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Left wing outraged over Sarah Palin white trailer trash

September 1, 2008

The left has flipped its lid over the Sarah Palin family. Its the left that needs a do over on their reaction to Sarah Palin being made John McCain’s VP. Obama realized that himself on Friday, but Andrew Sullivan is still working on it.

The left can’t stand

  1. A white woman mother of 5.
  2. Even the idea of a white person as a beauty Queen or runner-up.
  3. A Christian.
  4. Keeping any white baby, whether by 17 year old pregnant daughter Bristol or 44 year old mother and grandmother matriarch Sarah.
  5. Hoop earrings on a white woman.
  6. Ignoring evolution in the schools instead of ignoring it on the MSM and in Congress when immigration policy is made.
  7. Any bulge on any white woman, ever.
  8. Sarah Palin didn’t apologize for having 5 children when nominated.
  9. Sarah Palin had 5 children, so the left says she has to stay at home for her sin and be “punished” with babies instead of rewarded with the Vice Presidency for not having children as the Left imagines it should be.
  10. Any pregnant white woman not on her way to the abortion chamber.
  11. Let’s face it, the left just hates whites.
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