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Iraq Solution: Weed and Seed

December 6, 2006

The Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group has issued a report that is based on the cement model. We are locked into what we started in Iraq. We will still have 70,000 imbeds and advisers under their plan.

Weed and seed means we remove what’s bad and we put down the seeds for what is good and see what happens. Weed, seed, water, plant food, and time is an enhanced version.

Under weed and seed, we wait to see what springs up from the seeds we plant. We don’t sit there trying to do the job of growth ourselves. Instead we let the seed do its job, grow. If what grows turns out to be the local weeds or a foreign weed, then we weed it out and see what comes up.

We should invade Iran and see what develops in Iraq. If weeeds grow in Iraq, we remove them and see what comes up again.

Right now we have al Maliki in Iraq. al Maliki is a weed. So is Sadr and his Mahdi army. We should remove him now.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation and good gardening.

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