredo they have undermined by constant attacks.   They also promote him by promoting false charismatics like Huckabee.  They see in Huckabee a pawn like Obama.

In Huckabee’s case they see him as taking evangelicals as chumps.  Huckabee is a mass migration type who pretends to be for the people but is really another elitist wolf like Edwards.  Huckabee is the favorite of the Bush Rove Republican party machine.

It may not be clear who is a unite the tribes leader until its too late, for the elites.  They are trying to buy out rising leaders on a regular basis.  They assume it works, because it does.  Populist leaders are seldom, if ever, able to stop the dissolution of an empire by its elites.  They can slow it down but not reverse it.  More likely, they can lead out a separatist movement as part of a break-up.

Examples of separatist movements are Irish and American independence.  Another is setting up the state of Israel.  The breakup of the Soviet Union is a recent example.  That had many charismatic leaders arise.  Putin is the response of the old KGB elite of the USSR.  He is what that type of leader looks like.  Bush said he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul and found it compatible with his own.

Sometimes it takes several leaders to create a tornado.  Alexander the Great’s father united Greece.  Alexander then conquered the known world.  The first stage was Greek nationalism overcoming city state separatism.  Then the Greeks were a united nation who could sweep aside the disunited empires and tribes before them.

A united nation has staying power.  Hannibal wandered Italy for over 10 years with an army but failed because the Latin tribes were already united as a nation in the 3rd century B.C. Rome conquered because it was fueled by nationalism in Italy. It was opposed by disunited tribes who fell before it.  Carthage lacked the resources of a united nation the size of Italy, so it couldn’t defeat Rome.

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