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Bradley Manning and Assange the machine shows its nature

December 17, 2010

Skynet has put Bradley Manning into solitary confinement in Quantico Virginia.

The message is not to radicals in Sweden to be quiet. This is a message to US government employees in Virginia. The US government is saying to its US employees, be good bots and you will be safe. Step out of line and you will be in solitary in Quantico just like a Muslim in Gitmo. From Gitmo to Quantico is but a step. Just as Gitmo methods went to Abu Ghraib, now the gentler kinder Gitmo methods are in Quantico. Not to mention at the nearest TSA office.

Skynet was about eliminating the Whites living in the United States. That is what US government does by immigration.

What do Wikileaks reveal? A US government hell bent determined to bring America’s manufacturing base back to America in a job depression? A steely resolve to stop educating the children of Chinese Communist professors at Stanford and then let them run Berkeley and the DOE?

Do they reveal that the US government is sorry that it has ethnically cleansed its own people with non-White immigration? Is it angry that our know-how was transferred to China and India and that our jobs and manufacturing base followed? Do they speak of those who betrayed us, Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley?

Wikileaks has not exposed a single act of contrition by US government for betraying its own people. Nor any realization that it has.

USG is preoccupied with the Great Game. Wikileaks shows that the State Department and military are out playing board games with other countries and they don’t even know we exist. They don’t know we have a jobs depression. They don’t know Latinos are bankrupting Medicare and Social Security from the bottom up while Wall Street does it from the top down. They don’t know race replacement of Whites leads to the curtailment of Medicare even for federal employees. These ideas are absent from the cables. They only concern their game of risk.

They could be on another planet or another galaxy, spending our money to play State Department Second Life. This is what the cables show. They have not only no concern for us, they have no awareness of our existence. They are simply playing games with other people’s lives and using our money as play money in their games.

Bringing Major Hasan to shoot us down is part of the game. The military said diversity justified the shootings at Fort Hood. They say cablegate justifies putting Manning into solitary. They say diversity justifies TSA groping of children and blonde actresses.

TSA Second Life is a perv paradise. That is what diversity means. It means the end of our little cozy lives in our small towns, which they resent and call White Bread towns. They hate that from the Chief Diversitycrat on down. They hate our White Bread small towns on Wall Street.

The treatment of Manning is a message to Whites in the US government to keep silent and let it happen. Let the Diversitycrats at State Department play games with the world while America’s manufacturing base is hollowed out. What is America’s manufacturing base to the State Department? According to Wikileaks, nothing at all.

This is why White US government workers in Virginia are forbidden to read the Wikileak cables. Because then they would realize that US government is not working for the American people but has no loyalty to Whites in America at all, and doesn’t even know they exist except to be dismembered in Afghanistan so they can coffee Klatsch with Karzai with a snow peaked mountain view in Central Asia that White Bread Aunt Bee never dreamed of seeing except in National Geographic.

Justin Raimondo has an excellent article on hypocrisy in those calling Assange a traitor.

Those calling Assange a traitor are those who betray us on know-how transfer, student visas to India and China, manufacturing transfer, under capitalized banks, secret derivative pricing data, secret mortgage security pricing data, etc. Its keeping the derivatives price data secret that fuels the derivatives oligopoly that fuels the privileged position of banks.

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