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Tea Party Roy Beck graphics v Glenn Beck silent rally

November 3, 2010

We need to get the Tea Party out of the Glenn Beck box of being seen but not heard to Roy Beck empowerment, speaking out, and taking charge of their own destiny. At the Glenn Beck Rally, the Tea Party was told to be silent because Dick Armey’s Freedomworks was paying for the rally, i.e. giving money to the speakers and their organizations.

The Glenn Beck Rally was the opposite of Ronald Reagen saying don’t turn off his microphone that he paid for. Dick Armey said turn off the people’s microphone that I paid for.

Peter Brimelow on Roy Beck’s graphics and data showing that patriotic immigration restriction strengthened in the 2010 midterm election in Congress:

A possibly temporary URL for Roy Beck’s 2010 election graphics showing that patriotic immigration restriction was strengthened.

==Some comments I left at Vanishing American

I agree. Tancredo was the most important race to me. Next was Angle. Losing West Virginia was a blow.

On Colorado, you have people in Denver who fled California voting against Tancredo. This is stupidity. This is on a level with Arizona voting for McAmnesty.


The media is already trying/pushing the line that Tancredo, Angle and even Whitman lost because of harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric that was beyond the pale. They are hoping to keep the Tea Party in the Glenn Beck Box of just being seen and not heard. They are trying to undermine the Tea Party and immigration reform in Congress.

Obviously, the MSM are not showing the Roy Beck graphics that show immigration restriction reform strengthened. Peter Brimelow at Vdare has links to the immigration patriot Roy Beck. Its the Battle of the Becks. The patriot reform side needs to get Roy Beck’s name out there more and his graphics and results that patriotic immigration restriction won elections.


New York Times Nativists are Restless Vdare

February 1, 2009

NYT attacks Peter Brimelow, Marcus Epstein, Vdare, Bay Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan, Republicans, white people, Founding Stock Americans, Southernors, Virginia Dare, Benjamin Franklin implicitly and everyone linked to them in any way.

Americans want immigration solved, and they realize that mass deportations will not do that. When you add the unprecedented engagement of growing numbers of Latino voters in 2008, it becomes clear that the nativist path is the path to permanent political irrelevance. Unless you can find a way to get rid of all the Latinos.

What a very interesting point of view.  NYT is saying you can never stop Latino immigration, since there will always be illegals to be legalized or anchor babies even if stopped legal immigration.  Either Latinos take over completely and genocide all here, or the rest have to eject all the Latinos.  Wisdom of the New York Times.

NYT is saying its all Latinos out or its:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

NYT is saying literally its all Latino genes replace all others or the others eject all Latinos.  This is because some sort of Latino immigration continues forever if any Latinos remain is the NYT position.  By the theorem that implies genetic extinction of all other genes.  Not mixing, but complete replacement.  Theorem doesn’t say there is final state of mixture, but a final state of complete replacement.

Note NYT is saying that Latinos insist on genocide of all other genes by future Latino immigration.  NYT says other genes can only survive by ejecting all Latinos because Latinos insist on genocide and have a program of genocide.  NYT is saying Latinos won’t let others coexist with them in equilibrium but insist on perpetual immigration to genocide all other genes completely.  Moreover, NYT says its either fight this and remove them all or give in and submit to genocide.  Those are the only two choices according to NYT.  (NYT is in effect saying Latinos hate all non-Latinos and are determined to genocide them and if any Latinos are left they will continue to try it.)

A semi-spoof with data to reject NYT and more math and theory is

New York Times orders Wright Island Model concealed

February 1, 2009

(Spoof) The New York Times ordered that the Wright Island Model be removed from textbooks and webpages worldwide.  The NYT wrote:

The Wright Island Model makes the white nativists restless.  Its too much for the poor dears to comprehend that their extinction is decreed by us, and that makes it good.  Peter Brimelow, Vdare, and Marcus Epstein received warnings from the Times that they must apologize 5 times a day for being white.   When it was pointed out that Vdare was a website, the Times said so?  We say it is, so it is.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

(Nagylaki got started in physics and wrote papers on quantum electrodynamics.  WIM though is much older.)

New York Times claims that this is too complicated.  We are journalists, we are told what to say.   What do we care what some theorem says.

Besides we don’t like the assumptions.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

  1. Population is bounded from above
  2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
  3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

In fact the assumptions can be weakened so that if some group with unbounded influx has a survival probability which mutiplied by some constant bounds the other groups then it and all the groups have zero survival probability.  Same applies for ex-post survival factor.

NYT:  You didn’t use measure theory in that proof did you?   If you didn’t, we don’t accept it.  Its not theoretical enough.  If you did, we don’t accept it either, its not practical.

(OK, obviously the spoof is going too far.  The NYT editorialists don’t know measure theory and that probably includes Paul Krugman as well.)

BTW with the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem you can proof the second law of thermodynamics.   The proof is basically that the full Hamiltonian or time development operator causes the system to have an influx of probability of other states as seen relative to some simpler Hamiltonian.  Thus the entropy increases since the probability of every state relative to the simpler Hamiltonian goes to zero.

The WIM implies a substitution effect.  This carries over to all aspects of human society.  The WIM says whatever good you do, the bad rises even more to force extinction of every gene here and each year’s cohort of genes that come here.  Immigration forever means that this is a genetic graveyard.  Every gene that comes here goes extinct.

Another way of understanding it is as follows.  Suppose every gene now in the US gets a serial number that is distinct.  Each gene that crosses the border gets a new serial border.  When a gene is created from a single gene, it copies the same serial number plus the date.  When created from two genes it gets both serial numbers combined and the date.

The serial numbers as of any date eventually all disappear even embedded in other numbers.  All the serial numbers that arrive in a year disappear as well even embedded in other numbers.  This has to happen because otherwise there would be more serial numbers than the upper bound on population.

Thus all the good that happens has to be overmatched by bad to force humans to reproduce below replacement.   We are in the credit crisis and financial crisis that the WIM predicts will happen.  Uncertainty is a way to get humans to defer reproduction.  In some cases, that is permanent.  Young adults defer and then are old adults before they know it.  Marriages are unstable.   So they don’t have more kids they break up.

Then young adults think recursively.  The marriage won’t last, so don’t have kids.  So don’t get married.

With zero immigration, not zero net, but zero influx, young adults have job security.  All jobs have to go to them if there is zero influx, not zero net, but zero absolute.  This gives young adults the confidence and security to get married, have kids, stay married and have more kids.  This produces institutions that work and happy families.  Happy families make institutions work and when institutions work they make it possible to have happy families.  This is why influx must be zero, not just equal to outflux.

Graph of ferility 1800 to 1990:

Fertility fell except during immigration restriction from 1940 to 1957, when immigration reached 250,000 per year again.  That is why that amount is too high, it cuts off the security of young adults and interferes with marriage stability.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973

See graph page 19

Productivity per hour doubled over the period.


Series Id: PRS84006093
Duration: index, 1992 = 100
Measure: Output Per Hour
Sector: Business

Series Id,Year,Period,Value,


Select business, output per hour, and index. Then click on Add to Your Selection.

Then click on Get Data. You can get formatting options later. I selected only annual data and csv data. I copied that into a text file and then recopied it into this.

Other productivity choices and sources

Labor productivity

1948 to 2002

Table 1. Private business sector:Indexes of productivity & related measures, 1987-2006

“productivity index” bls




This is almost a doubling of this measure of output per labor. There are many at BLS.

==NYT.  Bottom line is bottom line.  And top line is top line.

Brenda Walker at Vdare on Bush victim Tina Davila

November 17, 2008

Tina Davila is a victim of George W. Bush as much as anyone else who might be called that and more so than many. Do you think Americans who died in Iraq are Bush victims? Tina Davila was a Bush victim because one of Bush’s illegals killed her, after being caught before.

17 November 2008
“Why’d They Let Him Go?” Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Woman In Carjacking Attempt.
[Brenda Walker] @ 6:44 am [Email author] [Email this article] [Print this article] [Print this article]

Bush keeps killing. All the illegals here, especially ones caught and released are Bush’s killers. Timoteo Rios was the instrument of Bush’s vendetta against Buchanan Perot voters who humiliated his father in 1992 by defeating him. Bush wants revenge. Bush will keep on killing long after he is gone and long after our soldiers are out of Iraq.

Bush Speaks of Perot and Buchanan Acting in ‘Vendetta’

Gov. George W. Bush sternly denounced Ross Perot and Patrick J. Buchanan today, suggesting that ”personal vendettas” may be driving their apparent alliance to have Mr. Buchanan seek the Reform Party nomination. Mr. Bush asserted that both men helped undermine his father’s unsuccessful campaign for re-election to the White House in 1992.

I’ve always thought the 1992 campaign was hard for my dad to get traction in the race because of, first, Patrick J. Buchanan, and then Ross Perot inflicted a series of cuts,” Mr. Bush said in a response to questions at a news conference in a two-day campaign swing in this state. ”If the adage is true — you die a death of a thousand cuts in politics — Ross Perot was a part of the thousand cuts.

Mr. Bush’s display of a festering resentment toward Mr. Perot and Mr. Buchanan was unusual in a campaign in which Mr. Bush has tried to strike an accommodating tone to win over a broad spectrum of voters.


“Inflicted a series of cuts,” Bush speaks of.  Almost a literal description of the killings by Bush’s illegals on Americans.

Witnesses told police Davila refused to hand over her car keys and screamed as she was stabbed in the chest: “My baby! My baby!”

[“Why’d they let him go?” | In killing blamed on immigrant, woman’s kin want answers, By Susan Carroll,Houston Chronicle, November 16, 2008]

“Inflicted a series of cuts.”  Those are the cuts he keeps inflicting on Buchanan Perot voters, white women like Tina Davila, whether she ever voted for them or not.  In Bush’s mind they share the mark of the Devil, whites from founding stock or long in the country. These are the whites who didn’t give Bush respect as a boy in Midlands Texas like his Mexican maid did.  They didn’t know how important Bushes were and now they pay the price. And will keep on paying the price.

“Inflicted a series of cuts.” Like with box cutters?  They inflicted a series of cuts to take the planes.  “We have some planes”. Those were Bush’s killers too.  And he used that incident to kill Saddam who had plotted to kill Bush Jr’s father.  Bush Jr had two vendettas when he became president, get Saddam and get Buchanan Perot voters. The latter by immigration.

US population shot up under Bush Sr and Bush Jr to its over 300 million today from the immigration increases started by Bush Sr. in 1990.  US census numbers up to 1990 at 10 year intervals:


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


Why not call it the Bush model?  Bush brings them here to kill us here. Bush brings us there for them to kill us there.  Photos of Bush’s willing accomplices to his vendetta against Buchanan Perot voters and their extended families or just those who live near them:

Don’t forget that the Bush family wanted to kill our country and remove us.  They think we are cowards who won’t speak up because they or their MSM surrogates will call us bigots.

Los Angeles Times Declining Circulation

June 1, 2008

Search Los Angeles Times “declining circulation”

From Wiki 773,884 Daily and 1,101,981 Sunday.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, see graph page 16 p60-233.pdf
August 2007 by Carmen DeNavas-Walt
Bernadette D. Proctor
Jessica Smith.

Women’s median wages are stuck at 77 percent of men because employers can hire legal and illegal immigrants. Women’s wages slowed converging to men’s in 1990 from the Bush Sr. 1990 Immigration Act and the Kennedy Reagan 1986 Amnesty.

The LA Times cost 50 cents in 2006. Its circulation is declining. People don’t make enough to afford it. The Times advocates for immigration which keeps wages down. People can’t afford the Times and gas. So they drop the paper. Hispanics don’t read in general and not the Times. The Times is advocating for its own destruction.

The Times had to sell itself to Sam Zell because of its own advocacy of lower circulation. Can Zell figure out that his newspapers advocate for his newspaper business to go out of business? Its not super managers that are needed. People make the same wages as in 1973 so they don’t buy newspapers. Its that simple. That is caused by immigration.

A California Democrat Wants His State To “Fall Into The Pacific Ocean”—After He Moves!; etc.

From: Bob Turley (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker’s Blog: Million Dollar Mexican Moocher

I realize Los Angeles Times reporter Anna Gorman (e-mail her) probably did not choose the title for her newspaper’s absurdly named series, “Life in the Shadows” of which her story about Van Nuys resident and illegal alien Ana Puente is a part.[Immigration Debate Hits Home for Liver Transplants, By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times, April 13, 2008]

13 April 2008
Million-Dollar Mexican Medical Moocher
[Brenda Walker] @ 4:37 pm [Email author] [Email This Article] Print This Post Print This Post

On a 1-10 scale of infuriating stories about foreign parasites feeding on American society, this case is an 11. Its central figure illustrating illegal aliens at the trough is a 21-year-old Mexican awaiting her 4th liver transplant. Kudos to reporter Anna Gorman for including the dollar figures of costs for taxpayers and important statistics about the availability of transplant organs: Immigration debate hits home for liver transplant patients (Los Angeles Times, April12, 2008).

31 May 2008
American Generosity Abused in Organ Transplants
[Brenda Walker] @ 11:31 pm [Email author] [Email This Article] Print This Post Print This Post

This liver transplant money for immigrants, legal or not, is why people don’t have money to spend on the LA Times. Sam Zell is losing his newspaper circulation because wages are the same as in 1973. That is from immigration.

Money has to be spent on medical care and schools for immigrants, legal or not, and their children. They don’t carry their own weight, they are permanent moochers. This ultimately means that people who pay for this have less to spend on newspapers. So newspapers lose circulation. How long will it take Sam Zell to figure this out?

Senators John Warner and Jim Webb Please Vote stop H-1B

March 5, 2008

Senators John Warner and Jim Webb please vote against the secret H-1B deal being cooked up in the Congress now. This is very much against the interests of the people of Virginia. We are tired of losing our jobs and chances so that Northern Virginia tech moguls can get bigger houses.

Jim Webb promised to vote against guest worker. This is a guest worker bill. Jim Webb said that Harris Miller was the “Antichrist of outsourcing.” Well Bill Gates is the anti-Christ of H-1B and he is up with his money roaming around the Senate buying votes and ending our future.

Senator Warner recently had a chance to see that the hospitals in Northern Virginia don’t hire Americans on staff very much anymore. They have no Americans need apply for nursing and doctors jobs. Many of the nurses and doctors have trouble speaking English. They also make errors with medications because of their poor reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. These add costs.

A small surgical procedure can turn into a long stay because the wrong medicine is used and this produces side effects. That drives up costs. There is no savings when patients have to spend extra days in the hospital because their heart becomes unstable from the wrong medicine.

Senators Warner and Webb should remember that the INOVA they see is much better than the one we live under. We are the ones who get the doctors who mix up the wrong medicines and ignore drug interactions until after it shows up in the heart or other organs not functioning and thus requiring a longer hospital stay.

They get taken to the ER that is closest. However, the rest of us have had to be taken to a farther ER because the near one is full. This has happened twice in my family in the last year. This is real. We are not getting proper care and we are not getting prompt care. This is because of 3rd world immigrants clogging INOVA. But we are also getting poor care in INOVA because of the failure of communication from the lack of good English skills of the staff.

Not everyone can understand some of the accents of the doctors and nurses. This creates problems. You need to stop listening to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is disloyal to the people of this country. The prosecutors in the antitrust division of the DOJ looked the other way on his possible perjury or antitrust violations. He was given a second chance. He repays that by betraying us.

Senators and Bill Gates are responsible for each case of the wrong medicine being prescribed. They are responsible for every case where a person is taken to an ER farther away. They are responsible for the long waits in ER’s. If you don’t call 911 but go yourself, and you go to the closest ER and its full, then you may wait forever. We deserve better than this. We deserve senators who vote for us not for the money Bill Gates has.

Jim Webb won the Democratic primary in 2006 because he was against guest workers. He also won against George Allen because Allen supported the Skil Bill to increase H-1B. Those who wish to replace Senator Warner need to come out clearly against any H-1B increase or even continuation of H-1B. We need to end this taking of good jobs away from Americans.

There is no reason we need to import any nurses or doctors into this country. This has to stop. Senators need to learn loyalty to this country. We see your handiwork when we go to INOVA and get 3rd world medicine. We get the wrong drugs and the long waits because of immigrants, legal and illegal. We are not being fooled by you because we experience it with our own eyes and feel the pain ourselves or see it in the eyes of our family members. You need to stop pushing us down by H-1B and legal immigration and amnesties.

We wish the best for Senator John Warner with his heart condition just as we do for all of us in Northern Virginia or Virginia. Senators who want medical care that is accurate might also want to think about their vote. They can get Bill Gates money but what does it profit them if a 3rd world doctor gives them the wrong medicine that interacts with one of their existing medications?

Senator Byrd also recently went to the hospital for care.

Senator Byrd has a great record of voting against legal immigration. He is a real hero to the people of this country. Senator Byrd is loyal to the people of West Virginia.

Information on the secret H-1B increase:

4 March 2008

New H-1B Deal Being Hatched By Industry, Hispanics, And Congresss

Last week I sent out a newsletter warning that a deal is being worked out on Capitol Hill to pass a large H-1B increase.

==Virginia 2008 Senate Candidates should know this is an important issue to us. We are tired of Bill Gates 3rd world medicine in Virginia. Every time a 3rd world doctor or nurse replaces an American, its Bill Gates doing it to us. Those taking Bill Gates money should think about that. Every computer programming job taken is from Senators taking Bill Gates money. Every spy from China is a Senate guest of Bill Gates.

List of candidates

[edit] Democratic

[edit] Republican

Search Mark Warner h-1b

Voter opposition to H-1b has been discussed by posters at the Washington Post political blog, the Fix:

This is aptly named, because Bill Gates is trying to apply the fix now. We are also seeing our medical care needs to be fixed. We don’t want anymore 3rd world medicine in Northern Virginia. The Senate did this to us. Our having to go to ER’s farther away is from the Senate’s immigration bills. They did this to us. The pain we feel is from the senators.

Democratic Underground has discussion directed to Mark Warner to stop H-1B.×1950642

I liked all the candidates in ’04. I will probably have just as difficult time deciding among them in ’08. Mark Warner was good for Virginia. If he will cut down on the number of foreign professionals who are brought in on H-1b visas to take jobs away from Americans, I may go for him in the primary because he is my former Governor and he did an exceptional job.

This was not posted by me and was posted in 2006.

Search Mark Warner H-1B

Results 1100 of about 3,880 for Mark Warner h-1b

George Allen co-sponsored Skil Bill and lost. Allen betrayed his base and when he got into trouble, he didn’t have enough of their votes. George Allen immigration votes here. It was exposed that George Allen had options on high tech firms while he was voting for H-1B for those firms against the voters. That came out before the 2006 election.

Mark Warner is also part of the H-1B complex in Northern Virginia. He already starts out down on this issue.

In the early 1980s, Warner served as a Senate staff member to Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT). He later used his knowledge of federal telecommunications policies as a broker of cellular phone franchise licenses, making a significant fortune. As managing director of Columbia Capital Corporation, he helped found or was an early investor in a number of technology companies. He was one of the early investors in Nextel, co-founded Capital Cellular Corporation, and built up an estimated net worth of more than $200 million.[2]

Warner involved himself in public efforts related to health care, telecommunications, information technology and education.

We don’t need Mark Warner selling us out on H-1B to increase his 200 million dollar stock portfolio performance. We don’t need more 3rd world medicine and longer ER waits so that Mark Rich can make more money in the stock market or from his pals in the Northern Virginia business community.

As Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner amended legislation to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants:


We don’t need Mark Warner to betray us on illegal immigration and H-1B as a senator. He needs to be loyal to the people of this state. He needs to stop 3rd world medicine’s growth and takeover of Virginia. Every person in Virginia who is a victim of 3rd world medicine here has a right to ask the Senators who voted for immigration to explain themselves and why they took Bill Gates money in exchange for the pain and suffering of our family members.

Our prayers and best wishes are with Senators Byrd and Warner that they receive the best care and continue long and healthy and productive lives. We also extend that to everyone in the INOVA 3rd world medical system.

We also extend best wishes to Senator John Warner’s staff to find new jobs. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Women’s median wages are what men made in 1960. Productivity has doubled since 1973 but its all gone to Bill Gates. A parting gift to his staff from Senator John Warner is to stop H-1B. Graph of men’s and women’s median wages since 1960 is at page 16:

Maybe if we paid nurses and paramedics better we would have a better health system in INOVA.

==Nancy Pelosi H-1B Deal

==Third World Medicine

The NHS is verging on “third world medicine” in parts, the new president of the British Medical Association has said.

Sir Anthony Grabham, speaking in a personal capacity at the BMA conference in Harrogate, said one-third of the NHS was of high quality, the second reasonably good but the lowest third was of great concern.

Criticism of this view here:

The new head of the British Medical Association says parts of the NHS are verging on “third world medicine”.

Search “third world medicine”

Third World medicine in First World cities: capital accumulation, uneven development and public health

David G. Whiteis
School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, USA

Available online 7 July 1998.


This paper addresses issues of public health and access to care for the urban poor in the context of current U.S. urban, economic and industrial policy. The pathologies that threaten “inner city” neighborhoods are the result of decades of political neglect, economic exploitation and resource withdrawal, which themselves stem directly from public and corporate sector strategies to facilitate capital accumulation and consolidation.

Capital Accumulation strategy? Would that be Bill Gates courting Nancy Pelosi for H-1B’s?

Speaker Pelosi Poised to Give Millions of U.S. Jobs to Foreign Workers

NumbersUSA’s Capitol Hill Team is hearing numerous reports and seeing signs indicating that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is negotiating to give millions of American jobs to foreign workers.

Pelosi’s backroom deals appear to be motivated by fear that a group of freshmen Democrats may get most Republicans to help them force a vote on the enforcement-only SAVE Act (Secure America with Verification Enforcement). That bill — with 148 bi-partisan signers in the House and Senate — primarily would drive millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs. But Pelosi is trying to ensure that if the bill comes to a vote, it will include huge increases in H-2B and H-1B visas for foreign workers of all kinds – and, that it will include millions of legal work permits for all the illegal aliens currently holding jobs unlawfully.


Pelosi Gates H-1b

Gates Buffet are giving their wealth to the third world not to the Americans whose lives fueled their path to riches and celebrity. Without the American working class and middle class, Buffet and Gates would never have had their success. But they show their real emotions by saying they have no loyalty to the people who made their success possible. Are they the teachers of senators?

Bill Gates Buffet “third world”

By Joe Guzzardi

Pelosi sits near the top of the list of wealthy Congressmen. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Pelosi and her husband have amassed a fortune approaching $55 million—much of it from real estate development and Napa Valley vineyard ownership. (Take a few moments to peruse the C.R.P. list to find out how much money your local representatives have in the bank.)

And it is a near certainty that part of her and her husband’s wealth is derived from illegal immigrant labor. Their vineyards use non-union labor to pick grapes and sell those grapes to non-union wineries. Read the various Internet blogs on the subject—including our friends the Lone Wacko and Flopping Aces.

Take it from someone who just this morning walked though a Lodi, CA. vineyard with his dogs—illegal aliens work in those fields.

Pelosi doesn’t pay their medical care and wants us to give up our medical care to pay the bills for her workers. She wants to degrade us to the same level. Another impact of her employment and immigration policies is to bring third world diseases here. That costs us money too. That is another version of third world medicine brought to us by Bush Clinton Kennedy Obama McCain Pelosi. Vote Constitution Party for President if you don’t want one of these diseases to finish off someone in your family or leave them lingering with endless misdone paperwork in our third world medical complexes.

Free Fax at Numbers USA from your computer to stop H-1B and legal third world immigration.

Draft Left Defines White Nationalism

November 24, 2007

The left approximately follows the following escalating levels of attack on whites. This doesn’t apply in all cases, but illustrates the phenomenon. We can formulate the following

Leftist Escalation of Attack Words Hypothesis

  1. Bigot or Nativist: Under leftism, any white who speaks up or about what is happening to whites, without using the word white.
  2. White nationalist. When the white uses the word white and just reports or repeats a fact incident, the left calls them white nationalist.
  3. White supremacist. If they say it should stop, the left calls them a white supremacist. If they propose specific action to make it stop, the likelihood of being called white supremacist goes up.

An example is the attacks on Brussels Journal, Vlaams Belang and Paul Belien by some at LGF. They were all attacked as white supremacist for not just saying what was happening to whites in Europe, but that what is happening to whites in Europe should stop.

Lets analyze the above paragraph. LGF reports on what is happening in Europe and condemns it. What is happening to whom? Its being done to white Europeans. But to say that is beyond the pale to LGF. Why does LGF condemn what is done to whites but that to say the victims are white Europeans they condemn? If they condemn what is done to whites, are they not saying it should stop being done to whites? But don’t want to say that explicitly?

Why do they say that stopping what is being done to whites in Europe is white supremacy? Filip Dewinter said he didn’t want his daughter to marry a black, and that is called white supremacism by his critics. But isn’t it rational?

As Steve Sailer documents, regression towards the mean in IQ means that children of black parents regress towards the mean of black IQ which is 85, 15 points below the white average. Thus a child of a white and black parent will, from this effect, tend to have a lower IQ than the white average. LGF condemned Filip Dewinter for wanting to avoid that. Why shouldn’t he?

Isn’t it irrational to want a lower IQ for your grand child? It would seem the definition of rationality would imply preferring high IQ to low IQ. Since marrying a black implies regression towards the black mean of lower IQ of 85 as Steve Sailer points out, this is irrational. Note that the black IQ is 85 in the U.S. In Africa its much lower. Europe has immigration of blacks primarily from Africa, so the black IQ there might be as low as 70. There has also been much less time for mixing there than in the U.S.

Being white and knowing the truth about statistics and data sources already makes you a covert white nationalist in the mind of the left. If you say the word white in relation to the victims identity, the left goes crazy. Even though they publicize hate crimes with black victims, if a white talks about white victims they are a racist to white nationalist to white supremacist. Saying the victims were white as a stand alone sentence is considered racist by many.


If you tell what happens to whites in an incident or generally, the left calls you a bigot or nativist. If you use the word white while doing so, they call you a white nationalist. If you say it should stop, they call you a white supremacist. Listen to them. Observe them. This is real not just a joke. They are deadly serious.

==This is real

The EU has made it at least a draft policy to eliminate the white race in Europe and replace it with a mixed race.

VA quotes the following

EU Proposal for Mestizo Europe

BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) – The European Union should admit up to 75 million immigrants over the next 50 years and be prepared to become a racially hybrid society, according to a paper to be discussed at an EU ministerial meeting on Friday.”

That’s a real government saying this as policy. They are doing it. They are doing it after the attacks in Malmo, London, Madrid, the car burnings in France, etc. After all this, they make it policy to eliminate the white race. This is the real thing. Its happening now. They are open about it.

The EU has taken ownership of London, Madrid, Malmo, the car burnings in France. The EU has said these are their policies. Listen, observe, believe. This is what is happening now. They say so.

==Following was after reading following discussion

So is there something wrong with the term ‘white nationalist‘? I would say only the fact that it is necessary to prefix the term with the word ‘white.’ Old-style American nationalism (which undeniably many people find a negative word, preferring the term ‘patriotism’ which they find more positive) implies an identification with the traditional Anglo-Saxon culture of America.


MM identifies Lawrence Auster, Vanishing American, John Savage, New Sisyphus, Age of Treason, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse as white-nationalist blogs.

Mencius Moldbug

I am not a white nationalist, but I do read white-nationalist blogs, and I’m not afraid to link to them. The undisputed champion in this department is Larry Auster. I am also fond of Vanishing American, John Savage, New Sisyphus, Age of Treason, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse. The two central organs of intellectual white nationalism in the US are American Renaissance and VDare. If there is a European equivalent, it is probably Brussels Journal. On all these sites, you’ll find thoughtful, well-written commentary that will expand your mind. I’m not sure all these writers would accept the white-nationalist label – this is just my own description.


This is rather academic. Another approach is to say that white nationalism is what people who call themselves “white nationalists” believe. John Savage has a good link summary, featuring a friendly debate between Steve Sailer (who is perhaps best classified as a Sailerist, a label I’m not at all afraid to stick on my shirt) and the editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor.

Perhaps the best summary of the white nationalist case I’ve seen, however, is this essay by the Norwegian blogger known only as Fjordman.

==Old Atlantic and White Nationalism?

OA like Vdare does not adopt the term white nationalism. This is a term for discussion. I, like everyone else, am trying to sort this out in my mind as to where we are, where we are going, and what will happen. I appreciate the writing of Vanishing American and the others listed above on this subject.

I do support almost zero immigration, not 250,000 per year. Under the Wright Island Theorem and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem that inflow would still result in genetic replacement and zero survival factors for genes, even allowing for some outflow. We are not at a point of circulation.

White nationalism as an idea I consider to be a positive one, not a negative one. I see nothing wrong with those who adopt the term, simply from doing so.

I hope the break up of the U.S. can be avoided. I don’t want to see an Islamic Europe that has British and French nuclear weapons and wants to attack New York City because of the people who live there, or other American cities. This does require people in the West to help each other survive liberalism.

The people of the West do have to wake up. It does need to keep white majorities. There is a reality outside liberal TV shows that can’t be ignored. We do have to say we want to keep white majorities to actually keep them.

Those who want to stop terrorist immigration need to recognize that to do that you have to stop all legal Muslim immigration. Under liberalism, the only way to stop all legal Muslim immigration is to stop all legal immigration.

People have to see an upside to their own efforts. Fighting in wars, being called bigot and racist to stop immigration are not something people will do so that liberals can stay on top calling them names. They will do it for the survival of their own, not just for some abstract principle the writers of All in the Family cherish. The purpose of life is not to avoid being called names by liberals. That is not the purpose of the universe either.

==Mexican and Muslim Nationalism are the real thing

==Can we test the hypothesis?

Because nativist and bigot are used almost as standard terms for anyone the left disagrees with on immigration, we would expect these terms to dominate the terms “white nationalist” and “white supremacist”. So in looking at results we have to adjust for that.

Note the initial work didn’t look at racist in the searches, but that has been added in some cases. This seems to be the word of choice still. One can consider the hypothesis that the left just uses whatever word is in vogue, and they copy each other and the words they use are not used for their meaning but just because it makes them feel good to say them.

SPLC searches were not done initially but added after the strange Ron Paul results were found.


Results 1100 of about 67,000 for amren racist.

amren nativist

Results 146 of 46 for amren nativist.

amren “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 23,200 for amren “white nationalist.

amren “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 19,900 for amren “white supremacist.

==Jared Taylor

Results 1100 of about 35,200 for “Jared Taylorracist.

“Jared Taylor” nativist

Results 1100 of about 643 for “Jared Taylornativist.

“Jared Taylor” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 11,200 for “Jared Taylor” “white nationalist

“Jared Taylor” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 11,200 for “Jared Taylor” “white supremacist.

==Lawrence Auster

Results 1100 of about 28,500 for Lawrence Auster” racist.

“Lawrence Auster” nativist

Results 1100 of about 677 for Lawrence Auster” nativist.

“Lawrence Auster” “white nationalist”

Results 163 of 63 for Lawrence Auster” “white nationalist.

“Lawrence Auster” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 807 for Lawrence Auster” “white supremacist.

==James Watson

“James Watson” bigot

Results 1100 of about 22,600 for James Watsonbigot.

Results 1100 of about 152,000 for James Watsonracist.

“James Watson” “white nationalist”

Results 162 of 62 for James Watson” “white nationalist.

“James Watson” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 820 for James Watson” “white supremacist.

==Peter Brimelow

Results 1100 of about 27,500 for Peter Brimelow” racist.

Results 1100 of about 9,590 for Peter Brimelow” nativist.

“Peter Brimelow “white supremacist”
Results 1100 of about 995 for Peter Brimelow “white supremacist.

A quote mark was left out after Brimelow, so we can repeat this:

“Peter Brimelow” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 611 for Peter Brimelow” “white supremacist.
Results 1100 of about 41,000 for Peter Brimelow “white nationalist.

==Steve Sailer

Results 1100 of about 108,000 for “Steve Sailer” racist.

Results 1100 of about 25,800 for “Steve Sailer” bigot

Results 1100 of about 745 for “Steve Sailer” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 821 for “Steve Sailer” “white supremacist.

==Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode said stop Muslim immigration. He said nothing about whites or anything about race. But Goode did say stop something. What was he called?

Results 1100 of about 41,800 for Virgil Goode” racist

bigot “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 20,400 for bigotVirgil Goode”

Islamophobe “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 972 for Islamophobe “Virgil Goode”.
“white supremacist” “Virgil Goode”

Results 1100 of about 661 for white supremacist” “Virgil Goode”.

“white nationalist” “Virgil Goode”

Results 119 of 19 for white nationalist” “Virgil Goode”.

==Senator George Allen

Results 1100 of about 168,000 for George Allenracist.

Results 1100 of about 71,000 for George Allenbigot.

Results 1100 of about 15,100 for George Allennativist

Results 1100 of about 606 for George Allen” “White nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 15,300 for George Allen” “White supremacist.

George Allen just used the word macaca.

Results 1100 of about 164,000 for George Allen” macaca.

Results 1100 of about 783 for George Allen” macaca “white supremacist

The hate against George Allen and Virgil Goode was a national obsession. The instant association of both with white supremacism and white nationalism is extreme. The searches could be repeated with -ism instead of -ist. Both Allen and Goode are from Virginia.


Results 1100 of about 157,000 for Vdare racist.

Vdare nativist

Results 1100 of about 9,320 for Vdare nativist.

“white nationalist” Vdare

Results 1100 of about 10,100 for white nationalist” Vdare.

Vdare “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 12,300 for Vdare “white supremacist.

Vdare has used the word white, said what is happening to whites using the word white, said to stop it and proposed specific action. They are called white supremacist more than white nationalist.

==Lou Dobbs

Results 1100 of about 379,000 for “Lou Dobbs” racist.

nativist “Lou Dobbs”

Results 1100 of about 52,300 for nativist “Lou Dobbs”.

Lou Dobbs does not describe his victims as white and does not propose remedies for preserving whites qua whites. He emphasizes amnesty but also discusses guest worker programs as harming Americans, independent of being white or not.

“Lou Dobbs” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 734 for “Lou Dobbs” “white nationalist.

“Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 32,200 for “Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist.

“Lou Dobbs” Nazi

Results 133 of 33 from for “Lou Dobbs” Nazi.

Results 124 of 24 from for “Lou Dobbs” “white supremacist”.
Some results talk about guests on Lou Dobbs show. But it seems that we are seeing the emergence of support for a hypothesis that they don’t stop at calling someone white nationalist but move right up to white supremacist.

== Pat Buchanan

Results 1100 of about 262,000 for Pat Buchananracist.

“Pat Buchanan” nativist

Results 1100 of about 42,500 for Pat Buchanannativist

“Pat Buchanan” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 10,400 for Pat Buchanan” “white nationalist.

“Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 24,400 for Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist.

Results 154 of 54 from for “Pat Buchanan” Nazi.

Results 135 of 35 from for “Pat Buchanan” “white supremacist”.
Pat Buchanan has explicitly talked about what is happening to whites and the West and said it should stop. The results in his case are that he is called white supremacist more than white nationalist. So this supports the hypothesis.

==Tom Tancredo

Results 1100 of about 530,000 for Tom Tancredo” racist.

Results 1100 of about 83,900 for Tom Tancredo” bigot.

Results 1100 of about 45,800 for Tom Tancredo” nativist.

Results 1100 of about 808 for Tom Tancredo” “white nationalist.

“Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist”

Results 1100 of about 33,300 for Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist.

Results 113 of 13 from for “Tom Tancredo” “white supremacist”.

Results 139 of 39 from for “Tom Tancredo” Nazi.

==Brussels Journal

Results 1100 of about 182,000 for Brussels Journalracist.

Results 1100 of about 30,300 for Brussels Journalbigot.

Results 1100 of about 801 for Brussels Journalnativist.

Results 1100 of about 21,400 for Brussels Journalindigenous.

Results 175 of 75 for Brussels Journal” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 793 for Brussels Journal” “white supremacist.

We see that there is almost immediate escalation from white nationalist to white supremacist.


Results 1100 of about 702,000 for BNP racist.

Results 1100 of about 17,800 for BNP “white supremacist.

Results 1100 of about 24,300 for BNP “white nationalist.

Results 129 of 29 for BNP Ballerinawhite nationalist

Results 162 of 62 for BNP Ballerinawhite supremacist.

==Ron Paul

Results 1100 of about 234,000 for “Ron Paulbigot.

Results 1100 of about 37,600 for “Ron Paulnativist.

Results 1100 of about 1,550,000 for “Ron Paulracist.

“Ron Paul” “white nationalist”

Results 1100 of about 51,100 for “Ron Paul” “white nationalist.

Results 1100 of about 58,200 for “Ron Paul” “white supremacist.

How did Ron Paul get labeled with over 1 million hits on racist and over 50,000 hits on White Supremacist? He is not even a particularly strong advocate for immigration restriction relative to the other Republican candidates. He is against amnesty, but has supported H-1B and legal immigration. The most he has done is be against anchor baby.

Hypothesis: The enormous number of hits on Ron Paul shows its being white and not part of the establishment that gets you labeled. It doesn’t matter what you really say or do. White, non-“mainstream” and you are racist and white supremacist to them.

“Ron Paul”

One of the hits:

Extremist Group Announces Speech by Congressman | Hatewatch

Ron Paul is not necessarily a racist for one speech with this group, The SPLC should come to a Ron Paul New York meetup group meeting or listen to those
Hypothesis: This is smear by association. Ron Paul will talk to anyone as a person and not call them names but say what he thinks without telling them what they want to hear. This makes him racist and “white supremacist”. The failure to condemn those he should condemn, and treating everyone with civility and talking to them on an equal level using logic and facts is all that it takes to be named racist and white supremacist.

“Ron Paul” Nazi

Results 14 of 4 from for “Ron Paul” Nazi.


Results 1100 of about 627 from for Christian Nazi. Christian Identity

Christian Meeting Turns Into Attack on Gays. BRIEFS. NSM Attack Sparks Rift · KKK Suit Ends With Award to Victims · Neo-Nazi Financier Arrested – 40k – CachedSimilar pages
Christian Nazi

Results 1100 of about 306 from for Christian “white supremacist”. The Big Lie

Murder victim Channon Christian was the focus of a rally by white parroting the key white supremacist talking point, characterizing the Christian-Newsom – 51k – CachedSimilar pages

One of the hypotheses was that just to know the truth and speak the truth would get you attacked.


Results 161 of 61 from for Jesus “white supremacist”.

Results 183 of 83 from for Jesus Nazi.


God Nazi

Results 1100 of about 143 from for God “white supremacist”.

Results 1100 of about 290 from for God Nazi.


Results 1100 of about 813 from for “white Supremacist”.

Thus a little more than 1 in 6 times that “white supremacist” is used by SPLC on their website, God is associated with it.

Results 1100 of about 1,720 from for nazi.

Thus a little more than 1 in 6 times that Nazi is used by SPLC on their website, God is associated with it.


God, then Christian and Jesus were searched at SPLC after the Ron Paul results were found and then others checked at SPLC for Nazi and “White Supremacist”.


The original hypothesis has some support but is clearly only partly valid. The main problem is that the left in general and SPLC in particular want to ramp up to Nazi and white supremacist rather quickly. The term racist is still the preferred term for any comment from the right on the topic of immigration, crime, etc. The Delaware State and Washington public school programs that teach all whites are racist also prefers that term to saying say that all whites are Nazi or all whites are white supremacists.

Despite the randomness in the use of these words, there is still some tendency to escalate in rhetoric in the way the original hypothesis outlined. If you talk about what is happening, say its happening to whites, say it should stop, and say the white race deserves to live and to continue, and that its appropriate to act to do so, you are almost certain to be called a bigot or nativist, and have a good chance of being called a white nationalist or white supremacist. Distinguishing between white nationalist and white supremacist may be something only specialists do. It seems once they go for “white nationalist” they immediately go to “white supremacist”.
Those who call for ending the white race are usually cheered. Its very rare they are criticized. Nor is any term like white ethnocide or racecide, whitecide or white zeroist used to describe this in any standard way. Even though its openly advocated, planned, and announced by the EU as draft policy.

Bill Clinton also cheered it and in effect admitted that it is the policy of the U.S. government to make whites a minority in the U.S. Since the US engages in affirmative action and other acts, this amounts to making whitecide US government policy. This is because the cumulative effect of this policy is to reduce European white fertility to below replacement, which it is now world wide in almost every country if not every country.

If you listen to what they say about whitecide, repeat it, say you disagree with that policy, say you want to oppose the policy and propose specific action to stop whitecide, then they say you are a white nationalist or white supremacist with a good probability. It would be interesting to check what SPLC and ADL use for these individuals on their websites. This can be done by adding site: and the name of the website.

Basically, if you speak up, say what is happening, say its happening to whites, say whites have a right to survive and propose specific measures to stop it, then they are going to go after you as a white supremacist. They also will go quickly from nativist and bigot right through white nationalist to white supremacist without pausing. They are ready to pounce on anything a party or well-known person says to immediately push them all the way to white supremacist. Bottom line, if you speak up and out they are going to target you and they want to escalate to white supremacist. Other searches would be on Nazi, which likely has similar results.


Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The island model with stochastically variable migration rate and immigrant gene frequency is investigated. It is supposed that the migration rate and the immigrant gene frequency are independent of each other in each generation, and each of them is independently and identically distributed in every generation. The treatment is confined to a single diallelic locus without mutation. If the diploid population is infinite, selection is absent and the immigrant gene frequency is fixed, then the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency, and the logarithm of the absolute value of its deviation from it is asymptotically normally distributed.

The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, that under one way migration that frequency becomes the frequency on the island.

From PDF, conclusion:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


If the EU bothered to read science articles on the internet, they would find out the end result of their actions is not a new race of white and non-white, its just elimination of whites. That is what the math says. Its a theorem.

== Random, Emotion, Civility, Failure to Condemn Hypotheses

The above analysis and searches leads to some new hypotheses to consider.

Hypothesis: Racist is the preferred term for attacking whites who talk about any subject involving race, immigration, etc. If the person says something like macaca, stop Muslim immigration, don’t use the Koran for oaths, etc. they will be deluged with racist.

Hypothesis: The use of the words white nationalist, white supremacist is almost random and independent of what the person said. Instead, these terms reflect the emotion of the leftist.

Hypothesis: Nazi is also a word that just means the leftist is too angry (or full of hate) to stop at racist and has to say more.

Hypothesis: The attack on Ron Paul and association with racist and white supremacist shows intent to smear. Ron Paul is a very mild mannered man. His main issue is smaller government. He is also anti war. He is for immigration restriction. He is anti big government in all forms. He treats everyone with civility. He will, if he has time, talk to anyone about anything, listen to them, and treat them with civility and as serious whatever the person says. He does not condemn people. Ron Paul then says what he thinks and tries to use reason and facts to persuade those he disagrees with instead of calling them names. This whole set of attributes produces an extreme reaction of what might be called hate but definitely fear. His civility and rationality, fairness and openness to everyone threatens the whole rule by smear and fear official information complex.

Hypothesis: There is no strategy to keep from being called white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi, racist, bigot, nativist, etc. if you want to say anything that is non-establishment or if you will treat anyone with civility and not condemn them as a person for what they say. If you adopt civility towards all, are willing to listen to anyone, and will respond with civility and reason, they will go ballistic and start calling you racist, Nazi, white nationalist and white supremacist.

Hypothesis: There are funded groups that try to organize attacks on leaders like Lou Dobbs, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, as well as Lawrence Auster, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, the BNP Ballerina, etc. These attacks follow a script and the script ends up calling them Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist. The script doesn’t call for waiting at white nationalist, but as the numbers indicate, once they use white nationalist, they go to white supremacist. Racist is used without any compunction as an entry level word.

Hypothesis: Attacks using Nazi, white nationalist and white supremacist may be used partly to get attention from search engines. The use of the word racist doesn’t get enough identification. SPLC has a high revenue stream. Just using words like racist or bigot isn’t going to get as much attention in search engines as Nazi and white supremacist. They may want to use stronger terms to get more attention and then more funding. This also may be why God and Nazi go together so much at the SPLC website.

This is draft and preliminary. All statements should be restated as questions or hypotheses. This is subject to revision. All comments welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Why no CNN-Youtube Immigration Questions?

July 24, 2007

Rob Sanchez at Vdare points out that there was little about immigration, except for a question about health care coverage for the “undocumented.” Sanchez provides two links on the transcript: [One,Two]

Why isn’t everyone covered?  Why do they have to be in the U.S.?  Border Bigotry.

Questions were likely filtered out on the following bases:

1) Question had too much fact information that reporters don’t bother to learn.

2) Question has too much theory, and any amount is too much, for reporters to learn.

3) Question would interfere with Anderson Cooper’s speaking fee prospects, e.g. a question about immigration.

4) Question would interfere with fund raising by the candidates, e.g. about immigration.

5) Question would interfere with prospects of Democratic candidates in the general election phase, e.g. about immigration.

6) Question would remind viewers of all those phone calls by the tiny minority of bigots that stopped the Senate Amnesty Bill.

7) Question would otherwise be disrespectful of the establishment. 

The Democrat Debate can be summarized as follows:

  1. There is no moral hazard in government benefits or hand out programs.
  2. Morality is not affected by government handouts.
  3. People don’t cheat to take advantage of the government, except when they work at a company.
  4. Schools, markets, outcomes, etc. are not affected by the people, but are either mysteriously not working or made to fail by big baddies.
  5. Only Democrats can save you from the big bad baddies.
  6. The sum of the costs need not be bounded by available income.
  7. Who the people are never matters, not in the past, not in the present, not in the future.  All that matters is that the right Democrat is in power.
  8. There have never been bad side affects to Democrat Programs in the past.
  9. The only problem is not enough of Democrat Programs.
  10. With enough mandates, “good intentions”, affirmative action, immigration, set-asides, quotas, welfare, ER mandates, criminal statutes, taxes, etc. we can finally overcome.
  11. This is not a world of cause and effect that channels through incentives and individual human behavior. The only incentive people need is a government mandated benefit.
  12. Government is the low cost method to achieve all outcomes.  This is because government has no cost.

Call Your Senator No Amnesty: Talking Points HUTCHISON-PENCE PLAN

May 12, 2007

Call your senator Monday May 14, 2007 to say no amnesty. This article discusses what to say if they bring up the HUTCHISON-PENCE PLAN from 2006. The Senate is negotiating an amnesty legalization guest worker expanded legal immigration plan behind closed doors. To throw you off, they have had staffers talk up the Hutchinson Pence plan from last year.

(A very good analysis of Flake-Gutierrez is here)

From View From the Right, Lawrence Auster:

“Time to start calling our senators Paul Nachman”

Charles T. writes:

The Senate staffer I talked with was pleasant, informed, and actually discussed the issue with me–unlike so many other staffers who are not in the know.

He pointed to the Hutchison-Pence immigration bill being touted as bridging the divide in the Republican party on this issue. Summarizing, the bill allows for 1) security measures at the border , 2) SELF–DEPORTATION of illegal immigrants to their home countries over a two year period, 3) then the process of applying to work in the US for a specified amount of time, complete with tamper proof ID cards, and a long 17 year path to citizenship.

The tone changed slightly when the staffer said emphatically that agricultural and construction concerns were telling the senator they could not fill the jobs in their respective industries. I pointed out that the jobs would be filled if the various industries would pay their American workers a fair wage and that these industries wanted and hired low priced alien labor.

Summary of HP here:

After border-security strategies are fully in effect and functional, the bill would allow for the Bush-backed guest-worker and employment-verification programs to be implemented.

The government would authorize designated employment services to fill specific job openings with foreign workers from Canada, Mexico and Central American countries that participate in U.S. trade pacts.

Hutchison Pence thus contains a guest worker program. Some Senators such as Jim Webb promised they would vote against any guest worker program. If you live in Virginia, call Jim Webb’s office and tell them you want to hold him to his promise to vote against any bill with guest worker provisions.

July 26, 2006
The Hutchison-Pence Morph: Millions More Mexicans!
By Bryanna Bevens
Immigration Proposal Aims to Bridge Republican Divide

By Jim VandeHei and Charles Babington
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, July 25, 2006; 12:02 PM

allow most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States a chance to work here legally, but only after the government certifies that U.S. borders have been sufficiently secured.

Objection to this:

  1. Illegal and legal Mexican drunk drivers have very high blood alcohol levels and kill Americans. See photo: Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, Virginia Beach Teens Killed at Intersection
    [Brenda Walker] Vdare
  2. If its really 11 million, why don’t they put a cap at 11 million, first come, first served?
  3. the 1986 Amnesty resulted in more people getting amnesty than predicted. If they had capped it numerically, that would not have happened.
  4. More people came after the amnesty as illegals because of this amnesty, in fact all the ones now to be amnestied.
  5. How do they have the manpower to check who these people are?
  6. How do they screen out criminals?
  7. What about terrorists?
  8. The Fort Dix Six included illegals. Wouldn’t the Pence Hutchison plan have legalized them?
  9. If they go back to Pakistan, as part of the Pence plan, and then come back here, doesn’t that give them a chance to attend a terrorist training camp? If we do nothing, they can’t leave the country and get terrorist training and come back without having to sneak back in. Aren’t we better off making them stay here illegally then forcing them to go back to Pakistan where they get terrorist training and meet with al Qaeda, the Taliban and even elements of Pakistan’s ISI?
  10. How do they go onto Islamberg to check it out?
  11. Male migrant workers brought their wives and/or children and had kids here and flooded the LA school system, shutting down its ability to provide a good education and causing extreme gang warfare.
  12. Mexican gangs have put out a green light for gang members to shoot any black in LA county on sight, man, woman or child, they don’t have to be a black gang member. This is from Southern Poverty Law Center, an otherwise left wing group that labels those for immigration restriction as bigots, racists, or hate groups.


Islamberg, New York: “You can hear gunfire up there. I can’t understand why the FBI won’t shut it down” from Jihad Watch

Paul Williams report in Canada Free Press: Islamberg is a branch of Muslims of the Americas Inc., a tax-exempt organization formed in 1980 by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who refers to himself as “the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr,” Gilani, has been directly linked by court documents to Jamaat ul-Fuqra or “community of the impoverished,” an organization that seeks to “purify” Islam through violence.

Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Additional hamaats have been established in Hyattsville, Maryland; Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. Others are being built, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania.

Look up your state impact statement at


Does the Chinese Intelligence Service write the H-1B worker provisions it wants and academic regulations it wants, unlimited H-1B, and then get its profs at US universities to forward them to US interest groups who then give them to staffers on their side, who put them in the bill, and then its voted on, and the only people who have read it completely and understood it before its voted on are the Chinese intelligence service employees who wrote it in the first place?

NumbersUSA: Mexican Arizona Invasion Map

April 15, 2007

Vdare has posted a map from Numbers USA showing Mexico has set up listening and observation posts in Arizona to guide illegals and detect US border patrol or national guard.

NumbersUSA Map of Mexico’s Militant Listening Posts/Observation Posts.

Americans Better Immigration

Report Cards on voting records of Congressman and Senators at NumbersUSA

California Report Cards

You can send faxes from the Faxcenter to your Rep and Senator on current immigration related bills:

A Libertarian candidate against immigration?

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