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Black attack on St. Louis school bus shows segregation needed

September 15, 2009

White student beaten on bus by blacks who cheer the beating on.  A second beating follows with the same cheers.  This is why we need segregation.  Desegregation was a civil rights violation.  Whites civil rights require segregation and separation from other races especially blacks.

Those who pushed desegregation knew this would happen because the record of black crime and violence and ethnic cleansing was well established by the time of 1964.  Blacks were then ethnic cleansing whites in all major cities.  So those pushing it knew what they were doing to whites.  They intended whites especially white girls and boys to never grow up safe.  That was out of malice.

Black crime was already widely reported in 1900 and 1958 as approximately 7 times the white rate in 1900 and 1958 as it is today at DOJ’s own website.

The beating captured on video:

Belleville West

By Leah Thorsen and Nicholas J.C. Pistor
BELLEVILLE — A Belleville police spokesman now says an incident where a white student was beaten by teen black assailants on a bus “may not be racially motivated.”

(News over, back to blog entry here:)

This is part of the Obama Pattern. The attacks on Joe Wilson from the racist Congressional Black Caucus are also part of the Obama Assault Pattern on whites. When Obama called Officer Crowley stupid, it was intended to start a wave of hate against the “white cop” the same way that Obama had Daily Kos start a wave of hate against Sarah Palin that Obama added to by calling her a pig on video. Obama was doing the same thing when he gave the finger to Hillary and to McCain. Obama was sending a signal that its open season on whites by all those incidents including his inaugural prayer of hate of whites and his Cairo speech.

All the groups that pushed desegregation, uncivil rights, integration, and their renewals did this to this white boy and to white boys and girls raped and attacked everywhere in the world. This is a war on the white race. The blacks doing this are but the instruments of the hate of those groups that pushed the un-civil rights laws. Immigration is part of this hate war on the white race.

Black racist Congressman Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat representing Georgia’s Fourth Distict dribbles out hate without editing against Joe Wilson for saying to Obama, “You lie.” when Obama was lying to the country.

Auster on this incident

Lawrence Auster on blacks and whites:

“Whites must throw off a government determined to destroy the white Western way of life”

The blacks on the bus beating white were the instrumentality of the hate of the liberals who pushed for and support still un-civil rights, desegregation, busing, affirmative action, Obama, Eric Holder, and the Affirmative Action Coalition of Hate of the White Race.

Paul Begala is on CNN right now on something else.  He is precisely the sort of self righteous liberal whose hate led to this beating and the others.  He is from the South and he has sent this white boy to be beaten by blacks so that Begala can feel superior to this white boy.  That shows multiple levels of hate in Begala.  The same with Bill Clinton.  These are men of hate.


It wasn’t just the blacks on the school bus cheering.  It was Paul Begala cheering.  It was Bill Clinton cheering.  It was the House Democrats who voted against Joe Wilson cheering.  It was Eric Holder cheering.  It was Obama cheering.  They instigated this by their talk and acts over the years.  Its their plan.  Its their hate.  The blacks and their hate were the instrumentality of the hate of others.

The planners and advocacy groups do know that whites are brutally treated by blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  They know this is the fate of whites who serve in the Peace Corps.  They know our cities are ethnically cleansed by blacks.  They know Baltimore is going down.  They know it and their actions are causing it.  They call those who want to stop it haters.

They build institutions to make their hate permanent.  They change institutions that already exist to make their hate permanent.  They intend their hate to cause the exctinction of the white race.  They intend whites to suffer as this happens.  They intend whites to feel fear.

The fear that every white child at that school feels right now is what these planners and advocates intended.  They know they feel it and they keep on calling Joe Wilson names.  They keep on calling Fairus names.  They keep on calling Drudge names.

No white child at that school will finish school without fear from this day.  They will feel fear every day until they graduate.  It won’t stop then.  They will have a memory of a childhood of fear.  This is what the planners intend.

They intend this fear to be debilitating. They intend these white children to be crippled for life with this fear. They intend them to be disabled to say no to what is happening.  They intend them to support their own destruction.  This is what the planners plan because they have seen it happen in the past.

The planners saw this before the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  They saw it before forced busing.  They saw it in America before they caused it in South Africa.  This is their plan.  They intended this incident.  They call this white boy a little Eichmann or a little Klanster.

They intend these little Klansters and their sisters to feel fear. They intend that fear to be permanent.  They feel they leave their mark on these whites.  Just as the blacks who did it feel they left their mark on this white boy and every white child at the school, so the planners feel exactly the same thing.

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