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“Why Break In When You Can Lease the Office?”

October 24, 2006

By Dana Hedgpeth
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 24, 2006; Page D01

“The office, Suite 610, was one of four suites occupied by the Democratic National Committee in 1972, which Republican operatives entered to plant eavesdropping equipment.”

“The 4,055-square-foot office, slightly more than half the size of a tennis court, was occupied until this summer by Urenco Inc., a manufacturer of enriched uranium for nuclear power utilities that moved to Virginia. The space is renting in the low $40s per square feet. That compares with downtown, where space rents in the mid-$40s and up.”
Maybe Saudi Arabia should lease the office, its near their embassy and one might infer they knew something about Bush after 9-11 to get their people out. Others are Russia and China, who could store their files on kompromat there for ready use. Perhaps Pakistan would like to do that.

Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, etc. would find this close to their high level people at IMF and World Bank who could refer back to the files. Its also close to the Federal Reserve and White House, so its ideal for having discussions of refinancing Pakistan’s loans, China’s CFIUS approvals and know-how transfer, etc. Yes, we’ve come a long way since 1972.

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