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“Allen, Webb Are Not Spotlighting Their Positions on Immigration”

October 21, 2006

Washington Post, welcome to covering the immigration issue in the Allen Webb race for Senate. Why don’t you follow up by asking Sidarth what his position is?

You interviewed him but didn’t ask. Sidarth is an engineering student at UVA who is born in the US and hurt by H1B and Skil Bill that Allen supports. Sidarth joined the Webb campaign before Allen called him Macaca. Webb took anti H1B votes to win the June 2006 primary by only 12,000 votes over Harris Miller a lobbyist for H1B with positions like Allen.

Young adults need a window of 25 years to form stable families and have children. Both Allen and Webb are against them on that issue, as you point out. Why don’t you ask them how young adults can have job security for 25 years in advance to have children with their policies?

Why don’t you ask Webb how illegal immigration will be stopped by legalization? Why don’t you ask Allen how can Sidarth have the economic security as an engineer to get married young and have a big family under Allen’s programs?

Ask Allen if Sidarth isn’t thinking of switching out of engineering because of this. If every American goes to law school to avoid immigration what will happen?

By OldAtlantic | Oct 21, 2006 5:39:35 PM
—Further Comments
Why don’t they ask Tim Russert at Meet the Press why he didn’t ask them any questions on this? What about the other debates? What about the list of questions Old Atlantic posted on the Washington Post website for the last Allen Webb debate? Why couldn’t the Post mail those to the candidates to get answers?

Sidarth can’t have joined the Webb campaign because Allen called Sidarth Macaca. Sidarth joined the Webb campaign before Allen called Sidarth Macaca. So why did Sidarth join the Webb campaign?

Sidarth is a UVA engineering student, who is hurt by Allen’s support of H1B and Skil Bill, while Webb won the June 2006 after calling Harris Miller, “the anti-Christ of outsourcing”. Webb took anti H1B votes, and Miller is an H1B lobbyist. So it would seem that Sidarth joined Webb because Webb was against H1B and Allen is for it.

Why didn’t the Post think about that when they interviewed Sidarth? Maybe the Post couldn’t comprehend that Sidarth couldn’t have joined the Webb campaign because Allen called Sidarth Macaca, since the latter came after the former. Maybe the Post wasn’t covering immigration in the Allen Webb campaign. Maybe the Post just wanted to get Allen, and couldn’t think of Sidarth as a person who had reasons for supporting Webb?

OldAtlantic | Oct 21, 2006 5:58:44 PM
–Allen’s Commonwealth Biotechnology Options and H1B
This was an extremely well written article and well researched on the positions of the candidates. My comments above are relative to the Post editors, not writers.

Webb and Allen filled out answers to 5 questions for a group in Fairfax according to one website, and Webb said he was against H1B and guest worker.

Allen has out of the money Commonwealth Biotechnology options on 15,000 shares with a strike of 7.50. Allen was on the board and knows that its business plan depends on H1B workers. That is why Allen supported the Skil Bill as a cosponsor and the Hutchison Amendment to S. 2611.

Because of leverage, if the stock price goes up, Allen’s out of the money options can become 150,000 dollars or more of in the money options. Allen knows as a former board member that this can’t happen without the H1B workers from the Skil Bill he cosponsored.

Allen wraps himself in the Confederate Flag and calls Sidarth Macaca because he thinks his base will be fooled into thinking he is for them while he is really selling them out with his Skil Bill for what he hopes will be 150 thousand dollars.

(Note an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Allen’s upside due to a misunderstanding of press reports and blogs on Allen’s options.)

OldAtlantic | Oct 22, 2006 1:26:45 PM
–Correction Posted at WaPo Comments
Allen stands to gain a smaller sum than conjectured earlier from his current option holdings.  Allen only has options on 15,000 shares of CBI today.  The 1.1 million references other options he held as well in the past.  So Allen’s potential gain from his current option holdings is more like 150,000 dollars if the share price went from 2 dollars
to say 17.50 since the strike price is 7.50.  Allen was given these options in the past and may get more in the future from high tech companies that are benefiting from his Skil Bill and H1B.  So the principle of Allen’s past and future option gains coming from his Skil Bill and H1B as a return favor is valid.  More discussion on this at Old Atlantic Lighthouse⊂=AR

“Allen, Webb Are Not Spotlighting Their Positions on Immigration”
“They Differ on Guest-Worker Program and Limited Legalization”

By Karin Brulliard
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, October 21, 2006; Page B05

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