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Saving America Project: Start or Middle?

November 3, 2007

The project of saving America and Europe from immigration and the forces for its destruction is now a topic of common discussion. But are we hopelessly behind or are we about to have an impact? Is it just a few on the internet or is it many? Is there a dawning consciousness or is it already well developed or is it nowhere in sight?

What should it be called? Something negative that our opponents call it or something positive we invent or something in between? Should it be the anti-Fermi Paradox movement? Or is it something more concrete? Do we scare people off or do we tell people what we stand for? What do we stand for? Who are we? The movement to preserve white toilet paper? Or is that liberalism?

Two forums linked to from above, I haven’t read them are:

Vanishing American has set up a new forum to discuss these issues here:

An example of what we are fighting is reviewed by VA here:

Whatever this movement is, or whatever its called, how far along is it? Are we in at the ground floor? Or were Lawrence Auster, Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Pat Buchanan, and others the ground floor and we are the late to the party already types? Or was the ground floor William Buckley in the 1950’s? Or somebody else?

Is it too late to be original? Have all the important things been said? Or are we at the point of still figuring those out? Is this the same conversation for the last 20 years for Auster, Brimelow, etc? If so, is that good or bad?

Do we need a lobbying organization beyond what exists? Did Numbers USA and Fairus start those already? Do we need a civil rights law firm, e.g. a white civil rights law firm or just anti-racist law firm? It could start by fighting affirmative action and maybe arguing for segregated prisons as a civil right to avoid the current gang rape problem there? That might be a good wedge issue to get started with?

Can Judicial Watch be that firm? Why don’t more lawyers try to push this envelope? Do we need a publisher? Aren’t there a couple out there already? Do we need someone to threaten boycotts and legal action over the firing of whites or others with loose lips? Starting with ourselves?

This is draft and preliminary. This is subject to substantial revision.

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