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Vanishing American Time to Go

January 21, 2014

A very sad day in blogging that Vanishing American is going to stop blogging and pull her blog from the Internet.

I somehow feel as if my blogging over the last several years (I first began in 2006) has amounted to nothing after all, but I gave it my all while I could. Now it’s time.

Again, thanks to those of you who made thoughtful posts and input over the years.

Long time commenter at VA, CabbageRoll has left a comment at this blog.

cabbageroll Says:
January 21, 2014 at 3:58 am e

Hey OA, I just read Vanishing American’s post. I haven’t commented on her blog because it wouldn’t allow me to comment without some type of account, and also I’ve been busy working on a big project (still working on it unfortunately).

So…if VA reads this blog…here are my comments…

You should be blogging not to make a difference but to make yourself happy :) The only opinion that matters in life is yours. :) If you’re a good person, doing the above will make a difference.

VA changed my life for the better. I have a real true blue friends now who I don’t have to walk around eggshells with all the time (still single though :( but getting warmer!) I understand the world better and can make better decisions.

That is only two sentences…but what more does one person need? Once you have real friends, and you pull back the lies…Haven’t you pretty much won?

VA you’d be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished in the last few years, and none of that would have happened without your blog. You’re blog was what I needed to launch Cabbageroll Inc.

And now Cabbageroll Inc. is going to take over the world!!!

Thank you :)

January 21, 2014 at 10:12 am e

Thanks for commenting. I am glad her blog helped you, as it has me. It has a valuable contribution to spirit for Whites. It helps give us something of thrasos, as you indicate.

The development of one’s own thinking is valuable, especially when one sees and hears so many who have not made the transition in mindset from apology to victory.

I find that for me, it also has helped promote action. This applies to her blog and my own efforts. Even debates at newspaper websites that are now long forgotten were valuable.

It takes a lot of time to expel liberalism from your mind. VA made a similarly worded statement about how difficult it is to get out of that web.

Thanks for the humor, spirit, and music over the years.

Best luck in your other endeavors, VA.

Karen Matheson and Capercaillie is one of your favorites that you introduced us to.

Who Will Raise their Voice?

When the smoke clears
And the truth comes shining through.
I will watch the sparks fly
From deadlines overdue
Make no mistake now
Time will hunt them down
Till the language of reason
Runs them to (the) ground.

Who will raise their voice, as the cruel winds blow
And who will call a truce, and who can break our fall
Whisper words of reason to those without a song
Who will raise their voice, and carry us along.

Those images are everywhere, like sand in your hair
From the beaches of childhood they slip through my fingers they’re
Like years of our lives, tormenting and cruel
Will the world look that way again, silent and true?

So when the smoke clears
And the truth comes shining through
Those prophecies they made
Will crumble in two, like a dark horse riding, graceful through the night
You’re the language of reason
The language of life.

Sean Connery described Karen Matheson as having “a throat surely touched by the hand of God.

This describes your writing VA. I hope that one day your blog is republished somewhere in some form, but it has influenced many and had the power to move men’s (and women’s) minds.


Vanishing American is back

September 6, 2013

A song from one of her favorite groups seems particularly appropriate, especially as we move into autumn.

CAPERCAILLIE – ( Oh Mo Dhuthaich – Oh My Country ) Scotland.


Wishing you the best VA and I hope you continue blogging.

Re Vanishing American ”Too bad for all the WASPs.”

June 7, 2009

Vanishing American discusses the fate of the Wasps and reflects on her blogging experience here:

There is a long comment thread with many excellent comments.   Part of one:
“Each year ideas that were once a joke or tolerated as a sop to minorities and deviants have become stronger and stronger and now hold the force of law. We have given through our inattention and inactivity the tools to destroy our people and way of life to those who hate us the most. God help us all.
Jesse James ”

My comment with some additions follows here:

Excellent diagnosis.

Hopefully your blog VA can be part of the recovery.

Like you I have found a blog a good way to sort things out and to put bluntly what I wouldn’t have said without this experience, much of it inspired by yours.  I think the experience of writing things out on these topics is worthwhile in itself.  Much that was tentative is now definite.

There is also the tendency to misapply the blame or come short and apply it someplace else.  You have greatly contributed to avoiding those mistakes.  Those are the typical mistakes of the PC anointed ones.  As Jesse James points out, the failure to confront wrong directly has gotten us here.

Saying its illegal immigration that is the problem is an excellent example of moral cowardice.  Its interesting how many were willing to jump to that when the opportunity was offered.  From the time of the great surrenders starting in the postwar period, our side has continued to say it doesn’t object to the main thing, only some minor aspect of how its done or that its not uniform.  This has been one long suicide trip.

We need to say we want a land of our own, a land of white people, a government of the white people by the white people for the white people.  That is what we don’t want to perish from the earth.  This is essential if the white race and all of its culture and the rest is not to perish from the earth, followed by a long dark night from which humanity may never wake.  That nightmare world is the left’s image and its destination for us.  It has to be stated that plainly and worked for in that way.

From Sarah Maid of Albion I got to

Which quotes:

What is Genocide?
The term “genocide” was coined by legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in 1943, writing:

‘Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation.

It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.

The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity and lives of the members of such groups… ‘

end quote.

This is exactly what we are enduring now.  You have pointed this out many times, each aspect of this.  I don’t recall if you have discussed this quote.  Its so apt to all that is going on.

The Brussels Journal series by Takuan Seiyo is like a long elaboration on each element of this quote.  But much of that you had already written on.  We are fully justified in and in fact obligated to hate every aspect of what is done to us as part of genocide and everyone who is doing it to us especially when they benefit.  Only then do we have a chance to fight back with full strength. That is one lesson you have pointed out, difficult as it is to say.    (A contribution to moral philosophy that is unique from you at least in our own time.  Perhaps in some more honest era, hate was discussed more openly.)

Our enemies hate us and delight in our extinction and shout it from the highest chambers in our government in all 3 branches.  (They hate freely, know its power and want a monopoly of hate.  For the left, hate is a force multiplier.  They know that and want to deny it to their victims. If your opponent hates you and keeps on hitting until you are dead without hesitation and you don’t know when to fight back, then you are certain to lose.   Every country in war draws on hate for victory.  The left does it fully.  They hate us and teach everyone to hate whites, what they say, whatever it its, etc.  The left tells us not to hate the left or its agents while it hates us and teaches its agents to hate us and dispossess us in every way they can without hesitation or qualms.  Overtime, this makes defeat a certainty for us.   As people experience this in their own life, the left teaches them to hate themselves for what is done to them quite intentionally.)

Many of your posts recall the distinctive American voice of writers famous or not from the founding to the present.  Without that we have no hope of having the pride we need to fight and win.  They were not racists as you point out, but they did what was necessary and what was right, and when they fell short it was in not doing enough of what they were called racist for, and doing too much of what they are praised for now by those who are destroying us and know exactly what they are doing.


Obama showed he took ownership of the left’s hate out of Sarah Palin when Obama called her a pig.  Daily Kos fueled the hate attacks on Palin and has a close relationship with the Obama campaign.

1831 when all America was All American

March 4, 2009

Vanishing American

Our present system is not ‘ours’, and does not represent us or our interests. It is not only not responsive to our will as it pretends to be, and it is in fact downright hostile to our interests. It is a system which works to thwart the popular will, and which is inimical to the survival of the legitimate people of this country, the established American people. As such, according to our Founding Fathers, it is no longer a legitimate government.

Robert Reis in a comment there also uses the wonderful word pathocracy to describe our condition.

VA links to Henry George writing in 1883

Jorg Banner:

Comment at VA

Great post VA.  This is one I would call Vanishing American Classic (VAC).  It vacs up the facts and gives you the explanation.  When people want to know what happened, how we turned it around despite what seemed impossible odds, they will read this and other posts to find out.

In the fall of empires and civilizations, I think one cause is the destruction of the middle class genes of the native stock.  These are the people who manage the society in the middle.  When you eliminate their genes, and those jobs are done by people of non-native stock, the native stock group is already dead.

Its cutting off the genetic head of the native stock.  This is what Stanford is doing.

African American    676     (10%)
American Indian or Alaska Native    187     (3%)
Asian American or Pacific Islander  1,563   (23%)
White   2,628   (38%)
International   462     (7%)
Mexican American    495     (7%)
Other Hispanic  334     (5%)
Unidentified    467     (7%)

If you can do this to all middle class niches in the society, then you kill the native stock genes and the country of the original native stock is dead.

Cut off the genetic head,
and the native stock is dead.

Obama is targeting white middle class.  This is the Ayers Alinsky Trotsky plan.  It likely is the real cause of the fall of the great civilizations of history from before Greece and Rome to the present.  We see it now in England, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain to name a few of its victims.

The critical period was 1831 to 1880’s when  America died.   It was mostly done by 1865.    Immigration, the Civil War, and the unrepatriated blacks killed the original America.  The Civil War was also the triumph of the tyrants and demopathy and pathocracy in America.

Henry George in 1883 as quoted by Vanishing American:

It behooves us to look facts in the face. The experiment of popular government in the United States is clearly a failure. Not that it is a failure everywhere and in everything. An experiment of this kind does not have to be fully worked out to be proved a failure. But speaking generally of the whole country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Lakes to the Gulf, our government by the people has in large degree become, is in larger degree becoming, government by the strong and unscrupulous.”

The America de Toqueville witnessed in 1831 was the last time when all America was All American.  Note that the usurpers and dispossessors always say the opposite.  They say America was never America until they were in power.  That is their constant refrain.

But in fact the usurpers killed it, and they did it between 1831 when de Tocqueville came and saw the native stock American’s America and 1883 when Henry George wrote of the already multiculti multiethny America.  That America had already switched from small town values that VA talks about in her essay to the take over of entire cities by gangs that George talks of and by 1983 had become the destruction of entire cities or great portions of them such as befell Detroit, the South Side of Chicago, much of LA, Atlanta and so forth.
The Ellis Island Wave resented the original and real America for taking them in and strove to eliminate its genetic head.  Their humor and comments show that today.  Kill its genetic head and the native stock is dead.  That is their animating impulse.  Their leaders constantly say that, no matter their success or prizes.  No matter the issue or provocation.  When Muslims kill all, the Ellis Islanders come out and say the real enemy are the native stock who they equate with bigots, racists and the KKK.  In fact, the attacks of Muslims, Hispanics and the constant killing by blacks spur them on to say that they resent the native stock and their parents and grand-parents taught them that.

Their enmity is so great they celebrate the final ethnic cleansing of the native stock from any position of power or influence even at the price of their own group’s demise from the new immigrants.  This is hate.  This is all consuming destructive hate.  But it pours out every day on MSM.  Its the one true message.


When America is attacked, New York City is the beachhead of the assault, except when it comes across the Pacific from China or another Asian power.  Those are often sneak attacks.

New York has loudly proclaimed its hostility to America from the 19th century to the present.

On 9/11, New York MSM couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the country that we were the real bigots and racists, not the 19 immigrants.  They made it clear then and since that their real enemy was the native American stock, same as ever.  Every attack since has been the chance for them to reaffirm their true loyalty to the enterprise of removing the native stock from every crack and denying them any place of their own, no matter how far removed from the seats of power.

Their leaders in all walks of life constantly pour out that refrain.  It is the simple truth, that’s why they resent it so much when we say it.  That’s when they erupt into real hate speech.  Hate speech directed at us, their real enemy.

The new white Renaissance

February 23, 2009

Vanishing American, “Have we done this to ourselves?”

re: “100 most indispensable books”

E. M. Forster wrote: The only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little further down our particular path than we have yet got ourselves. [ ” A Book That Influenced Me”]. Forster was  also part of the  so-called ‘Bloomsbury Group’.

Ian Jobling:

My comment:

In building a theory of racial loyalty we need a set of data and characterizations of the data.  One datum is the reaction to the OJ verdict.

Listen to the black lawyers and intellectuals saying the black reaction you see before you is not hatred of whites or celebrating the killing of whites.  Its almost as if Frontline created a training tape that either side could use.  Liberals can see how to lie about what people see.  The right, or whatever we call ourselves, can say see how the talking heads lie about what you see in front of you with your own eyes.

There are several levels of race loyalty on display.  The black jury voted for OJ.  The blacks react with joy.  The black lawyers and intellectuals then say its not black racism, or hate of whites in general or celebrating the killing of two whites.  So all levels of the black race express their race loyalty in their own way and in the way that is most useful to their race.


Whites fought among themselves in Europe.  When they encountered non-white races in their expansion outward they mostly continued to fight other whites.

Now whites have to build a white loyalty to fight the other races.  now that the threat is real of white genocide.   This is as useful as stopping the barbarian invasions of Europe that allowed the Renaissance.  The Renaissance came from men of the sword stopping the non white invasions.
We need a new birth of race consciousness among whites to save our people and our civilization.  This has to build on the individual nationalistic loyalties as well as build a new loyalty among whites.  This is being forced on us because it is the only way for us to survive.  We still have sufficient numbers to do so.  But only if we act.  Speaking the truth and not being cowed by PC is the first step.

==Some prior articles and threads at Vanishing American

Great article VA.

You might want to save the following pdf from DOJ’s website before it disappears.…b/pdf/ htius.pdf

The pdf gets the screen shots but there are also data sets that can be downloaded. I don’t think they are in the pdf. To get those, you have to go to the webpages with graphs, click on the graph and click on the spreadsheet link. That is actually a text file, and you can save it adding the extension .csv when you save it. It will then load automatically into a spreadsheet program including free ones. I go through some of the steps below.

“Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders ”

If you go to above and click on graphs and click on spreadsheet you get stuff like following. These can be saved as text files
with extension .csv and then opened in a spreadsheet program,
including free ones.

You may want to get this data now before it disappears.…ts/ vracetab.csv

Bureau of Justice Statistics,,,
Homicide trends in the United States,,,,,,
Date of release: January 17 2007,,,

“Homicide Victimization Rates per 100,000 Population by Race”,,,


Good discussion: (also at other cited links at VA)

Great set of quotes VA. Especially the not an American one. Very close to Michelle Obama.

Michelle first time proud:…least-26-years/

Obama typical white person…least-26-years/

Obama calling Palin a pig:…h? v=utHZ7zYytLk

You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig. That’s with him saying the words.

Obama giving McCain the finger…h? v=DnEhmbKazdw

Obama giving Hillary the finger…h?v=UoOFp- RDpvM

Rev Wright God Damn America…h? v=9hPR5jnjtLo

OJ Simpson Verdict…h? v=OiWe0BTxGxo

You can drag them a couple seconds and still get a lot from them.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest,
and in the joy of a new beginning,
we ask you to help us work for that day
when black will not be asked to get in back,
when brown can stick around,
when yellow will be mellow,
when the red man can get ahead, man;
and when white will embrace what is right.
That all those who do justice and love mercy
say Amen.

Rev. Joseph Lowery…h? v=8atFjvN488s

at 5:23 Obama smiles as Lowery mentions whites.

Obama scripted this and the attack on Sarah Palin is what I believe.

Gravatar Video of black crowd reactions to OJ Verdict…/view/ 5_hi.html

(above is worth watching and continue to some of the black commentary trying to explain it away. These are the top blacks in America lying to your face. Its important to remember how they lied in unison to deny what we saw, pure hatred of whites on display. A hatred that is genetic and can never be eliminated by any education or cultural training.)

Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School says that the celebration was not what you see. Ogletree is around 2 min in the tape. Obama was president of law review at Harvard.…a- 3515192.shtml

Ogletree on Obama at HLS above.

Search Ogletree Obama for more of him and Obama.

More Frontline on OJ verdict…ntline/oj/view/

Gravatar When Harvard Law Professor Ogletree lies about the reaction to the OJ verdict he takes moral ownership of the entire crime. Harvard Law School does too. Obama is a product of this mentality at HLS.

AG Eric Holder “Nation of Cowards”…h? v=3RtzGraUV9c



Is White loyalty less today or more?  Was white loyalty high in the 19th century?  In WWI?  In WWII?  Are the two world wars and 3rd world immigration a new crucible for the birth of white loyalty?  Aren’t whites still loyal?  Don’t they prefer their own?  Don’t they show that still?  Have always done so?

If whites can form a bond and eject the 3rd world invasion in our lands, then we can have a new white Renaissance as great as the white Renaissance that started sometime around 1300.   That was made possible by centuries of fighting against invasions into Europe by non-whites.   That fight had meaning.  It was essential for the Renaissance.

Are we at such a time again?  Must we not rise to the challenge to fight the invasion by non-whites into our lands?  Isn’t that what is needed for the New White Renaissance?

Vanishing American on PC left claim of white Racist DNA

January 19, 2009

Comment at Vanishing American

(See comments at VA, this was posted as a comment there.)

This is another reason to convince us to be active not give up.  Cabbageroll you have some good points.  Pointing out how badly interracial marriage is for whites is useful too.

One example is Barack Obama’s mother.  Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was already married when he met 17 year old Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii, an interracial “paradise”.  One that has had many reports in the last year of being anti-white racist in the extreme including during the 1970’s when Obama was growing up there at an impressionable age.  Not that the South Side of Chicago was any less so in the 1980’s or today.

Stanley Ann Dunham is another white woman determined to “end racism” by her womb as Cabbageroll discussed above.  Many white women will now want to emulate her, even though BHO Sr was married at the time he met 17 year SAD and then ditched her for a scholarship to Harvard.  As Steve Sailer pointed out, he could have had one in New York that would have supported SAD and his half-white son, but he didn’t choose that.  Wonder why?

IQ gene that whites have but not many blacks is here:

A new allele (version) of ASPM appeared sometime between 14,100 and 500 years ago with a mean estimate of 5,800 years ago. The new allele has a frequency of about 50 percent in populations of the Middle East and Europe, it is less frequent in East Asia, and has low frequencies among Sub-Saharan African populations. [1]

The mean estimated age of the ASPM allele of 5,800 years ago, roughly correlates with the development of written language, spread of agriculture and development of cities.[2] Currently, two alleles of this gene exist: the older (pre-5,800 years ago) and the newer (post-5,800 years ago). About 10% of humans have two copies of the new ASPM allele, while about 50% have two copies of the old allele.

How many think we should switch back to two copies of the old allele?  That would mean going back to before cities.  Like Detroit?  Like burning Paris?  Lile Birmingham, Manchester and London?

“A derived form of MCPH1 called haplogroup D appeared about 37,000 years ago (anytime between 14,000 and 60,000 years ago) and has spread to become the more common form throughout the world except Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Could be that BHO Sr didn’t have the new alleles of MCPH1 and ASPM.  How sad.  Should we go back to before 37,000 years ago?  That seems to be the proposal of this woman against racism.

Two Links from VA article

Please go to the VA article to see one on Germany.

Immigration distrust equilibrium low fertility outcomes

December 18, 2008

The following was a comment at Vanishing American, “Where have all the men and women gone.”

VA had a post on the London Times:

Where have all the men gone?

…Where have all the men gone? Instead, we have an overload of man-boys – which leaves a generation of single, thirtysomething women who are their natural mates bewildered. I am one of those women.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973 in the US see p60-233.pdf graph page 19.

We can use a theorem in demographics to explain demographic outcomes.  The theorem is the Wright Island Model.

“the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”
Nagylaki, Genetics.

There is a substitution effect by immigration alone.  Its a math theorem that the genes on the island have to converge to those of the immigrants.  Thus the mating process is disrupted.

Economic instability works its way backward.  Marriages can breakup when the man or both lose their job.  So the marriage is unstable.  So they can’t have kids.  So there is no reason to get married.  So they don’t. This type of recursive or backward reasoning is used in game theory and modern economics.

It is sometimes called rational expectations.  Young people have rational expectations of job instability.  Based on that they have rational expectations of marriage instability.  So they have rational expectations of not having children when married. So they have rational expectations of not getting married at all.  So they don’t.

Its a rational expectations equilibrium that derives from the unstable job market caused by immigration.

The fertility graph above from 1800 to 1990 shows this.  Fertility fell except during immigration restriction from 1924 to the late 1950’s early 1960’s when it picked up even before the 1965 act.  The baby boom started in 1940 and peaked in 1957 and was followed by the baby bust.  This was the same period that saw marriage start to crash.

We now are in the extreme stress conditions implied by the Wright Island Model.

Young people are looking for an explanation of what is happening to them.  Its in the math.  The math explains what is happening.  Immigration causes genetic replacement with certainty.

The growth of distrust is a result of the influx.  With zero immigration, people deal with the same people on a repeat basis and there is stability. So behavior is closely monitored. This makes reputation important. Trust comes out of this. We get a trust and responsible behavior equilibrium.

With the influx of immigrants, there is no way to avoid extinction ultimately.  So people become desperate and short term in their thinking. They also deal with different people and so don’t need a good reputation.  The result is they behave badly. We switch to the distrust equilibrium. People expect bad behavior in advance, so they don’t let themselves be vulnerable. The result is a crash.

Its the same in our financial system. Bear Stears in 1998 wouldn’t do illiquid trades like LTCM did.  But in 2008 they went bankrupt by selling illiquid derivatives.  This was because the managers just wanted to get theirs while they could and the spread for selling illiquid derivatives was high.  The same for AIG FP. These firms also became full of Indian and Chinese quants who simply told the trading bosses what they wanted to hear, value at risk was low.  But, of course, it wasn’t. We are in the distrust equilibrium. That comes from immigration and its a consequence of rational expectations equilibrium from game theory.

The meaning of young people’s lives is the above math.  Their lives instead of being full of meaning are just bacteria in someone else’s experiment.  They are reduced to objects by immigration.  Yet they see the meaning in their life as being not bigoted.  Its actually a scam foisted on them by those running the experiment.  And the experiment is evil.


An economist or someone said recently, or I read it recently and they said it long ago, that children are a durable good.  The production of that good is disrupted by immigration.  Its too costly and risky to produce children when there is immigration.  So they are produced less.

Children provide a stream of benefits.  Not just support in old age, but emotional ones when young.  There is a trade. Parents give children a stable loving home and get love in return.  This works if the parents have a stable job.

But if that stream of benfits from children isn’t worth the cost and risk the children are not produced.  To enjoy the benefits, one needs economic stability.  When there is no job stability, a child goes from being a stream of satisfaction, to a source of worry, how to provide for the child.

The emotional stream of benefits comes with the requirement of a stream of emotions to provide to the child. And if one can’t provide, the parents part of the bargain, the trade of emotions with a child can’t happen in a positive way but is negative. Child abuse may have risen because of this as well.  Parents can’t deliver on their part of the trade, a stable economic environment and home, and so abuse the children out of their angst and to blame the victim.

The trade between parent and child is disrupted by immigration which creates economic instability.  This changes children from a blessing to a burden.  So young adults don’t have children. So they don’t get married. So they are unhappy.

Immigration causes unhappiness.   Part of the channel is to create distrust.  This includes distrust between the sexes. The result is more partners and instability and the spread of disease.  That is another outcome of immigration.


Search “children are durable goods”

“children are a durable good”

bad grammar but good search.

Whites need to stop being pod people

December 3, 2008

This started out as a comment at Vanishing American, “Cultural chaos” and loneliness”.

“PC is hate.” I searched on that and one result said: PC is hate speech. Another search “PC fifth column”.

In military speak, PC is a force multiplier. That’s why we need our own force multipliers.

Speaking out bluntly is essential to turn the pod people around. When they say, you mean you are for white people, or whatever variant they use as beyond the pale, the answer is yes.

You can’t deprogram pod people with euphemisms. We are fighting to preserve a white majority country. Its the invaders who are haters. And they hate us. They came to replace us. Pod people need to say that to stop being pod people. And its a constant struggle.

Those who come to take our lands are evil and do hate us. They aren’t just looking for a better life, but to stop our enjoying our life. They are taking our land by force one act at a time. Invaders are haters.

They are looking to end our communities and extended families. Our institutions once were our extended families. Our schools, colleges, companies, churches, and government at all levels were all part of our extended family. The invaders are ending that.

Their speech is full of hate for us to have our land as our extended family. They say they take that and we can’t have it. That is hate. They show they hate us by saying that. Pod people deny it. To stop being a pod person you have to say the truth. We have to fight back. Depodification is a struggle everyday. Join the program.

The following link is not automatically generated.

Diversity is causing stress and depression that causes the obesity epidemic.

The PC multicult is immoral

November 21, 2008

The PC movement in Christianity makes equality the goal, as if equality is meaning. Things get their meaning by being equal. Thus the meaning of 2 and 3 is that they are equal, and if they are not, then they are racist and must be cast out.

The consequence of open borders is that the genes of whites are eliminated completely. The actual configuration of human life is made worse. Meaning depends on the configuration not just the individual. A set of identical atoms bouncing around in a void with a high temperature don’t have as much meaning in the sense of a configuration as an ordered human society that is making progress on self knowledge and self organization.

Morality has to be based on consequences. To genocide whites and replace their civilization with a violent and less advanced one is not to promote a better configuration. The idea of sacrificing the society to promote the welfare of an individual is not one that has been the basis of the advance of the West.
Nor is sacrificing the society to promote equality the message of what is moral in the Bible.

Scenes from the Bible where the people cast off morality and sense and engage in PC like equality dances and emotion are ones that always come to a bad ending and are judged immoral. Moses went up to get the 10 Commandments and when he came back he found the PC multicult was already in control. The celebration after sports games and the cult of black celebrity are illustrative of that type of scene today. Obama symbolizes that cult of black celebrity despite his embracing Ayers and much else that is vile. Those who embrace Obama are embracing all of that.

Sodom and Gommorrah were PC multicult. One god one altar is PC multicult. Many of the PC delusion may think those words are somewhere in the Constitution. The idea of sacrifice for a greater good means that an individual or even a generation has to sacrifice so that the configuration is better.

The configuration of closed borders is better because it allows the advanced societies to continue to advance and allows the backwardness and real evil of the 3rd world to be isolated and then compressed to a smaller verge. This is a program of moral progress. The configuration gets better and the society is a more moral one. Working towards this is moral. Working the opposite direction is amoral at best if done without knowing it, and immoral if done with knowledge. It is likely immoral if done without knowledge since the knowledge is available and its reckless disregard to ignore it.

Having closed borders to wall out evil and to advance good is one that is in many places of the Bible and in Christian understanding since. The Puritans came to America not to promote immigration but a better society. They intended to wall out that which was evil and wall in that was good and to develop their own society to be better. Groups that followed in their path have tried the same. Mormons are another example with their quest for a true Zion that was better and where they could wall out the bad and promote the good. There are many others.

If one sits in a heat bath of atoms and molecules flying in with no protection, then all one gets is decay. A cell has to have a membrane to develop its internal structure which must be protected from external atoms and molecules flying through and breaking up the configuration. The meaning of a cell is not random atoms moving in heat, but an orderly configuration. The same applies to all configurations. All configurations of order, and those are the ones with meaning, have to wall out disorder. They can’t have just any atom that wants to come flying through whenever it wants.

Without the ability to wall out, there can not be an ordered configuration. Without an ordered configuration, there can’t be real meaning. Sacrifice for an ordered configuration that is rational is good. Destroying such a configuration and imposing sacrifice and destruction on people to tear it down is immoral and evil.

==Above posted as a comment at Vanishing American

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Over at TakiMag, Paul Gottfried has a piece about Christianity, specifically Protestant evangelical Christianity and the Obama cult, as manifested in a Northern Michigan election party.

(See Northern Michigan Evangelists
Posted by Paul Gottfried on November 20, 2008)


Genes are part of the configuration of a society. Different genes, different societies. Eliminating good or advanced genes is not moral. It eliminates the advanced society.

Saying genes don’t matter is false. Spreading falsehood is immoral and wicked. Building a society on a falsehood is wicked. The harm that comes and the fall of the society comes from the wicked lie. The PC multicult who lie about genes and claim genes are not part of the configuration of society are engaged in spreading those wicked lies. They are destroying civilization as much as those who put up altars to false gods when Moses went on the mountain. They are worse, because their damage can’t be undone as easily.

The PC multicult destroy that which is good. They do so out of their own ego. They have invented their own egotistical faith which puts their goodness in the center and the consequences of their actions are left for future generations to suffer from. That is the very core of self-righteous Pharisee thinking taken to its limit. To destroy a people and a society that has advanced higher so that those destroying it can proclaim themselves as false gods of PC and demand their own altar is the height of immorality. It is the very essence of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Diversity by backwardness is no virtue, homogeneity from casting
out the backward is no vice.

To do search in high dimensions you need multiple starting points. But we have already tried the ideas of the people of the 3rd world and moved beyond those. Their genes hold them back from the advanced ideas and the advanced ethics. Their unethical behavior is in their genes. So their genes can’t come here and long term can’t stay.

The 3rd world is in a bad configuration because of its bad genes. The West is in a good configuration because of its good ones. The progress of the West is thrown away and lost by bringing in bad genes and replacing the good ones with them. The 3rd world genes are not just low IQ but are unethical. This is empirical fact. Detroit, Rhodesia, South Africa, the DOJ statistics page, schools, etc. all prove this over and over. So does all the good that whites do. All the science. All the organization of society work they do.

Whites need to wall out the 3rd world and spread their alleles in the 3rd world. The only way that good alleles spread is if more copies of them are made in the last generation and fewer of the bad alleles. That is part of morality. When the morality is carried by the genes, its essential to do this. Anything else is immoral.

Lying about genes is not moral. Destroying good genes and their civilization to spread bad ones is not moral, its evil. Its self centered egoism to pull down a great civilization and substitute chaos, indifference and death in its place.


Doris Kearns Goodwin was on NPR or C-Span this morning. She pushes the cult of Lincoln, Truman, FDR and Lyndon Johnson and now Obama. She is one of the most wicked historians in history. She is a Harvard historian as they exist today.

All the presidents she pushes pushed the bad alleles of the genes associated with IQ and ethics and violence. They caused massive human suffering. Lincoln was worst of them all.

The Lincoln Memorial is and has been used to advance bad alleles of genes. That is what Lincoln and the Abolitionist Republicans did. The Abolitionist Republicans were the most immoral group to gain power in our land in its history. At that time you could choose evolution or God. They chose anti-evolution. They killed 600,000 white people, among them the best in IQ and ethics genes, to advance the worst genes in the land.

The DOJ webpage records the results of their work.

“Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders ”

“In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites”

1976-2005 52 percent of homicides by blacks.

From 1950 to 2000 the number of homicides appears to have been close to 800,000. Take 10,000 per year times 10 you get 100,000 per decade. But some decades were at 20,000 per year roughly. So 3 of those and 5 of the other get 800,000 for that 50 year period.

Of those, half were by blacks, or 400,000. This is more than died in WWII from the American side. These alleles have to be filtered. They have destroyed Detroit and the cores of our other cities. That did real lasting damage to our civilization. It keeps people from living in them as they did in Europe and the US in the 19th century when blacks were held in check. Blacks destroyed our cities. That is destroying our civilization. They are destroying our schools today. That destroys civilization.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is a plagiarist. She is the priestess of the PC multicult. She is the priestess of the Lincoln cult and the LBJ cult. She is immoral. She is pushing murder like Lincoln and LBJ did. The hundreds of thousands murdered by blacks are due to Lincoln. The cities destroyed by blacks were destroyed by Lincoln.

Morality is based on consequences. This is because we live in a physical, chemical, biological and mathematical world. That is reality. Those who go against mathematical, biological, chemical and physical reality are not moral. They are fools if they are not followed and evil if they are. Lincoln was evil. So was LBJ. So is Doris Kearns Goodwin.
So is Harvard which employs her to lie.

Harvard knows she lies because they have biologists who know better. James Watson taught at Harvard for a time. Goodwin knowingly spreads lies and harms society because she likes the attention it gets her. That is her reason. For that she condemns many to die today and tomorrow. Many suffer. Some are torture murdered. She takes ownership of that evil by her cult of Lincoln. Those whom Lincoln has killed or torture murdered, she takes ownership of their deaths by being a priestess for the Lincoln cult.

Lincoln, LBJ and Doris Kearns Goodwin are the real evil actors in American history. They lied about genes or they acted on lies about genes when they knew better. Lincoln knew better. He killed hundreds of thousands out of his own ego. Lincoln destroyed the civilization of the South. Lincoln destroyed our cities. That we can’t live in the downtowns of cities of the splendor they once had is because of Lincoln and those who follow in the cult of Lincoln.

The reason there is a Lincoln memorial is as a memorial to a false god. It apparently is what he wanted. Lincoln sacrificed our cities and our well being and our safety so that he could have a temple. That is the height of Pharisee evil. Lincoln was one of the worst in history. All of these leaders who practice evil have cults of personality. So did Lenin. So did Stalin.

Two genes linked to IQ are CHRM2 and DTNBP1.

Blacks don’t just kill themselves. By promoting violence and disrupting schools and cities they also cause a higher rate of crime and murder in others. They disrupt the expectations of virtue and switch the equilibrium from virtue to vice. To get the true impact of blacks and Hispanics in violence terms, we have to compare the violence rates of whites to those in Europe and attribute those to the civilization destruction by blacks here. Hispanics now are part of that.

==Comment at Raw Story

“US dominance ‘to end in 2025’ ”

November 21st, 2008 at 09:07:52 From: Fallaci Admirer
3rd world victory care of Bush Obama McCain
The immoral trio of false gods. This report proves that PC and immigration were lies. They don’t make us stronger, they destroy us. Character comes from genes as much as upbringing. This report says our society dies because it didn’t heed that.

November 21st, 2008 at 10:08:09 From: Fallaci Admirer
“we cannot be the worlds police ” al

So why do you bring the world here for us to police? Blacks killed 400,000 people in the US from 1950 to 2000. See chart and also blacks 52.2 percent in table below.

From 1950 to 2000 the number of homicides appears to have been close to 800,000. Take 10,000 per year times 10 you get 100,000 per decade. But some decades were at 20,000 per year roughly. So 3 of those and 5 of the other get 800,000 for that 50 year period.

Of those, half were by blacks, or 400,000. Lets stop bringing the world here to police them here.


“Political Economy
Who Lost Detroit?
Posted by Patrick J. Buchanan on November 21, 2008

Who killed the U.S. auto industry? ”

My comment:

PC is a morality of inputs not outcomes. Our elites believe morality is about intentions not actual outcomes. In the 18th century our rulers knew better. Lincoln was the turning point when outcomes stopped being the basis of morality.
Posted by Old Atlantic on Nov 21, 2008.


PC multicult is an altar of one and a religion of one. The ultimate Pharisee religion is self-worship in a religion of one.

The rise in murders per decade from 100,000 to 200,000 per decade
happened after ending Jim Crow in the 1960’s.

Murders went from under 70,000 per decade in 1950 to over 210,000 per decade by 1957. This is based on looking at the chart, so these numbers may be slightly off.

Taking off Jim Crow was tried and the result was a huge increase in deaths. At 70,000 per decade, 1950 to 2000 would have been 350,000 dead instead of 800,000 dead. So ending Jim Crow killed 450,000 people. So empirically, it was a failure. The destruction of our schools and destruction of our cities show it as well.

White flight was real. It ended the cities and it was a reflection of a wave of violence of war levels by blacks against whites. Hispanics have joined in that and are roughly half as violent as blacks. They don’t have a high civilization because of their genes the same as Africa doesn’t.

When whites lose power, the civilization falls, whether in Africa, Latin America or the United States. Europe, Canada, and Australia are all going through this decline of civilization by 3rd world immigration. The global financial crisis is another reflection of the fall of standards in our civilization caused by 3rd world immigration. People don’t care. They just do whatever they can to make money now. That is the 3rd world mentality and the opposite of what Europe developed over millenia.


Some of our preliminary assessments are highlighted below:

* The whole international system—as constructed following WWII—will be revolutionized. Not only will new players—Brazil, Russia, India and China— have a seat at the international high table, they will bring new stakes and rules of the game.
* The unprecedented transfer of wealth roughly from West to East now under way will continue for the foreseeable future.
* Unprecedented economic growth, coupled with 1.5 billion more people, will put pressure on resources—particularly energy, food, and water—raising the specter of scarcities emerging as demand outstrips supply.
* The potential for conflict will increase owing partly to political turbulence in parts of the greater Middle East.

This proves that 3rd world immigration and educating theirs in our schools was a mistake. We no longer have an us mentality, that is how low we have gone. The next step is our extinction. That shows the policy was a failure. The Abolitionist PC Multicult Lincoln FDR LBJ ideas were tested and resulted in the killing of millions and the fall of our civilization. We are almost extinct because of them.

Those under the PC delusion would rather die than fight. They particularly want their neighbor to go extinct or those they went to high school with. The press shows this mentality constantly. So does Bush. They call that thinking superior morality. Those whites with high fertility actually think their genes are the same as the Hispanics instead of their own kin. That’s how deluded they are. The MSM and the multicult ads and wrappings all push that delusion. On the street is reality.


Democracy and diversity are good when they promote search. When they destroy search they are bad. They destroy search when you can’t keep what you find that is good. We have tried the bad alleges of CHRM2 and DTNBP1 and rejected them and filtered them out in Europe. Now they come back in Hispanics and blacks from the 3rd world.

We don’t make progress by replacing good alleles with bad. That isn’t advancing our search but giving up the good we have already found by millenia of painful search in Europe. Giving that up is immoral. Actively destroying it is active evil. That is what immigration from the 3rd world is, its active evil. Doris Kearns Goodwin is a spreader of evil. She does evil.

We are not supporting beneficial diversity but harmful genocide. The genocide of whites and white genes and white civilization is not spreading diversity but giving up the real fruits of search. Diversity and democracy derive their positive virtues as promoting a search for better configurations. But when used to destroy better configurations they become harmful. That is what has happened. When that happens, democracies and civilizations die along with the genes.

Lying about genes is no virtue. Acting on the truth is no vice. The violence, stealing, and lying of the 3rd world are not virtue. Bringing them here is no virtue. Sending them back is no vice. It is a moral duty. It is required for all the loss of the past to not be given up. Moreover, the future will do it because it must be done.


As the financial markets fall with no floor yet in sight, it reminds us of how what is built on lies cannot stand. The PC ethic is built on lies about genes. So its society is falling. We see that in the huge increase in murders after the 1960’s “reforms” of Johnson and Congress.

We see that now when their 3rd world society and industry is falling apart. Turning our schools over to 3rd worlders didn’t improve our society, it ruined it. It denied education to the real productive members of society. Society is built on its productive members not on its unproductive ones.

Society is built on genes. All of nature is built on genes. Those who deny it are fools. Those who act based on that folly are doing evil. Humans are part of the biological world and their genes are what make them different. This is true within humans as much as from humans to other species. Its true within other species. Nature shows us this truth every day. We need to stop resisting it, but to build on it. Only what is built on the truth of genes can survive.


Open door for non-white identity or is it a pump

June 1, 2008

The following was posted at Vanishing American.

Anyone in the West with latent non-Western identity has an open door to change their identity to the non-Western one. In fact, they are pushed to do so.

Those with any Western identity are pushed in the opposite direction. So the Indian friend mentioned above is representative of a powerful force that is growing stronger. This doesn’t lead to any coming together.

More and more it seems like an open race war is under way. The establishment leaders act as if the opposite is true, that 99.99 percent of people are completely melded and only a few outliers feel otherwise. According to them, for non-whites its only those caught in knife fights with whites, except the whites really started it by being there and being white.

To our leaders, every white with any identity with whites is a loser. (Which obviously means those leaders have no such identity, not being losers.) In fact, identifying whites are the greatest losers in the history of life on earth according to our leaders. And that is self-fulfilling prophecy if we don’t change it.


To the elites and MSM this posting is racist. Because any white identity is racist. Any non-white identity is not racist and is justified by white racism. In fact, white identity justifies non whites to genocide whites. In fact, its mandatory according to Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s ministers, George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and John McCain.


Our leaders say white identify is forbidden. They encourage every type of non-white identity. They encourage Islam and every identity that is hostile to whites or the white West. There is no basis of cohesion in our society except force. The leaders push down what coheres society and all that is left is fear. Fear of force. Fear of losing a job and being unemployable.

The internet is supposed to expose our leaders, but they realize it can be used to expose us, as racists. This gives them power over us. They can redefine what they do as right. They can redefine Saudi Arabia as an ally even when it kills 3000 people and the ambassador’s wife is caught as funding it in part.

If our leaders oppose our identity, encourage immigration to replace us, keep our wages at 1973 levels despite productivity doubling and call us bigot and other names when we protest the loss of our country, what makes us think they don’t want to take over? What about our leaders or the MSM sends the message they don’t want to be dictators over us?

Obama says we are bitter clinging to God, guns and hatred of gays because we are losers. How did we get to be losers in the land we created? Why are 3rd worlders on welfare if we are losers? Why has our productivity doubled if we are losers.

Given the way McCain and Obama talk why would we think they intend us to retain freedom? Isn’t the purpose of immigration to take away our white majority so that we lose control of our destiny? That will leave what? A society with no unifying identity, except hatred of whites. It has already gotten to that point almost in fact. The leaders push it more that way.

What makes us think they don’t want to be our dictators? Isn’t force all that’s left to hold society together? That’s all they have left and keep pushing it that way. After every Muslim attack they say whites are racists and bigots and that stopping immigration is backlash and white racism. When do we start seeing this is just naked genocide and hate by them? What makes us think leaders who openly express their hate and contempt of us don’t want to be our dictators?


Harriet Christian no longer feels the love of the messiah:

The Democrats may want to have Fareed Zakaria give her an exit interview before her trip to the Daschle Chamber. The DC is where amnesty flows for non-whites. One final trip for whites there and its all over. (For whites traveling alone this might happen in the East of DC and for whites in a group it tends to happen at the center where the Daschle Chamber is located.)


Second, we want you, DNC to know we are angry and it is an anger that is so deep that there is no way that Obama can overcome it. When Kentucky voted for Hillary Clinton they were called hicks and racist, the people of West Virginia have been called racist, stupid and ignorant by Obama people all over the internet. People in Indiana have been called racist because they did not vote for Obama. The race card has been misused so much in this election that no one cares about it anymore. Many bloggers are saying outright, “white and racist, who cares?”

We have heard Hillary ridiculed at, her clothes criticized, her laugh criticized, her husband bashed, her daughter heckled and bashed, and every vile and conceivable slur that could be casted at her has been casted. It did not stop there as her supporters have been called racist such as Geraldine A. Ferraro and many others. Every time we turn around Hillary Clinton’s every move has been called racist. We are fed up with it, fed up with our own party’s biases and we will NOT be bullied by our own party nor the media.

My comment at the above link

Axelrod Democracy at work. Welcome to the South Side, it can be the Obama way or the Wright way, its your choice. Think about voting Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party if you want to be heard. Any vote for the two major parties is a vote for the status quo you are reacting to. It permeates both and seeps out in every MSM broadcast involving any of them from either side. American history shows that if you like status quo you vote major party. If you want change, you vote minor party. If you can’t stand the CP’s abortion etc positions you can vote Green. Until immigration stops this will get worse.

Search on “More on the racial divide in the Democratic Party”

What we are seeing erupt in the Democratic Party is the realization that non-whites are free to vilify whites at any time. We are second class citizens. We have little pain stimulators attached to us and any non-white person can push them any time they want, and they all laugh. Sometimes they don’t laugh, they are too busy venting hate. We live in a society where non-whites are told to vilify and vent hatred on whites. The two parties both empower it as do the courts.

Affirmative Action, hate crimes (white only no matter what the crime against whites is like the Knoxville Horror), etc. We are at the point of either fighting back or going out of existence. As we slip into minority status, the hate will grow and the violence and discrimination with it. We can’t live on what they give us and they know that. That’s the whole plan. Feel the hate of the MSM towards whites. Feel the hate of Hollywood. Feel the hate of newspapers that lose circulation advocating for immigration and lower wages for us, see graph p60-233.pdf page 16.

Median wages for the men are the same as 1973. Women’s median wages stopped approaching men around 1990 when the Bush Sr. 1990 Immigration Act was passed and the 1986 Reagan Kennedy Amnesty pushed up chain migration, family reunification and a fertility explosion in Southern California that Steve Sailer has explained.

McCain and Obama hate us. Their works show it. Their rhetoric shows it. They can’t hide their glee, we lose this year no matter what. That is why they are finishing off Hillary. They leave us with no choice. They know it and can’t stop smirking. What will it be like when whites are the minority? Then they won’t have to pretend at all.

==Following has links to other pro Hillary blogs tired of being called racist, whatever the real or imagined reason. In the end, its just fun to call us racist for the other side. As Auster pointed out, this is finally catching up with Hillary supporters as they realize they lose because of this.

Many Hillary supporters are feminist in one way or another. Immigration distorted the feminist revolution into something different than it looked to be in the 1950’s. From the 1950’s to 1990 women’s labor force participation rate went from between 30 to 40 percent to about 60 percent. To induce more women to work, employers raised women’s pay to 70 percent of men’s by 1990.

But after 1990, women’s labor force participation rate stopped increasing much and their median wages went up only to 77 percent of men’s. From 1973 to now productivity more than doubled and even from 1990 to now it went up 50 percent or more.

Immigration around 1990, from the Bush 1990 Immigration Act and the 1986 Kennedy Reagan Amnesty and chain migration from that changed the situation. Employers hired immigrants, legal or not, and women stopped making progress.

Since 1973, productivity has doubled, but men’s wages have not. Women’s wages have risen to 77 percent of men’s. This means that a woman and man together make less than a man would have if wages had increased with productivity. If immigration had been zero, meaning under 25,000 per year, then today a man and woman could live on the man’s salary and have more. The woman could take care of the kids.

But women in the workforce would make the same as men, which would be twice as much as in 1973. Women at home could go into the work force and make as much as their husband, if they wanted to. That could be timed for when kids left home or in a divorce.

Women not working would have more bargaining power today because they could get a job paying the same as a man’s and paying twice median wage of 1973 for men. Thus women could earn almost 3 times what they earn now. That means their bargaining power would be 3 times as great inside marriage, even if they didn’t work, because their ability to earn would be 3 times as great.

Thus immigration took away women’s bargaining power. By doing that, immigration undermined the feminist revolution. Women gained freedom to be slaves with men of the overlord elite. It was a bitter double cross by the establishment. Women for Hillary are finding out that this establishment is the one controlling the Democratic Party, one that double crossed them with legal immigration over the last 4 decades.


We are also seeing white women Democrat Hillary supporters discover that race trumps gender. They are finding that non-white women don’t identify with white women. They are also feeling the economic reality that their wages are 77 percent of what men’s were in 1973 which puts them where men were in 1960. So women have missed out on most of the progress in productivity since 1960 which is much more than doubling. Their men aren’t making more either.

So immigration has led to them to lose the chance feminism was supposed to give them. Feminism was supposed to mean more bargaining power for women, so whatever they chose, it would be better than what they had in the 1950’s. Instead, they have been shoved into a dead end by the party elites who have more in common with the Republican elites and Bill Gates than the white women who voted Democrat for the last 40 years.

The Obama campaign has plenty of non-white women and men who are letting white women know they don’t identify with them because they are white. They are finding the Democratic Party is a 3rd world nationalist party, whether the non-white is a man or a woman. Obama is supported by non-whites for the sole reason he is not white. That is it. They are making clear they own America now already before being a majority. Its their country and whites are out. That’s the message of the Democratic meeting yesterday.

That was a Black Nationalist Third World Nationalist meeting and whites, women or men, simply didn’t count. That’s the message that white Hillary supporters heard. They can look at their wages and they know the truth, they were shafted over the last 40 years by the Democratic Party.


Republicans should not get a victory they have not earned. Vote Chuck Baldwin or some other 3rd party. Make it clear they have to stop immigration, that means less than 25,000 per year including amnesty, guest worker, H-1B, students, asylum, etc. That is 1/10 of the number in 1957 which is the number that stopped the baby boom. The peak of fertility was in 1957, the year immigration rose to 250,000 per year.


Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan. He got delegates without anyone voting for him. He got a few from those who voted for Hillary. To the Black Nationalists running the Democratic Party this makes sense, Obama is black and they wanted to do this. Its their party. Michigan violated their rules and they make the rules. So they can decide ex post who Michigan voted for.

The Black Nationalists and Third World Nationalists running the Democratic Party have underestimated the impact of their vote stealing on whites. The Democrats are now the Zanu-Democratic Party. They act like the majority party in Zimbabwe. They can take white votes and give them to their big man. It doesn’t even occur to them that this would be a threshold event in white consciousness. They can’t see themselves. They have cowed whites into obedience for so long, they can’t imagine a revolt. But that may be happening now.

“Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path of party unity,” said adviser Harold Ickes.

Clinton’s camp maintains she was entitled to four additional Michigan delegates.


Republicans in 2008 are a Quisling party. Giuliani and McCain’s people rigged Giuliani’s leaving to give McCain a nomination that McCain couldn’t earn without that. Republicans could be named after the white parties that sold out South Africa and Rhodesia at the scene or from the UK, but this might be confusing to those on the left who would name them that in the mistaken belief that they haven’t sold whites out.


Saturday May 31, 2008 was the day that America as it was known as a polity ended. On that day, America became divided by a white non-white line. America is now a Rhodesia like country, except with more whites. Immigration is changing that. The Zanu Democrats and white traitors count in non-whites not in the US and for them non-whites are already the majority.


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