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Why I voted againt the Democrat anti-White coalition.

November 2, 2010

Dear Senator Mark Warner,

Why I voted againt the Democrat anti-White coalition.

You say you can take America from Whites and give it to the non-Whites you choose. And you are doing it.

You say Whites in America are cowards who lack the fortitude to be called racist by you as you take what we have.

You say you can bring Latino gangbangers into our schools to rape our children and make them afraid and we are such cowards we will stay silent while you do it.

You say when we say what you are doing it is hate speech.

You say you will put us in prison with your hate speech laws for saying you are anti-White and taking our lands with your non-White replacements.

You say you have contempt for Whites as cowards.

You say your disdain and contempt for us as cowards has turned into the need to show your hate of us in legislation like hate speech and hate crimes that is explicitly anti-White.

You say you will give out 1.1 million green cards a year to non-Whites to race replace us as voters and to take our jobs.

I voted against what you say since you still can’t stop my vote to save White people from your program of ethnic cleansing of Whites.

Sincerely yours,

Old Atlantic
Tea Party Constituent


Most of this is true of Jim Webb as well, but I will cut him a little slack for saying stop affirmative action for other than descendants of slaves. On everything else, hate speech, 1.1 million green cards a year, etc. he is about as bad as you.

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