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Iran Shiites want martydom with nukes not peace

September 29, 2007

 Christiane Amanpour in a Special Investigative Unit report shows that Iranian Shiites seek martyrdom in war.  She interviews men who has teenage boys sought martyrdom in war with Iraq.   She talks to the mother of 2 boys who died.  The quote from Medieval history to glorify the death of their own sons and relatives.

Deterrence in  nuclear war is based on each side not wanting to die.  A side that seeks martyrdom led by theocrats is not deterred by US nuclear weapons.  They seek martyrdom against the Great Satan. 

This episode can still be seen the weekend of Sep 29 and 30, 2007.

CNN SIU: Ahmadinejad – Soldier of God



He wanted to be heard… and he was. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — now America’s nemesis. With his open defiance of the west, is he waging a new war?

Airs Sat & Sun 7 & 11 p.m. ET

Once one sees this program one realizes we have to use military force to remove Iran’s nuclear program.  We may already be at war with Iran.  Iran may have approved a secret fatwa declaring that Islam commanded them to fight us in Iraq and Afghanistan.   We can call this the War Fatwa Hypothesis (WFH). 

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